Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chiropractor and fun mail...

Today I went to my chiropractor...
Oh he sure is the best thing... think he can fix most problems... :)

My hip, back and shoulders is fixed and that sure feels good...
He took a look at the hand too... and it was a little bit more tricky...
the joint capsule is overstrained andnot in a good condition, the leading strings is stretched and a bone had jumped out of its position...
So he have positioned the bone at its place... massaged the whole arm that was so tense and given me laser for circulation...
So now I´m sitting with a much more swollen and numb hand...
but no wonder with all that work out with the hand... ;)
So no sewing lady he said... and no cooking dinner and no cleaning!!!
And prepare yourself that it will take time to heal...and take care...think and dont overdo things!!

As if I didn´t know this!!
Have to have a little chat with my therapist ...because I´m going to work 100 % from next week..
But one good thing he said!!!
You will be recovered!! :)
So how about that..sounds good...right!!!

After that I went in to town to meet Marica and have lunch...
we ate shrimp soup with a lot of aioli... Very good...
and after that we had a little bit of time to shop...if we wanted too... ;)
We found some good bargains on some fabrics...and that´s it!!
We must do this more often Marica...thanks for the day...!!!! :)
Drove home...pretty tired...

and on the table waiting for me... a package from Tasmania waited for me...
A totally surprise...
and what a perfect timing it was... :)
Candy... (perfect for Saturday... :) , a little red and pink dotty fabric parcel and a wonderful magazine... with a video on how to learn machine applique...
Isn´t this wonderful gifts for a girl with sewing problems... I have wonderful reading and a video with learning to master this technique...
Friday is saved... :)
And ohh...the little parcel...
...a lovely tin heart with the loveliest birds...
Christine... this was so sweet of you...
thanks for thinking of me... :L
and I have peeked a little in the magazine...
and ohhh so many wonderful things... I loved it!!

Will be home tomorrow and no work for me...
and now its time for bed...
Good night...


  1. Looks like the Good Fairy came to see you.... beautiful presents....

  2. What a great suprise package you got from Christine. I'm glad to hear that your finger will get better...make sure to take care of yourself;)

  3. Oh Stina, I thought your finger would be better by now. Well, at least you now are on the road to recover. I would definitely be doing a happy dance about the no cooking or cleaning!! What a great way to make you feel better than lunch and shopping with a friend. Then to come home to a lovely package from Christine. She is so sweet! I hope all is well soon.

  4. Sad about the no sewing but I'd definitely take advantage of the no cooking or cleaning.

  5. hope you get to feeling better soon Stina it sure sounds like you had a work out on your hand today! must be painful.

  6. "You will be recovered!" that sounds great. But please do as the chiropractor told you : dont overdo things! The hardest part is the no sewing .... I feel so sorry for you! :-(


  7. Oh your poor finger Stina! Ow!! Well hopefully this will help you make the full recovery your chiropractor predicts! I am so glad!

    Beautiful gifties!!

  8. What lovely goodies you received. Rest and enjoy your weekend.

  9. Hi Stina, just think of all the good news and it will heal... You can get all the quilts and projects ready, start as many as you like and have them ready to go for the handstiching. That in itself takes a lot of time. I hope you can sew at the machine. I know you are one to finish a project then start another, not like me, I have to start many...Pretty package.
    Hugs for mending finger,

  10. are having a bad run, but such good news to hear you will recover...lovely treats just what one needs a bit of cheering up...take care Stina.

  11. No cooking and no cleaning sounds good to me but the no sewing makes me sad! Hopefully you'll be better soon!

  12. How nice to come home to a surprise. I hope your had heals quickly without missing to much sewing fun.

  13. Now you just have to listen to the doctor and be careful!!!!! This is a investment in your future and you have to be careful with your arm.
    Great goodies you got. What kind of magazine is it????

  14. What super mail to have come home to -- and that magazine is a perfect thing to have to leaf through and read while you rest your hand!
    Hope you feel much better and your hand is completely better soon!

  15. Take care, and look after that hand.
    Lovely gifts, what a sweet friend.

  16. You got some lovely things in the mail from Christine!
    I'm happy you had a nice day with Marica. It is always nice to meet up with good friends.
    And please, do as you are told...
    ...we want you back on track!!
    Take care!

  17. Hey Stina! Wonderful to hear that the chiropracter believes your hand will be good as new one day soon - you just have to practice being a good girl, like when we promised not to open our SSCS gifties!! We both did that, so you can be good now too!! And you have wonderful magazines to read, so make a cuppa (better still get someone else to make you one, cos that could be seen as housework! tee! Hee! HEe!) sit back with your chocolates and enjoy your magazines!! Once you get your hand better, there'll be no stopping you!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  18. It is good to hear that you will be recovering soon, take time for the healing process, all will be fine at the end! Lovely parcels! Enjoy reading the magazine and the time without cooking and cleaning!

  19. You poor girl Stina!!! Just as well you have a good chiropractor to give you good advice!!! I love aioli...a perfect way to end the day with a gift!!! With a big hug for you for healing...recovery is on its way!!!

  20. Hello Stina, I am so happy you found out about your finger and that it will heal. Please rest and you can probably get some reading done. Really nice gifts. Hugs Debbie

  21. Such good news that your hand will heal 100% . . . now to remember to take the time resting that you need. Remember to be a good girl *s*

  22. Such a sweet parcel to come home to. So glad your hand will recover. Remember to not overdo the sewing.....

  23. I'll read your post more carefully tomorrow, but just wanted to let you know that I love your new banner!!!

  24. Do what you can to follow the Dr's orders. Good thing tho is that you will recover - YAHOO. Nice gifties in the mail to make you smile.

    Hugs - Karen

  25. Do take care of your self and rest up...sending healing hugs from Oz.

  26. Take the time, I always have a hard time doing that...good to know it will heal well!

  27. It's very good to hear that everything will be alright with your health

  28. What an interesting day you had...
    bad news - can't sew.... good news - no cooking or cleaning and hand will get better....
    bad news - no sewing.... good news - lunch out and retail therapy with friend.....
    really bad news - no sewing doh!
    really good news - wonderful gift package from lovely blogging friend in Tassie.... now you take it easy with lots of reading and planning new projects with your head/heart and not your hands....
    p.s. love the heart tin....

  29. It's good to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It must be hard to be patient but worth it to get your finger back to normal so you can sew again.
    What a lovely package you received. I love the Australian magazines and the tin is gorgeous.


  30. lovely gifts Stina.....
    Now remember to be a good girl and listen to the will be worth it in the long run!
    take care and enjoy the chocolates and magazine!



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