Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still here...

Dont know how my days can just be... nothing...
Have been pretty good in doing nothing... :)
and I can tell you its boring...!!!
And not so much sewing except for the sewing Im doing at worktraining...
and to my 15 minutes of joy at evening...
Really trying to be a GOOD GIRL!!!
So havent so much to share...
Last weekend I started to clean up in my messy sewingroom... and in my bedroom...had to rearrange my things since my DH wanted to have his keyboard by the window where I had my old sewingmachine...
And this is what I came up with...
...and for the sewingroom...dont know how it could have been messy at all...since Im not spending so much time there... maybe thats why... just dumping things all over...
So it have taken me a quite a few evenings...
Think its getting better for every day now... soon finished...

And when a girl cant sew...what does she do...
look in magazines... see some wonderful things... so she shops some... :)
these I have been wanting to test...but havent... ordered them...but still havent tried them...
you see..Im still behaving and beeing a good girl... :)
And I fell for another BOM I ordered this one from Karen at her shop Farm House Woolens
and they are sooo lovely... long til I can start to stitch them...
...thought I would have prepared them this weekend... but it was not... have been fiddeling with nothing instead... :)
And yesterday... I ordered some nice new fabrics... before I changed my mind!! :)

Have tried out some quilting on my Little stretched Star quilt... just working on a couple of blocks per day... so Im getting closer for a finish ...have 4 blocks undone...
Wooohhoooo for me!! :)

Having my last week at worktraining...and I hope it will work out just fine...
last week I sewed a potholder and a tea cozy...
...they are sewed with recycled fabrics... curtains and fabrics like that...
think I looked at all the pink stuf I could find!!! :)
Potholder was already at the shop when I took my lousy photo with my cell phone...but I think you get a hint of what I do during my days... :)
Having quite fun!!
But slow fun!!!!
Have a great week out there...
Thinking of you Australians ...and hope they get them fires under control!!


  1. You have been busy...Love the tea Cosy..those hearts are Great...
    take care

  2. Oh - you are being such a good girl. It will be worth it when you are feeling all better *s*

  3. Pretty tea cozy! Love the shape of your hearts. I have a yo yo tool and have not tried it yet. I do have the hera marking tool and I love it.

  4. Looks like you have quite enjoyed doing nothing - lovel you tea-cosy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. That is some good shopping you did...and what a cute tea cozy you made!

  6. So glad to hear that you're being a good girl, although, I know it must be hard not to do what you love. Your tea cozy is very very nice;)

  7. Stina.. I love your tea cozy!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  8. I am very impressed with your strength....not giving into temptation....especially when you are reading all those yummy magazines!
    Stay strong....
    And thanks for your thoughts on the bush fires...they are still not good...131 deaths now and about 800 homes destroyed....heart breaking.....
    take care

  9. I am glad you have been being a good girl! You definitely need to have that finger heal. I love that you are finding neat little things to occupy your time. I know it is not sewing, but you will get there.

  10. So glad to read you are being a good girl. Love your purchases I like that BOM.
    Stay being good.

  11. Love the tea cozy. I have a thing for sweet items.

  12. I love your sewing table! As if it were taken out of a magazine. The potholder looks very pretty. And yes, I have always wanted to try those yoyo's too, but haven't ordered them yet. If you tell me how you like it and which one is best, once you tried them, then I can have a look.
    I hope being a 'good girl' is not too boring )O:
    Have a nice week anyway!

  13. hi, i'm vivi from argentina..
    it's the first time i come to visit your blog, i'm so in love!
    will keep coming, and perhaps, will write down to some project, i also love annie's angels
    big kisses

  14. Hey are doing well for a girl doing nothing LOL...lovely tea cosy...and Good Shopping!!!



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