Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still speechless....

For one and a half week ago I received a little slip from the customs that I had a package from USA and that they wanted me to pay a customs fee for it...
What on earth was this... I definetly hadn´t ordered anything...
And I cant pay a fee not knowing who its from...
So I made some research... :)
And Yes... I did know that person who sent the package...
a very sweet and fantastic quilter from Florida... :d

But why at customs... dangerous goods maybe... nah...not from this person...
It was too high value... for a gift... we are allowed to receive gifts for 500 Swedish kr... and have to pay a fee for the amount over that...
So I decided to explain THAT THIS WAS A GIFT...and please be nice... :y
...and it took its time... I have waited ...and waited...
Mailed to this wonderful person she would know it was in Sweden ...but not at my place!!!
Just lying at the post office without no one to take care of it... in the dark... ;)
Can you belive me when I say ...that this have been driving me crazy...
And to make it even worse...this person said to me....
Can you feel frustration... :#
And so one day ...
...I could pick up the package ...without fee... so thanks for that..
Ahhh... and it was a big package... :)
...very well packed... a lot of plastic bags in there... had to check them all...if it was something hiding in them...but nothing there...
...and so I got to the bottom... and there...something... a card...
from Karen ( Log Cabin Quilter)...
What on earth have she done now?????
oh my hands were shaky ...and started to cry even before I saw what it was...
from the bottom of the package I lifted up this bundle...
...I told you I was and still are speechless!!!!
This is what it was in the package...
and I can tell you I would have payed whatever fee for this beauty!!!
"Blue Jug Summer"

Karen.... I´m so overwhelmed by this gift from you ...think I have to sit just to talk about it...
A lot of tears have fallen ...happy ones ... of course!!
And if you were closer I had come right over to give you a BIG HUG!!!
Thankyou ...Thankyou!!! :L
for my fantstic blue surprise....
It is up on the wall in my livingroom...
and I who have longed for flowers...
now I can see some everyday!! :)


  1. Wow what a suprise you got from Karen :) The quilt looks lovely..


  2. Stina, what a beautiful gift. You can feel the warmth and love which radiates from it for you. Lucky you.

  3. Oh, it is just stunning! Such a generous and beautiful gift x

  4. that is so awesome, such a pretty quilt
    I am glad your so happy.
    karen is just a very generous person
    Enjoy this quilt and hope it make0s you smile every time you look at it.

  5. What a fantastic package!! Simply lovely!

  6. Hi Stina,
    What a great nice surprise from a very lovely lady! It is a beauty, it must be a joy to look at!

  7. Oh you lucky, luck girl. What a beautiful quilt, for a beautiful person.

  8. Oh WOW Stina! What a beautiful gift! It looks great hanging on your wall! : )

  9. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL quilt from Karen! She is so talented! And you are a lucky girl!

  10. I enjoyed making the quilt for you. It was hard to part with the quilt as I like it very much but I can always make another some day. You are such a good friend. Enjoy the quilt and no more tears!

  11. Oh what a wonderful surprise! Your Blue Jug Summer is BEAUTIFUL! I would have cried too! You are very lucky.

  12. What a beautiful present. Your new quilt is so lovely and it looks wonderful on the wall with your other special goodies standing just below.

  13. What a beautiful gift - Karen is so thoughtful and giving *s* I'd say it was well worth the wait.

  14. Oh Stina, It is beautiful. You are so lucky and so deserving. It looks wonderful hanging in your livingroom. Enjoy!

  15. WOW....this was really a wonderful package. It is sooooooo beautiful.
    Lucky you, but you deserves it.

  16. What a wonderful quilt from a wonderful person with a great name;)

  17. How wonderful this is! Congrats to both the giver and to you.

  18. Oh my goodness what lovely mail you've received. That quilt is so pretty and what a sweetheart to send another sweetheart such a lovely gift. Enjoy

    Hugs - karen

  19. What a very lovely package for you, dear Stina! And how wonderful that it made you so happy! It looks just beautiful hanging there. Enjoy!

  20. I am as speachless as you, what a fantastic gift, how incredible lucky you are!! But I'm sure you deserve it!!!

  21. What a wonderful gift!! The quilt is beautiful!

  22. What a Beautiful Surprise...Love the Colours..looks Lovely on your wall...Enjoy.!!

  23. Stina what a beautiful wall lucky you are.

  24. You are a lucky, lucky girl. That is gorgeous.

  25. What a generous gift!!! It is simply unbelievable how friendly and loving some people are! And it is unbelievable how lucky YOU are!!!! Enjoy this precious quilt!

  26. Congratulations for the beautiful gift.
    You deserve it and much more

  27. What a fantastic are very lucky but you deserve it.



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