Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is a good life...

...Even if this is the view for me ...
(still wait for all this to melt away)
...sitting outside...enjoying the warm sun...
...listening to the birds singing...
and drinking my tea...
...enjoying homemade bread with cheese on...

And after that just sit in the sun relaxing...
maybe a piece of chocolate...Mmmmmm...

And some creative work...
...this time...
punch needle...
My son drew these roosters "Kurt" and "Sture" for his grandfather´s birthday
... and I decided to punch them into something...
think I will frame it...

On Thursday I had a lovely package in the mail for me...
( you see "Kurt" and "Sture")
a package that also took its time to come and Melanie...the sweet Angel...
was worried that there was a mailman quilting with my lovely gift...
but it came...
And I just love these fabrics... pink and blue lovely Homespuns from Moda
...and a "Waters Edge" Charm Pack... woohooo!!!!
Thankyou so much Melanie...

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend...
I had!!!


  1. This is a good life!!! The snow is gorgeous...but I hope it melts away so you can enjoy spring! And what lovely fabric in the mail! Have a great day!

  2. What a beautiful day you've had, Stina! Life doesn't get much better, does it?!!!
    All the best! Mary Ann

  3. What a lovely piece of family art. Your son is very creative and your needle punch...well, what can I'll be a pro before you know it;) Fun gifts for you. I know we'll be seeing lovelly creations made from them;)

  4. It is a good life! I love your roosters. Very beautiful - lovely colours!

  5. Wow, I can't believe you have that much snow still! Amazing, but I am glad you are enjoying it!! I love how you made your son's drawing into a punch needle design... pure genius! I love how it looks, fun and happy, grandpa is sure to love it!

  6. That's a beautiful idea!! He's done a good job with his drawing! :) Lovely package!! Very special!

  7. Looks like you had a nice day in the sun. It rained here....
    I have no idea who Kurt and Sture are but they came out cute!
    Packages all the time... it's a tough life! Eventually there will be another package coming.....

  8. I love Kurt and Sture! The punch needle is wonderful, I don't know about snow though.

  9. What fun roosters! You are really getting the hang of punchneedle.
    Such a beautiful snow scene you have. Enjoy the day!
    :D Ginger

  10. Looks like a perfect day -- although I hope that the snow melts away soon so you can really enjoy spring!

  11. What a lovely son, Stina; talented just like his mum. What a beautiful gift for his grandfather.

  12. I'm still happily able to Comment, Stina! Lots of lovely goodies there! So pleased you are so happy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  13. OMGosh you still have a ton of snow!! I love your little chickens or birds (which are they) they are so cute. Your son is very clever. Like mother,like son!!I am sure that grandpa will love it. You are doing a great job.

  14. What a grand life we do have Stina, what a lovely way to spend your day, you are on a roll with the punch needle and you have a very artistic son...

  15. Super blog!! The PN chickens are sooo cute!! I would frame them for sure!!! SMILES~~Cathy

  16. A perfect easter sitting outside and just enjoy life. Perfect.

  17. The snow looks nice when you describe your life like that. Love the chickens--bright and cheerful. A very thoughtful gift from a talented son and mother team. Good ideas to use the punch needle.

  18. Hey Stina! Brrrrr!! Hope that tea was hot, cos the snow looks COLD!! And I recognised 'Kurt' and 'Sture' from their stitched portrait straight away, before I read your comment, so well drawn Viktor! Can't wait to see what you creat with those pretty fabrics - I'm hoping my postie delivers some yummy fabric tomorrow - I'm stalkin'!! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  19. Love your punched needle rendition of your son's roosters. They are as talented as their Mom.

    Now you have to share with us Stina what you're going to make with your fabric that just arrived. Something wonderful, I just know it.

    We still have a few patches of snow here and there but not as much as you. I hope it melts soon you you can enjoy some Spring flowers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Life is good in deed, and what wonderful pictures. Spring will poke it's head out for you soon.
    Love those roosters!

  21. Yes, life is good where ever you live. Love that little Punch Needle design. I need to get mine out and work on it.

  22. Ohmygosh, those little punch needle chickens are adorable!!!

  23. Unbelievable that your part of our continent is still covered in snow. We had some lovely spring days with lots of sunshine and trees starting to blossom. You shuld move more southward ;-) Your punch project looks lovely!

  24. Hi Stina :-)
    I love your punchneedle work!
    I do have a punchneedle here but I have not really got the hang of if - probably not enough time put in to the effort.
    You make me want to try again :-)

  25. I'm glad you liked the fabric---To me it looked just like you....enjoy.

  26. I love the chickens in your new header picture! So funky. And the drawing your son did is just wonderful. You appear to have gotten the hang of the punch needle art quickly.



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