Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine days....

...and no blogging what so ever...
How could that have happened!!

First of all I want to thank everone that have made a comment and cheered me on and given me some hope to sew again... :)
Thankyou all.... :L
It means a lot!!!

Worktraining take all my energy and the sewing I´m doing there is the sewing Im doing... sort of... :)
Actually a little bit of time here and there...something gets sewn anyway...

I have started to quilt on the Stretched Stars that Kathie so helpfully gave me fabrics to...
and I added little stitcheries and will add buttons to the quilt later...
I just love this little quilt... :)
And what have happened to all the little snippets that were leftovers form the corners ...
Finally I can show you what it became...
a little pincushion or just a little pillow....

The half sq triangles was just 1 1/4" before they were sewn together...
this was so fun to challenge yourself to make up something from the little pieces...
thought it needed a little something so I added a little rose made of lace...

I really love the look of this one!...and there were still fabric pieces left I pieced a backside too...
So thankyou Kathie for sending me the little kit!!!

Hope I can mobilize my strength and get started with sewing and blogging again... :)
Please take care of each other... promise!!!


  1. It has been a while Stina...nice to have you back...hope your energy allows you to do some stitching and blogging! I wanted to stitch yesterday afternoon but spent it sleeping on and was hot with more coming this week...roll on winter..!!

  2. I LOVE this little quilt where you embroidered who gave you the fabrics, such a nice thought to do that to remember her gift to you. The pillow is darling. Hope you adjust to your work situation, no fun right now from the sound of it. Take care Stina.

  3. I love all your little plaid fabrics, I do not have any plaids in all of my stash!

  4. Sooo cute! You are so clever!!!

  5. So glad you're back Stina! Pretty plaid projects!

  6. Yep, you were missed, but wow look what you've been doing!
    Wooohoo!! You go girl!!
    Hugs to you Stina,
    Robyn xx

  7. I love that little pillow, so clever! The lace rose adds the perfect touch and makes it so special. Beautiful work!

  8. Love the quilt. And what a darling freebie pillow.

  9. Don't worry you will get your mojo back and you will be sewing and blogging full force soon. I am sending good thoughts your way. I do like what you have been working on. The pincushions are great!

  10. Stina,
    Love your pincushion! Great way to use up the corners. Your quilt is cute!

  11. Just so cute little pinchusion and I just lover you little quilt..
    Glad to see some blogging in here. I have miss you :)


  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  13. Stina, it's so good to see that you posted and I love what you did with the snippets. I try to use every piece of fabric, but that is what's wrong, I have it everywhere...
    Keep Stitchen'

  14. You did a little sewing again. The pincushion is so cute.

  15. So good to hear from you. Sounds like you've been busy. Love the plaids and the stretched stars is so unique. But I am impressed by those tiny half square triangles--wow!

  16. The little pincushion is so sweet! I would have never thought of doing that.

  17. So nice to see you doing a bit of sewing. Cute little pin cushion and quilt. Well done

  18. Such cute projects :o) You are a busy girl! I wish you painless sew time! Take care of yourself and don't overdo it.... :o)

  19. Your new little plaid quilt is all looks great and I love what you did with the scraps, so cute.

  20. Take Care Stina...just do some when you are ready for it...You have done some lovely the cushion!!!

  21. So glad to have you back! I hope things are getting better and that you are not feeling down anymore. I love your little quilt! And the pincushions, they are lovely! Take care!

  22. oh my I am so touched.
    The quilt looks wonderful, would never thought of stitching words on it.
    Looks great and the pincushion is AWESOME and I am so thrilled to own it.
    She sits right here on my desk so I can enjoy her every day.
    I still can't believe you made this for me and it was made from leftovers from the little quilt fabrics.
    Thanks again Stina I will always treasure it.

  23. Love the plaid fabrics, and the pin cushion is just adorable!! Hope your finger has improved!!
    from the Hot Southpole

  24. Oh how time does get away from us - 9 days already? I love your little stars - I am inspired to get mine quilted.
    Take care on your sore finger and keep it well rested . . . . we want you to be back with us real soon*s*

  25. Ooooh, very nice Stina! I've always loved that slanted star pattern and I especially like is with the embroidered words!

  26. I'm glad your back! Your plaid projects are too cute!!

  27. Stina - your little quilt is adorable and I love the stitcheries on it - and those little pincushions are just sweet - no little snippets went to waste. Take care so you can get back to sewing and blogging -

    Hugs - Karen

  28. Hi Stina, love the miniature quilt and cushion you made in the Plaids.I wish you a speedy recovery, not much fun take care. Hugs Lyn

  29. Hey Stina! We've missed you in blogland!! Your cheerful posts always make me smile - and sometimes laugh when you do something like I would do!! tee! HEe! Hee! Your stretched star quilt looks FABULOUS!! And I would NOT have had the patience to put all the little triangles together to make the cute pin cushion!! Well done! See ... even a sore finger can't hold you back! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  30. I can believe the 9 days . . . lovely projects.

  31. I love the sticheries on the quilt! And how cute can a pin cushion be!

  32. So nice to have you back in blogland. We really do miss your posts. Your Stretched Stars quilt is gorgeous. I love the stitched words you added ... makes it very special. And your pincushion is so cute. Take care.

  33. Welcome back, your stretched stars quilt looks great with the plaids and country colours and how crafty are you with a little cushion made from the tiny scraps, I used to make things from the offcuts when I started patchwork but haven't done any in quite awhile.

  34. I love little things and this little quilt is adorable.
    Such a sweet little pincushion too. I like the lace rose accent.


  35. Love your scrappy stars! I am working on a similar pattern from Bonnie at Quiltville. Look forward to get it done;-)
    Hope your hand and finger will get well soon, so you can do a lot of sewing again soon:-) Find a good book (with a lot of fun quilting stuff inside) and hav some quiet moments, and it will heal faster:-)
    Get well soon!



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