Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello ...

still here...
didn´t get lost in the sewingroom.. .
or even worse attacked by some awful dustbunnies!!! :o)

Im on the run!!!!
(but more of that later...)

Report from my sewingroom...
Got an idea just in the middle of all the cleaning up..
I needed a designwall !!!!

So DH went away and bought a styrofoamboard..
I put fabric ontop...glued..with hotglue...
Aooouuchhhh!!!! :o)

And wow.. It worked beautifully...:o)
But I had to reaarange everything in the room.. sigh...
so it became even more MESSY!!! lol...
TV...had to go...
but that was a good thing...
...fabric moved....
...empty cupboard moved...
isnt this a great cupboard??? :o)
...filled again on its new place...
Ohh.. I love this one.. its perfect!!! :o)
And this is a view of where I sit and try to be creative.....
...and this is what I see from my sewingarea now...
MY NEW DESIGN WALL!!!! great ideas!!!
and cheap ones...:o)

I said I ran away...
and so I did...
a fast decision...some telephone calls...
a bus trip...
not so fun trip..this was my view..for about 5 miles or so...
pretty or what...
NO... this is the backdoor of the bus..there was no place to sit in the bus.. and me and another girl had to sit at the stairs...
But I survived.. reached my destination...
To the home of John and Louise..
for a week of Sewing fun!!!
We celebrated their anniversary one night...
and I got to meet their lovely grandchild...
Olivia... really wanted to have some dessert...
she just sucked on to the foot of the glass..and didnt want to let go!!!
What a sweetie!! :o)
Over and out..and back with some sewing later..
See you !!!


  1. Hello Stina, it is hard work re arranging a sewing room....yours looks fantastic....lucky you to have a week of sewing........Olivia is sooo cute...just love babies and toddlers....hugs lyn

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwww..beautifil room!!!

  3. Your sewing room is great and that cupboard is really perfect for your fabrics. Congratulations on getting a design wall. I expect to see great things in progress on it.

  4. love the new sewing area.....the design wall looks week away sewing.....I am away this weekend at a two day workshop....looking forward to catching up with some old friends....

  5. You have done a great job!!! Love your design wall. Do I see the first block from Joy of Life there (BIG SMILE)??????

  6. How fun to take a peek into your sewing area! You've created a wonderful creative haven!

  7. What a great looking sewing space. I bet that design wall will be well used and help you come up with even more wonderful designs.

  8. What a terrific remodel of your sewing room! I love the new look and organization. You must just love that feeling? Wow and a whole week of sewing fun, I am jealous! What a cutie that Olivia is, a terrific photo.

  9. Stina, your sewing room looks wonderful! It's so bright and cheery and I'm sure you'll be creating some wonderful projects in there...especially with your new design wall.

    Happy stitching!

  10. You have a fantastic sewing room, Stina. And I absolutely love the design wall construction. It is light weight enough to move around for its big size. I may copy yours:-) Well, the scenery of your trip truly changed for a much sweeter view...Olivia is a cutie! The desserts don't look too bad either. Yum!

  11. Så koseligt syrom du har fått deg :o) Og flott design vegg!

  12. love your new sewing room and that stack of fabric that you have - so many different colors.

  13. Your room is lovely Stina. Sorry you don't have any fabric (wink). I love all the little pink quilts around for inspiration.

  14. Your room looks great! And I love the new design wall . . . . but now I remember I have another UFO - My Country Week *s*

  15. Olivia is a cutie, she takes after her grandmother :)!!!

  16. Wow vad fint det blev inne i ditt syrum nu...Det blev verkligen bra med designväggen där skåpet har stått tidigare...

    Hoppas att ni har det bara bra hos Louise :) Hälsa så mycket och så hoppas jag få se vad ni gör för något..Skulle också haft lite av denna dos "quiltinjektion"...


  17. Yay! Love your new design wall and what is on it! That would definitely inspire me :o) And loving your lovely fabric stash/cabinet. Have a wonderful week with your friend! How fun is THAT? Lucky girl!

  18. Vilket underbart syrum du har, nu blir jag verkligen avundsjuk :0).
    Vilket bra tygskåp du har , ett sådant skulle jag behöva istället för alla lådor.
    Efterrätten ser inte så tokig ut heller, mums!!

  19. Oh I want your sewing room, it loos much more inviting and inspiring than mine. I just love what you have on your new design wall.

  20. So jealous of your sewing room. Love the design wall. Aren't they great! Sweet baby. Hope you had a great trip.

  21. Good rearranging of the sewing room. I liked seeing the fabric more than anything! You will put your design wall to good use. Always a good idea to have one.

  22. your sewing area is beautiful........I need a design wall..........and better storage area........

  23. have to tell you: i was reading your last post, and my husband, who has nothing to do with patchwork, but watching my fabric pile grow.. saw your pics and said: Oh my God, look at all that fabric!!
    your sewing room is pretty
    kisses, vivi

  24. What a gorgeous room to create in.

  25. Your sewing room is beautiful! Design walls are great! Ooh, and that cupboard IS wonderful!

  26. Oh Stina, your sewing room is so organized and ready for all the projects...Can't wait to see them. You have done so much better than I have on finishing my room. If I plan anything it seems to fall through.
    Love your room with a view...
    Keep Stitchen'

  27. Wow Stina, looks so great now!!
    Wooohoo and a fabulous design wall to use as well! Yippeee
    ..Oh and Olivia is gorgeous!
    Sounds like you had fun.
    Robyn xx

  28. Love your design wall, and that cupboard for storage is fabulous!

    What a great room to sew/design or just sit in....
    take care

  29. Congrats on a new design-wall! You did a great job on the re-arranging! Enjoy your "new" sewing-room!

  30. The view of your sewing room is delightful - I love it - may I come sew with you? LOL

  31. Just found your blog. I love your sewing room. All that work rearranging and organizing looks like it paid off. One of my favorite parts is the filled cupboard with all those fabrics. I'm drooling.

  32. Your sewing room is so great. Nice and big. Love the way you stacked the fabrics.

  33. Your sewing room is beautiful ... no wonder you're so creative. Love your fabric cupboard.



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