Monday, February 2, 2009


Since I´m not sewing or do anything crafty at all...
I can show you what my talented friend Louise is up to...

This is her January finish...
isn´t it lovely... :)
The log cabin blocks will always look nice together whatever fabrics you use...
and this version with blue/purple and cream/white fabrics is so nice...
..... Mmmmm would look great in pink feedsack don´t you think... ;)
I need to make myself a log cabin quilt!!!
Someday... :)

This is a quilt she made this summer...correct me if Im wrong here Louise...
It is made from a Jelly Roll and a Charm Pack...
Love the "springish" colours in this one...
handquilted with fans all over...
a little beauty!!

Hope Louise will provide me with some more finishes during the months from now I have something to show you... :)

Today I have been a really good girl...
taking it really slow and have been really careful.. I watched the video on How to Machine Applique... got some Aha ...moments... and I will definetly try this technique out some day!!!
Take care out there in the big big world...


  1. Thanks for sharing Louise's quilts ... they are beautiful. I really like the colours in her log cabin quilt.
    Glad to hear you are being good and taking it easy. Sounds like I'd better watch the video too ... glad it was okay.

  2. Thanks for sharing Louise's beautiful projects. We'd love to see more.

  3. Those quilts are so pretty...Louise has been busy!! Glad you are taking it easy.....hard to take it easy when there are so many things you want to be doing!! take care!

  4. I am amazed by what you are working.
    Beautiful work.
    See her every day makes me happy Blore.

  5. Tell Louise she made some very pretty quilts :o)

    And I am PROUD of you, being such a good girl over there despite all the temptations to sew!!

  6. isn't it amazing what you can make with jelly rolls and charm packs and now with turnovers and layer cakes also just imagine the possibilities!

  7. Love the show and tell, really sweet quilts. I often have those aha moments when watching a DVD or reading a tutorial too. They are wonderful!

  8. Hello Stina, glad you are behaving yourself....Love the photos of Louise's quilts, thank you. Hugs Lyn

  9. Good to hear that you have been a good girl and listening to the doc orders :)

  10. Louise is very talented too! I love the colors she used for the logcabin!
    I'm glad you're being a 'good girl'!

  11. Louise has very lovely quilts. I am partial to log cabin myself. Catching up on reading and watching videos isn't all bad since you have to behave. There is so much out on the internet. Before long you'll be back at it.

  12. Hi Stina,
    please tell your friend that she's doing fabulous work! The basket quilt is gorgeous!
    I'm glad that you're taking care of least one day ;o).
    Hugs, Julia

  13. Please tell Louise we love her quilts. The basket quilt is my favourite.

  14. Wow Louise, she makes beautifull quilts, and be a good girl today too.

  15. Good to see you are taking it easy. Thanks for sharing Louise's quilts with us. They are beautiful

  16. Take care my friend....thanks for sharing Louise with us.

  17. Your friend is very talented! I wish I could see more of the hand quilting! Take care, soon you will sewing and stitching!

  18. Lovely...I love the log cabin. Good to hear you are taking it easy!! Keep on relaxing!!!

  19. Hi Stina. Love your blog! Makes me want to start quilting. I have actually been over to ängegatan a couple of times to borrow moms sewing machine. So you never know...:-) Have you seen the quilt she´s is going to make for Olivia? It´s a cupcake quilt for my little cupcake :-) Hope to see you soon. Love Emma

  20. Hi Stina,

    What beautiful quilts! They certainly are an inspiration. I love the soft colors and the hand quilting. It makes them look like vintage favorite!

  21. I think you will soon have something of your own to show.
    I like your friend's little basket quilt. Very sweet looking.

  22. Beautiful quilts your friend made. glad to hear that your taking it easy.

    Hugs - karen

  23. Thank you for sharing Louise's quilts they are beautiful...glad to hear you are being good and taking it easy...keep safe...

  24. Wow, Louise does some lovely work doesn't she. I love the pastel baskets, so cute and yes, springish!

  25. Hi Stina, sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have been avoiding the computer because of the heat. So sorry to read you are not well. I hope you recover in time and that you can get back into sewing again soon. Your friend Louise's quilts are beautiful. Take care, Kathryn.



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