Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am smiling again...

This is me now
... smiling again...

at least awhile ago I did...
we will see after this post is made..
comments seems to be working again..
but the post with the secret little peek...cant be commented on...
and I don't know whats wrong with it...
Just happy it is working again...

One of my wins came today...

I was lucky to win this ruler at
Quilting with Kimberley
This is what Kimberly writes about her new ruler:
"In a nutshell, here’s why I know you’ll love this ruler:

· It works perfectly with Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns, Charm Squares, Layer Cakes and Turnovers.

· It allows you to make cuts fast and accurately. I designed it so you can cut basic units such as squares, rectangles and triangles from 1½” and 2½” strips, and 5” and 10” squares!

· The ruler has two-colors which makes the markings easy-to-see and easy-to-use. The mint green “highlight” lines denote the most commonly used sizes from precut fabric strips and squares.

· There are no 1/8” lines on the ruler; only ¼”, ½” and whole inch markings make viewing clear and uncluttered.

· It’s just plain fun to use!

So with the help of this ruler..

I might be able to finally get a cut or two in my Jellys, Charms and Layer cakes!!!

Thankyou so much Kimberley!!!!

A while ago my best friend Louise went to USA...

and of course I had to make a little wish list of things I "needed"...

or wanted.. or whatever...

This weekend three of my DH´s tennis friends went to Östersund for tennismatches...

and quickly I asked if they could pick up a little package for me there...

Happily ( or not..that I don´t know..) they agreed!!

Louise was very kind to deliver it to them...

And late last night I got it!!!

Have wanted this book for a very long time ago..

Love Blackbird Designs .. and this book was just wonderful..

The list also contained plain white fabric...

very pale fabrics in yellow, pink and blue...

They are lovely Louise!!!

And the Dresden Ruler... hooray...

finally I might be able to try out to make Tumblers and


Thankyou so much Louise...

for carrying these for me on quiltshows...

and thinking a little bit extra for me ..not being there to see all the lovely things !!!

Over and out from a windy and cold Sweden...

Where is Summer???

(Ohh..please let the comment thing work this time too!!!!)


  1. Congrats on your lovely ruler and quilty thing! I soo wanted to leave a comment on your sneak peek yesterday...gorgeous...can't wait to see what it is!

  2. Can't wait to see what your sneak peek is from yesterday.

    Your friend Louise is a sweetheart for picking up the goodies from your 'wish' list. She's a keeper, for sure! Enjoy them all!

  3. Lovely new quilty things :o) Now the post is back... sorry to get you confused. It was strange... I was reading it, then it was gone, and now it is back again. Oh well! Seems to be in working order now :o)

  4. Oh lucky you, both on the win and the gorgeous fabrics.

  5. Oh wonderful goodies that's for sure. So nice to get things from your 'wish list'!!!

  6. Win, win, win....you are one lucky girl! Congrats!
    I'm glad you finally got the "stuff".
    Take care of your fingers and sew a little each day!
    Summer will come, but until then we can stay indoors without feeling guilty!

  7. I have a quilt prepped from The Cold Wind Blows.
    Stina, can you tell us what makes you so lucky on these wins!

  8. Congratulations on your ruler win! Let us know how it works! And lovely things Louise brought you (O: Have a lovely week.

  9. Ah, she who gives shall receive, this must be the reason for the treasures that come your way, Stina. Nothing like a really useful ruler! And a long sought after book comes home to roost. All very nice ~ helps warm you when the weather refuses to!! We have a chilly and cloudy day here again too. Summer will certainly arrive and probably in full humidity and heat all at once much like winter's arrival last year.

  10. Stina, I am about to put up the When the Cold Wind Blows in my Etsy shop...I love this book too! Congrats on the ruler win. Do you know if she sells these to the public? It sounds as if we all need one. I am glad you got your blog thing fixed. Take care, Elaine from Texas

  11. Enjoy your BBD book, I know you love it! :-)
    P.S. I love your header picture, it's very beautiful.

  12. Great new quilting notions and such! What a wonderful friend you have for shopping for you too. Don't worry, summer hasn't seemed to arrive hear either. A little chilly for this time of the year.

  13. I have that book & love it...enjoy!
    Yummy fabrics too...I love my dresden ruler...hope you have fun with yours!

  14. It's too bad when comments doesn't work. Your secret project looks so nice, but your things are always done so well :)
    I have been looking for this book too!!!! But I guess I have to order it on some bookstore because I haven't seen it in any shope nearby. They are so "lazy" getting new books to the stores right now :(

  15. Jammen har du vinner lykke Stina :-) Postmann har en fast kunde der. Så nydelige stoffer Loisa har sendt...gleder meg til å se de blir skåret opp og tryllet med. Her kom sommeren i dag :-)

  16. YEAH now you can make your tumbler quilt!!!!!
    and the basket quilt :)
    I have to get mine out again

  17. Vilken härlig vinst du har fått :) Det ska bli kul och se vad du ska hitta på med den linjalen..Sedan att du fick hem helt underbar saker från Louise är inte helt fel heller ;-)

    Lycka till med alla dina fina tillbehör och tyger..

  18. I love the photo on your header. Congrats on another great win. You have some nice things there to play with.

  19. Stina, you'll have to let us know if how the new ruller you won from Kimberly works out. Congratulations, you lucky girl!!!
    That was so sweet of Louise to bring you back all the goodies and the first part of your Garden quilt is gorgeous. Glad your comment button is working again.
    Keep Stitchen and yes, I'm blowing some warm air your way, but you gotta send some cool.
    Keep Stitchen'

  20. Looks like some very fun things for some very happy sewing.

  21. Lots of lovely treats there Stina...the dresden ruler sounds fantastic...nice to have such special friends..

  22. The Mailman must be your most Favourite person Stina... Lol Your Header shot is just gorgeous.. Luv it. & Also your Green Everywhere shots too... Someday's it's a Garden Thing... Smiles :0)

  23. Ah yes, your winnings are rolling in. Lovely package -- I'm going to look into that book -- it looks very exciting!

  24. Sweet of Kimberly to pick you for the ruler. :-) You'll have to critique it for us! Woo Hoo!!

  25. Hello Stina, congratulations on your wins....lot of fun...hugs lyn

  26. Congrats on your win, Stina! And enjoy all the lovely stuff Louise got for you!

  27. Congrats on the win and have fun with your purchases.

  28. Glad your comments are working again. I am very curious about the sneak peek in the last post.
    Have fun with your new rulers and fabrics. The Blackbird Designs book looks fabulous.



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