Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do you remember...

this little picture...
...Now I can tell you the secret I knew...
It has hopped over the Ocean to it´s new home...
It will have a wonderful new home and a fantastic owner...
and I ´m so happy that I could give her a little
...Happy Easter Surprise...
Pat has been the most generous and a wonderful friend...
Some of you might remember a story about a package never coming ...
taking its own travel to Israel before deciding to come to me...
Well short story...
thanks to Pat I got these lovely fabrics... that were just perfect for
Easter... and the Bunnies ...they were so cute...
think they were a perfect match!!
And what do you think happened...
Yes the other package arrived too.. well a bit late...but it came...
So we joke about this ...
when a package is late... that it might have taken a little trip to Israel...
"Bunny Tales"
Pattern by Jo Ann Mullaly
Thanks for a fantastic friendship Pat!!!
I have started on a Bunnyquilt for myself too... stitched two blocks... and then I got distracted ...
started to sew something else... and sewed the pincushion and yesterday evening I started to punch needle...
And oh so much fun this is...
I sure hope Im doing this right...
but I think there is a bunny ...when I turn this whole thing and take a little peek...
...might have used too few rows for the lettering...or maybe I could have used three threads... well I guess I have to learn a lot...
One thing I know ..I will have a lot of fun while learning..
thanks to you Ginger...
Better get back to some punch needleing...have a background to fill...
See you...


  1. Well, look at all these bunnies. The quilt is so cute. Punch needle is fun once I got the stitches to stay in. And I have to get the hoop stand. It looks like you have one.

  2. Hi Stina, what a lovely bunny quilt...I'm sure Pat will treasure it. And your bunny in the needle punch is very cute too.
    cheers Julz

  3. Pat's quilt is darling--- I love that designer. I've never needlepunched? Kind of scared to find a new hobby...You'll have to tell me if you like it.

  4. I can understand Pat's excitement at receiving a package of you. The wall hanging is gorgeous. The fabrics you have used are so lovely - what range/ranges are they from?

  5. Hooray you have tried the needle punch and looks like you are coming right along!
    The bunny quilt is super love all the stitching and choice of fabrics!

  6. Of course I remember this one and I just love the cute eastern quilt :) Your new hobbie looks great too.. Good luck!

    Take care!

  7. What a treasured gift to Pat and adorable too! I'm sure she just loves it. Cute little punchneedle bunny too.

  8. I saw the bunnies on Pat's blog last night and was so happy to see they have a lovely home to live in. Your punch needle is adorable, another thing to get addicted to huh?

  9. I love the look of punchneedle work but I have never tried it although I've seen it in a quilt shop that I visit sometimes.

  10. What an awesome quilt Stina! I love the stitching and the fabric colors. And your little punch needle bunny is adorable!

  11. Gorgeous stitcheries Stina on your bunny quilt, Pat is very lucky and how good does your punch needle look...

  12. What a cute little needle punch bunny. Another craft for you to have tons of fun with. You might get hooked on this, too;)

  13. Oh, Stina - I'm so happy to be able to Comment on your blog! Love all your 'Baunny Tales'!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  14. Oooooo and I forgot to tell you just how adorable you little bunny quilt is. Pat is a lucky lady;)

  15. Your gift is so gorgeous!!! How very nice of you to make it!

  16. Lol... okay I don't feel so bad about sending you a bunny anymore :o) I love that quilt. You did such a nice job. And your little punchneedle project is turning out very nice! Hope your hand is doing okay... don't go overdoing it, okay?

  17. Lucky Pat, this quilt is so beuatiful. The bunnies is sooooooo cute. What kind of thread have you used in the quilting?? Invisible thread???

  18. I've only just started punch needle and I wasn't aware there was a hoop stand available. I must keep a look out for one of these. Your little bunny is adorable and look super so far to me!

    The quilt you made for Pat is exquisite Stina. I absolutely love it and how appropriate for Easter.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hello Stina, I have never tried punch needling...I love what you have done so far....and the bunny quilts. Regards Lyn

  20. beautiful quilt and I lOVE your new bunny :)
    your just so generous, I love seeing your projects.

  21. What a great gift! The bunnies are fabulous, but the quilt is gorgeous. She is one lucky lady.

  22. Pat was so lucky! You did a fantastic job! Pat your back!!! LOL Hey...also lovin that punch needle!

  23. That bunny quilt is darling. I love that you put browns in it. I would not of thought of that.

  24. Everything looks so lovely!

  25. A beautiful quilt, Stina!
    Pat seems to be so very happy for it!
    Thanks for sharing the pics!
    Have a good weekend!
    Mary Ann

  26. What a lovely bunny quilt! And your punch needling looks like fun too. Have a lovely weekend!

  27. What a wonderful gift!! The bunnies are too cute!!

  28. Oh the quilt is just so pretty- love the fabrics! I have bought a punch needle myself, but I am not brave enough to try it yet.... yours look wonderful!

  29. Bunnies galore! The bunny stitchery quilt is cute as can be! And it looks like you are getting the hang of the punch needle project. I have maybe three punch needle kits waiting on me to do. Just not enough time to try it again after not doing it right the first time.

  30. Hi Stina...thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is just lovely congratulations on a cute and snuggly bunny quilt.
    Kind Regards

  31. Oh, I do love your bunny quilt. Do you know what the fabric range is called? The blue fabric with the birdies is my blog background. I would love to find this range somewhere.
    Your punchneedle looks great too. All so very cute.
    Good to see you have regained your stitching motivation.

  32. What a lovely bunny quilt and stitcheries. Your punch needle looks fabulous.

    I laughed too about your package. I am glad it finally arrived.

  33. what a lovely quilt ...I've tried to find the designer so I can find the pattern , but I've didn't found it ;-(....has jo ann mullaly an website?


  34. Love the bunny quilt Stina, you did a wonderful job, I love the fabrics. Pat is very lucky, I know the quilt has a wonderful home. Hugs Debbie

  35. Hi Stina!!

    I,m from Cádiz (Spain), I love your blog. I like the bunny quilt so much. Do you send me the patters by email? I´m sorry but I speak english a little because i like to write all things. Do you can any answuer about my comment over the patters? Thank you very much for all. Eva

  36. Oh my! The Bunny Tales quilt is just the cutest thing ever! And teh fabric you used is so delightful.

  37. I admired the little bunny quilt on Pats blog and had to come see it here:)
    How adorable it is. Beautiful work Stina and a truly delightful gift for Pat.




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