Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy New Year....

But first I have to show you all my Christmas presents!!!! :) it will be a lot of photos in this post... so I made collages ... less photos as otherwise I would have to make several blog posts...

On Christmas Eve´s morning my son and DH went to the "bath house" to have a Christmas swim so I had two hours to myself...and then I could not hold out longer ... needed to open my packages!!!
And that was good...I knew I was going to cry...and so I did ... a lot!!!
So I was glad I didn´t bring them to Lars sister... :)
First out is the packages from
...a lovely lovely stocking for the tree...and some wool and a kitchen towel and a cute little kitty...and a magazine that I received in the package...but not was wrapped!!
Thankyou!! :L

Second from Linda... look at this lovely quilt... and she has a quilt too... ;)
and the colours ... lovely!!
Thankyou!! :L

The third package from Marica...
actually held two packages... angel napkins and a cute little Elf in a swing... and a wonderful felted red wool heart...
Thankyou!! :L

Sigh... tears are rolling down my cheeks...but happy tears of course..and I am so glad I can have this moment by myself and open in piece and quiet... and feel the love you have sent with all these gifts... :)
Fourth came from Louise...
seven packages was opened by me...
A lot of new Tilda fabrics... ME soaps...they are so cute...will never open them... :)
and a lovely pink little quilt and I just love this Quilt sign
"To Quilt, Or Not To Quilt...what a silly question!!"
How good isn´t that!!
Thankyou!! :L

And in this collage the two first ones is from May Britt...
and the two at the bottom from Laura...
...the cutest little bird for the it and the handpainted Santa is so lovely!!
Thankyou both of you!!!! :L

I have sent some packages...but still aint finished with some and they will come a little later...

Made five different little pillows out of Lynette Andersons pattern
"A trio of greetings"
you can see two of them here and here...
...the pink one I gave to my friend Louise (strange colour on this picture...but it´s pink..:)
and this one I gave to my friend Åsa...

And this my friends is from my swap partner Lyn...
deadline in March ...but oh no she surprised me and had it finished to Christmas!!!
and pheeww...
I was so overwhelmed by all the lovely things in this one...
First of all ...this is a very clever way to wrap ( Judie Rothermel fabric) the gifts...opened it very slowly so I could remember...hope I will when its time to wrap something for someone... :)
...she made me a Pioneer Penny... love it so so so much... and a quilt that matches her...
and look at the fantastic label...will never ever forget by whom how senile I ever become..
And a cup filled with leftover fabrics from the quilt and Penny and a beautiful cup and saucer fabric..and a sweet little angel...
And a gorgeous Angel sign...
(poor Lyn spent a week wages on this one....but I´m happy... :)
Thankyou Lyn!!! :L

This was just Christmas morning...:)
got some more Christmas presents...from Åsa...but that will have to wait until after the new year...

Tomorrow I´m going to my parents and will spend New Years Eve with them and my children...
(made my girls presents ready last night...wohooo... :)

And when I come back I will probably be without the internet ...dont know for how long...we are changing Internet provider...and so far everything has gone we will see when I´m back online... :(
Hope it wont be for so long...because I will miss you!!!

At last want to wish you all a very
Happy New Year...
when I started blogging for just a year ago...never in my wildest dreams I could imagine this...
to find so many wonderful friends out in the world!!
Hope next year will be filled with a lot of Love and Friendship!!
(and a lot of sewing... :)


  1. Hi Stina. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful gifts. Hope you won't be offline for too long.
    Happy New Year.

  2. WOW.!! what a Wonderful Time you have had Opening all those Gorgeous Gifts....
    Happy New Year & Hope 2009 brings you Everything you wish for.

  3. Oh, Stina, what beautiful gifts - so many pretties! A Happy New Year to you and hope to share lots of lovely times!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Man, oh beautiful all of your gifts are. The little kitty is just it made from a sock? The angel, the stocking, everything so beautiful. Hope you have a great New Year and hurry back...we'll miss you too;)

  5. Hello Stina, Happy New Year and look forward to your posts when you are back on line.Such a lovely bunch of goodies, for Christmas. Regards Lyn

  6. My oh my you have had a wonderful time on christmas eve I can see...opening all these wonderful gifts. Happy New Year Stina

  7. Stina, you must be loved. Cute and great gifts. Just want to wish you Happy New Year and have fun on your little get together with family.
    Hope your internet isn't down to long.
    Keep Stitchen'

  8. Oh very gorgeous!!!And those tears of happiness, nothing could be nicer!!! Happy New Year to you and your Family, and much stitching for 2009!!!

  9. You had a wonderful Christmas, I can see! :-)

  10. Thanks for sharing all your lovely goodies, you must have been shaking when you opened so many wonderful handmade gifts. Happy New Year, I hope you will not be off line too long.

  11. so many beautiful presents........enjoy your new year.......

  12. That was a lot of blogging are very lucky..have a nice time with your parents and see you in the new year. Good luck with the internet change things like that never run smooth.

  13. What a wonderful collection of gifts Stina! How lucky you were to receive such special handmade gifts! Happy New Year to you too!

  14. Hey Stina! WOW! Did you get spoilt for Christmas or what!! Look at all your goodies - and the pretties that you sent out are lovely, too!! Enjoy your visit to your parents - mine are visiting at the moment and it's great! See you when you get back! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  15. Such fabulous gifts - a very Merry Christmas you've had *s* Enjoy the new year celebration . . . . see you when you get back!

  16. Stina Happy New Year to you and oh my goodness what lovely gifts you received...

  17. So many pretty parcels Stina. I hoipe you have a wonderful time away with your family.

  18. Oh my goodness! So many presents. How fun! Handmade things, quilty things, etc. galore. You have many wonderful friends. I know you treasure all of them.
    Hope you aren't offline too long. I would miss you.

  19. Special gifts for a special person. What a happy day you had.

  20. Amazing, lovely gifts, you are obviously very loved :) Happy New Year to you and your family!

  21. You have been spoiled haven't you? It is all so beautifully made.
    Enjoy New Years Eve and have a wonderful 2009!

  22. Wow Stina! What a beautiful load of presents you've received! Have a wonderful trip and a Very Happy New Year!

  23. Always a pleasure visiting your blog. Love all the pretty pictures! Happy New Year Stina!

  24. Hi Stina,

    I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year !!!! I hope it is filled with lots of little Blessings :)


  25. Handmade pressies from friends are always very special.
    Happy New Year, Stina!

  26. And an absolutley wonderful New Year and 2009 to you too Stina!! You have received some truly gorgeous gifts!!Lucky you!! Cathyx

  27. Oh such lovely gifts. All well deserved I am sure. Happy New Year.

  28. Happy new year !! Keep up with your lovely blog :-)

  29. Happy New Year Stina! Thank-you for your friendship this past year, it's meant alot to me.

  30. Wonderful presents!!! Blogland is so great, wherelse would we meet so many dear friends?
    Wishing you a very happy , healthy, and creative 2009!

  31. You've a quite interesting blog. I love the quilt of the angel at the beginningof this post very nice. I wish you a very happy new year full of patchwork proyects (and free time to finish them!!) Kisses

  32. What a lot of lovely gifts Stina. I feel the same about Blogland and have enjoyed it so much. Here's to a New Year of inspiration and friendship.

  33. Hi Stina,

    You have been given the Lemonade award by me .you can check out the post on my blog for more info :)


  34. Hi Stina...
    I'm here for whishing you a very happy new year!!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful 2009!!!!!
    hugs from snowy italy

  35. Hope you'll be back soon! I miss your posts.

  36. I hope that you will be back soon. I miss you and your quilty posts. Happy New Year!



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