Thursday, October 1, 2009

More from Norway....

Oh my...
still smiling when I think of my days in Norway....
So much fun!!!
But first... the Hell part...
Just follow this link and you get what I mean...
We passed this place... :o)

Now on to the heavenly days...

Back to the hotel.. after shopping some bread, camembert...
and sharing a glass of wine we went happy to bed ....
Eagerly waiting for the morning... :o)

This was on our tables when we arrived Saturday morning...

our patterns for the weeked and a nice surprise
from Siw at Quiltegården...

After chatting and chatting ....
Leanne and Gail wanted to make them selves heard...:o)

Introducing the projects for the weekend

Some more chatting and deciding what to start on....
then the total surprise was told by Siw at Quiltegården....
TV was coming... :o)

Do you think we became nervous...
OH YES....
They needed some brave ones outside
( we who lived longest from Trondheim... :o)
pretending we just arrived to the class...
Laila at Jacobs quilt captured us from the window..
where everybody watched us perform...
What a laugh!!!! :o)
What do you say Merete...
were you nervous giving the interview???
What a start of the day...
and they stayed all day
Some pictures from the day...
It was so fun to meet all the bloggers...
and others too..

Did I make something then...
Couldn´t think... after the nervous attack from being
confronted with a camera...
so as usual...  I talk.. and shopped...
and I did start ..but on tomorrows project...
So see you later for that!!!


  1. Hallo Stina,
    it was really a very nice journey??!! your pictures are so great and wonderfull!!!
    my kindest regards - angela

  2. Oh you took some really nice pictures Stina! It was such a lovely weekend- we'll have to do it again!!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends, both old and new. Thanks so much for sharing, Stina. It almost feels like I was there with you all.

  4. The weekend was perfect and nice to meet wonderful girls..Thanks for the fun trip ;-)

  5. What great reporting, Stina!!
    YOU should be a reporter!!! ;o)
    Your weekend brings the Danish word, "hyggeligt" to mind!!!
    All the best!
    Mary Ann

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, lucky you. So you didn't really tell us, did you end up being filmed for the TV?

  7. What a fun time you look to have had. And the start of a new career as a TV star as well!

  8. I would've visited Hell too. In Wales there is a little village of Bethlehem. One Christmas we posted our Christmas cards from there so they would say Bethlehem on them.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. I would've hid under a quilt and crawled under the table if a camera pointed at me so I think you were very brave.

  9. What fun this sounds...I bet you were nervous...I would be too!!!

  10. You look like you had so much fun! I enjoyed the collage of photos!

  11. OMGosh! It looks like you had a fun time.

  12. It looks as though you MIGHT have had a little bit of fun!!! Going quilting with a group of friends and soon-to-be friends is one of the best things in the world. I was just looking at your completed list. Wow. I'm going to my sewing room tonight and hope to finish one up.

  13. Wow, Stina! you are having a FUN!!
    Thank you for sharing the pics with your wonderful moments!!

  14. Everyone looks so happy. Can tell you all had a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing even more about it.

  15. What an AMAZING time you must of had!

  16. Så herlige bilder Stina. Et kjempe fint av min venninne britt sittende ved siden av Anne heidi :-) Hun var her på tirsdag og jeg fikk se alle de flotte mønstrene. Norge Rundt..Tv programmet er mitt favortittprogram så jeg skal følge nøye med fremover. Etter at de har vært på sending kan du se de på webTV om du ikke får inn NRK selv.
    Ser at dere koste dere masse.
    Takk ofr alle herlige bilder du deler...da er vi liksom der vi og...
    Ha en fin dag

  17. Knallfint innlegg du har laget. Takk nok en gang for en koselig helg. Jeg skal forsøke å stikke ned en liten tur i morgen igjen. - ups - må vel lade kameraet



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