Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Got a pink themed package....

from a wonderful friend on the other side of the big water!!!

Pat from
Bits and Pieces....
really really spoilt me this time...
and the time before too...
(and this time the package came directly to me.. not spending time in Israel!!!)

She have been collecting pink things for me...
She once asked me If I needed something..and I said...
put on your pink glasses and see if you find anything...

And OHHH..she did!!!!
This is what I first saw opening the package....
Lovely ric rac ...on clothespins.. what a lovely way to wrap them..
Just like candy!!!
And the cute little scissors with a cap on ...
so I wont poke a hole in my bag...
And gorgeous fabrics...
pinks... greens and browns...
Wow... she really know what I like!!!!
And there were more....
Wonderfully coloured linen for cross stitch... and beautiful pink threads...
Love that thread... it is sooo pretty...perfectly blended...
And cute ribbons ... packed like a little flower...

and more ...
..she even sensed that I was out of sticky notes...
amazing... pretty pretty ones too...
and take a look at the notebook she made and the matching pen...
And the SIGNS!!!

I love them...
"Quilting Queen" and "You sew Girl"...
couldn't be better..
I just put them in front of me..
perfect pep talk!!!

And Debbie at
Love to Applique ( Pat´s quilting buddy)
added two gorgeous pink fabrics in the package...

Do you think I was stunned or what???
I was... but oh so happy!!!
Feel so blessed with all my friends...
YOU are all AMAZING!!!


" Life is a Patchwork of Friends"

What a day!!!!

When I came home from work today..
I hag a big package waiting for me...
A PIF gift...
Sooo .. see you all tomorrow!!!


  1. I can say you are a happy girl to all this lovely pink things ;-)

    Good luck with them all!


  2. What lovely, lovely gifts! How nice of them to send these on to you! So you will have lots of projects ahead of you:D

  3. I am so happy that you like your pink package. I am so glad that you didn't get any splinters. Enjoy my friend. Hugs!

  4. Stina, you lucky girl, that is a lovely surprise all those lovely things, the clothes pegs are cute with the ric-rac on them, have fun playing with your goodies....

  5. Yes indeed....the package was beautifully decked out in pink! Pat is one special blogger...this I know!

  6. What a lovely BIG package, that must have been so exciting for you opening it up and discovering all those yummy pink things. Have fun with all that fabric, ric rac, ribbons and thread.

  7. What a fun, pink surprise! I love everything, but that plaid pink fabric with the brown.... o sew perfect!! Pat and Debbie are angels. :o)

  8. What beautiful friends to send you such wonderful gifts. How lovely to unpack such a thoughtful gift! xo

  9. Oh so lovely and full of pinkness!
    You lucky duck!

  10. Pat is a very generous gal, both with her gifts and her time.

    You are indeed fortunate, Stina. What absolutely gorgeous and generous gifts from Pat.

    You sew girl! (wink)

  11. What gorgeous gifts from a lovely friend!

  12. hi!!!
    i'm so angry with my computer, I'm missing all the fun over there!
    the gifts are lovely, can't wait to see the one you opened after the post..?!
    how's viktor doing with new school?
    xoxo :)

  13. Wow, I am impressed with the package. Such lovely gifts. I am sure you will make great use of everything. By the way, I just love the header of you busily working away.

  14. You were definately spoilt!! Lots of lovely goodies :)

  15. WOW WOW WOW - what an amazing gift of goodies you received - such pink loveliness - aren't bloggers just the best. I love your banner - your adorable - just so you know :).

    Hugs - Karen

  16. How fun! This is just such a happy blog; I really enjoy visiting you most every day.

  17. What a fabulous package to get in the mail. All pink. I love it.
    I don't know if you have used the Weeks Dye Works floss before but if you haven't I highly recommend putting the thread in a bowl of water and just let it sit to let the dyes run out before you start stitching with it. You don't want to wash a project and then have all that dye on your fabric. UGH!

  18. Such a wonderful pink gift!!! How fun must it be to look at all those beautiful things (O:

  19. Sweet box of pinkness from Pat - you are spoilt. LOL

  20. Oh WOW! More gorgeous gifts. Love all the pink goodies.



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