Thursday, August 20, 2009

A little of each....

is what is on my schedule ...

Trying to be out as much as I can..
enjoying sun... after work...
Have had a hard time picking up my stitchery this Summer.. dont know why???
So a week ago I started this instead...
...Hopefully it will be large enough for my floor!!!
Viktor enjoyed last day of Summer Holiday..
reading Donald Duck!!!
Today School starts over..
sent a nervous little boy to school this morning...
new school and new teacher...
but exciting!!!

Otherwise I had big plans of having this replaced by now....

Ahhh... torn ...torn.. and torn some more...
and can you believe that little boys hands have helped a little...
Anyway.. Im working on this...
Almost finished..
so stay tuned!!!

Im off for the shower and after that
a haircut!!!!


  1. I used to love the first day of school. I recall being a little bit apprehensive as well, making new friends and meeting the new teacher.

    There will be many long days this winter in which to pick up your sewing projects, Stina. Enjoy the rest of your summer and worry about it later.

    Have a great day!

  2. School starts early for Viktor. My kids don't go back until Sept 1. Just 2 more weeks, but the countdown has begun. I hope that Viktor is no longer nervous.

  3. the kids here in Arkansas started school yesterday as well. My grandchildren in Wisconsin start Sept. 1 Does Viktor have a long day?

  4. Looks like you have those lazy days of summer attitude right now!
    The first day of a new school year was always very exciting for me. I loved going to school. What grade is Viktor in this year?

  5. Så trevligt ni verkar ha det :) Här har det gått tungt i sommar med handarbetet också men hoppas att få lite inspiration snart av en syträff kanske ;-) Idag är det fullt upp med organisering av syrummet så det ser hemskt ut här inne :( Men det blir kanske bra när det är klart..

    Ha en fortsatt skön torsdag!


  6. Plenty of time for stitching when summer is over . . . . enjoy your time in the sun *s*

  7. I haven't been stitching much this summer either! Our summers are so short that I like being outside too much. Things will change soon I hope as I have lots of projects to begin.
    Enjoy your day!

  8. I was always nervous the first day of school too. Glad those days are over.
    A new ironing board cover coming soon. can't wait to see what you do.

  9. Hi Stina, I hope Viktor had a great first day of school. I wish him well.
    I want to invite you to my blog to sign up for my giveaway. I am picking 2 winners, 1 from the US and another International. Just tell what you are working on for Christmas....quilting, beading, sewing, or other needlework.
    Bye, Elaine from Texas

  10. Just enjoy the rest of your summer!

  11. aaahhhh...I sure hope he had a wonderful day despite the nervousness!!
    Get that new cover made...we want to see!!!

  12. Ahww! I miss the first day of school events! I guess that means that summer is over. Your new project looks like it is going to be fun!

  13. How exciting for Viktor, a new school! Hope his first day went well. Winter weather will come too soon so enjoy the beautiful weather now. Btw, what is that new button in the sidear 'A year of Schnibbles'?

  14. School is starting around here, and all the children and parents are out school shopping this weekend. My ironing board cover looks sooooo similar! I really need to replace it.

  15. Hello Stina, love the look of your rag rug...enjoy the end of Summer as we are nearing the end of Winter...just caught up with what you have been up to...enjoyed seeing your finds....hugs lyn+

  16. I've always wanted to make a rag rug...I have a bunch of strips saved somewhere. Looks like a fun project. Thanks for the reminder...I desperately need a haircut!

  17. I hope your son enjoyed his 1st day back. Mine are counting down until the 3rd of September. My daughter is starting a new 6th form place so that will be very nerve racking for me...I don't know about her! LOL

    Good luck with the cover.

  18. I definitely remember the butterfly flutters when school was going to start. Soon time will come to get back to stitching.

  19. My son started going baack to school about two weeks ago, you can bet he was not pleased with that! I like your new project and I can't wait to see more of it!

  20. Hi Stina...stitching will always wait for you...enjoy the outdoors!!! I think all the children are nervous when going back to school...enjoy the end of your Summer♥x

  21. Takk for hyggelig hilsen på bloggen min. Nå har jeg oppdatert med bilde av hele løperen og boka som mønsteret er hentet fra. Ha en fin og kreativ uke.


  22. Enjoy the summer I am so looking forward to ours returning. Poor Victor a new school is always hard.



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