Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recycling made....

Had a brilliant idea one day at work...
so I started to collect old table cloths and some crocheted ones too...
Found some lovely pink ones...
and started my creative journey!!!!
And this is the result...
My new cover for the kitchen sofa!!!
and ... I LOVE IT!!!
Turned out just the way I wanted it...
and even Lars liked it.. and it was pink.. huh..
what have happened here... ???
Even son have bought a t-shirt with tiny pink stripes on it...
Oh my goodness .. they have been coloured by pink!!!

Have some pillows to make..
the old ones didn´t match... so I have to make some new ones...
I am working on them....

And in the mailbox I have had some fun mail...
Sheryl from
My Upstairs Sewingroom
sent me this wonderful book by Natalie Bird...
"From the Heart"
and some wonderful pink DMC threads....
Love my friendship gift

Been very touched by the words Sheryl wrote in the book...
There sure is some very generous people around the world....

And more of that in tomorrows post!!!
All I can say...


  1. New header!! Like it!!! So your family is ok with pink....sweet of them to let you have your color. Yep, blog friends are wonderful...how sweet of yours.

  2. Your sofa cover is beautiful, Stina! Great job!

    And I love your new hair do!

    I agree...blog friends are the best!

  3. Oh, I love the new blog header too...and your kitchen couch makeover is fantastic!

  4. Love the new look header Stina.
    Great idea with the recycling, looks wonderful....
    cheers Julz

  5. Yay! for pink. Love your tablecover and you certainly do look happy at your sewing machine.

  6. You should be very pleased with your cover it is really nice. I like recycled.

  7. What a clever idea Stina, and such a pretty finish. Nice book and threads, I'm sure it will keep you busy in the coming months.

  8. Your blog is looking very fresh and I love your idea for the cover, it's wonderful. You have some lovely friends!

  9. I love your new header! Very nice! What a beautiful idea you had with the table cloths. I love how it all turned out. How creative!
    Blessings to you!

  10. How very creative, Stina. Even if it is pink, I like it very well. LOL. How are you going to keep it clean?

  11. Oh I Love your new idea to cover your sofa :o) Beautiful! And I also love the blog header.

    What a wonderful gifty! Enjoy it!

  12. Beautiful header Stina and I love your sofa cover, very good recycling!!

  13. Oh,hello ,New header!! It's great.
    and new sofa cover is sweet.I love to use lace doily idea.

  14. Love it! Love your gifts too.

  15. Love your photo!

    What a great way to recycle/reuse to save the environment.

    Happy quilting!

  16. How gorgeous is your new sofa cover, love the doilies and the pink and white are lovely and fresh, so glad you like your pressie and yes blog friends are the best! Love your new header...

  17. Hei, det var en god ide - jeg har mange heklede brikker som godt kunne blitt vist frem...... hmmm... Så flott gave du har fått i posten - vi liker "godis" i postkassa LOL
    Det er ett koseligt bilde du har av deg med symaskin - du ser så glad ut! Ha en fin dag!

  18. Write a comment last night but see that something must got wrong with that one I cant find it...
    Buy the way you have done a lovley work with you cover to the sofa..A new header with a girl who looks very happy :)

    Cant wait to see what cute work you are doing from the gift you got!

    Good luck!

    Take care and hope you all feel fine....

  19. Great idea Stina. It looks lovely. Can't wait to see the cushions.

  20. You are so clever. The cover looks beautiful. And I like your new header. Great photo!

  21. What a great idea! I bet you smile every time you see your new cover *s*

  22. Great idea! It turned out beautiful. I like the new header also! Pink! Who doesn't love pink!

  23. Oh STINA- you look so happy and I think your sofa is almost too nice to sit on. Perhaps it´s for you. I don´t know but I think my DH doesn´t fit that color - pink.

  24. I love your new blog header...and your sofa cover is amazing...my sofa needs a new cover and it's scaring me lol! Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Love the recycling of those table cloths with such wonderful pink (O:



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