Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No comments...

This is me...right now!!!

Ok.. no magic happened during night...
You are not being able to comment on my blog.. and I don't know why
Have contacted Blogger help Team.. but the solutions they suggested..haven't worked..
so I am back at zero...

So please HELP WANTED!!!!

The things I have have done is to reset the widget and put it back again.. and
No it didnt work!!!!

So if anyone out there knows...
please email me at
kviltstina at gmail dot com...

Or maybe you can...
please let me know..
It seems that this new post is working ..not the last one...

STRANGE or what!!???


  1. I'm commenting to see if it works.

  2. Your little teasers in the post below are looking awesome. It's so good when kids come for a visit and I'm sure your so excited.

  3. I see comments so it must be fixed.

  4. Here I am commenting... but now the post I wsa reading disappeared! About the book you got... hmmm...

  5. I know some of the widgets are causing trouble with the commenting and reading of the blogs... Pop in to Bonnie at Quiltville, she wrote about a similar problem not long ago.
    Hope your blog is "well" now, and the trouble is gone:o)
    Happy sewing,



So nice to hear from you all... makes my day special...:o)

If I dont reply to your email.. you are probably set as a noreply...
so please see that there is a way for me to contact you...

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