Saturday, July 11, 2009


and it feels so so

Didn´t have so much time to figure out what to take with me...
so this project was almost packed in I decided to
everything in... the suitcase.... and added a few extra things if
I got bored to sew on my project... :o)
I sew at the kitchen table...since we dont eat here...LOL...
dont have time for that... :o)

On Wednesday I worked on a secret that I cant show...
And this was the project I had in my bag....
"Butterfly Garden" by Leanne Beasley!!!!

Still not finished after almost two years...
SIGH!!! :o)
But Im working on that...
This is my first blocks...
Hmmm.. the table looks pretty tidy here ...
doesnt it??? ;o)
Well after a couple of days of sewing it doesn´t anymore... lol..
Have some more blocks ready to be stitched on.. will take some more photos
when it is light...

This one sits on Louise designwall...
(Wrong way ..but you get the point..;o)

It is the start of one of Bonnie Hunters quilt patterns...
"Old Tobacco Road"
It will be another gorgeous quilt!!!
( Will show some quilts made by her later)

Louise sews too..:o))
First days she started to tidy
One cant sew if not.. at least I cant...
She sewed together all her little scraps to fun little blocks..
Hmmm.. why didnt I take a picture of those...
I´ll ask her... they are such a great way to use scraps for!!!

Here she is preparing a quilt for a little girl...
The quilt is so so sweet and very brilliant!!!
I love it... :o)
Louise will have a hard time giving it away...
And she got started on the quilting last night...
...and finished the quilting too...and put the binding on...
Hope I can show the almost fiished quilt later...

And after that she started a new
then the clock was past midnight and we called it a day...

And today its a new sewingday..
I will continue with my blocks...
and so will Louise... :o)

So see you later...


  1. Sounds like you both have a lot of fun and a wonderful time! A very well needed huge dose of Vit-Q!
    Enjoy your little sewing retreat! Look forward for more pics and please say hello to Louise from me!

  2. Looks like lots of fun sewing going on there...lucky you;)...wish I had the time;)

  3. Oh....I wish I could be there with you. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. And that you both get a lot done. Keep on sewing girls :)

  4. Nice to see that Louise and you are keeping busy. It is way too warm here in Thailand for quilting. Unless you had an air conditioned studio. Kepp Louise busy and stay as long as you can. John (Louise's husband in exile)

  5. Hey Stina! That packing scene has been happening in my sewing room this afternoon - we're going away to the beach for a week and I can't decide what stitching to take!! EEEK! :0) Have decided to only take hand stitching, but have been tracing like a mad woman so I have 'enough' stitching to occupy me - I'll probably come home with sunburn and no stitching done! Tee! Hee! Hee! Enjoy your stitching time with Louise! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  6. Oj så härligt ni verkar ha det :) Hade gärna velat vara med på ett litet hör och se hur duktiga ni är ;-) Louise barntäcke blir helt underbart..Är det lilla Olivia som är den lyckliga ägaren till denna goding?

    Ha en fortsatt skön helg!

  7. Wow, Stina, you both are making great progress. Isn't uninterrupted sewing time the best? Can't wait to see more.

  8. Busy- Busy- girl!!! Love that baby girl quilt too. Where would we be without basting spray- great stuff.

  9. It appears that you and your friend are having a wonderful time. I can't wait to see more!

  10. Looks like you are both having a wonderful time and making great progress!

  11. You both are moving right along with all that quilting and until midnight! Whew!!

  12. You go girl - both of you and enjoy your time together. No matter what you get done, it will be more than when you arrived, lol. Love seeing pics of your projects.

    Happy Sewing - Karen

  13. Lovely LOVELY! Stina, I can't wait to see that quilt done. It is such a beautiful pattern and I love your colors :o)

    I have that one in my stash to do someday... sigh.... you are much further than me!

  14. Så flott blogg og så mange flotte arbeider du har. Titter stadig innom.
    Jeg har skjenket deg en award - den ligger på bloggen min :0)(0:

  15. I want to make that quilt someday too! Glad you are having such a wonderful time!

  16. You are accomplishing so much! Mostly all I finished up was a lot of chatting when I went off for a quilters retreat! Oh well, I enjoyed myself. Hello to your friend Louise.
    Kim :o)

  17. Not only are you having a great time, and Louise are getting a lot accomplished. Isn't it a wonderful feeling?

    I can't wait to see the finished projects because they're beautiful now!

  18. Det skulle vara kul att träffa er, Stina o Louise och ni ser ut att sy för brinnande livet. Hinner ni något annat? Äta t.ex.
    Jag förstår att ni har toppenkul tillsammans- Kramar från Louise D

  19. My, you have been busy. Your sewing room looks lovely and those wonderful fabrics are very inspiring. I love your design wall too!
    come and visit my new blog!

  20. Your sewing looks the Butterfly Garden...Louise's quilt looks really nice

  21. What a fun time you all are having. And it looks like you are all getting a lot done.
    Bonnie Hunter does some great things with scraps.

  22. Hia Stina, it looks like a marvellous time you are having. You sound so happy to be sewing and it is looking lovely.

  23. I LOVE your Butterfly Garden blocks. Please show some more soon. When the angels are done, this is a quilt I'd like to start too.



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