Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks for asking...

where I am... :o)
Thank you my friends...
Im still here...
just a little bit down due to darkness and weather
pheew... and they will long for very VERY long...

Dont have any energy when coming home and
don't feel for either blogging or sewing..
and I don´t like that... so I feel sad for that too...

...from my window at the sewing room...
white and light...
and after that it started to rain and getting grey and DARK...
Even Viktor complained about the short daylight...
But this weekend the weather have changed a bit and I have
 seen the sun for two days...
so I hope it will stay like this for a  while...

In the middle of all the "darkness" a little sunshine was sent
 to me as an early Christmas gift...
Stina..she said.. you have to open it right away...
and she didn't have to tell me that twice!!!! :o)

 Isn't this the most beautiful and fantastic little tree...
Love the little yo yo flowers in Christmas colours...
It will be a real pride and joy to decorate next weekend
It will look wonderful beside my other white tree...
Thank you Lyn!!!

Nothing much have been made around here...
sent some blocks to Marica in our Mini block swap with Louise..
recived Louise´s beautiful blocks...
but these I cant show yet... :o)

And this weekend I hoped for some sewing...
but still nothing have been done...
but I made a blogentry.. didn´t I??
So what have happened ...
The Yearly Old fashioned Christmas Market
was held this weekend in Öjebyn where I live...
It is held in the old part with the Church and the old small
church cottages...
(This is by the way on my way to work..
and I love walking around among the old houses...)

And see.. the sun is shining...and NO snow!!!
I love to go here...
a lot of nice handcrafted items are for sale...
just wish I had LOTS of Money!! :o)

See ...what I mean...

Love the bracelets made of tin thread and leather...
And the Yule Goats made of spruce rice...
and lovely Wirework... this I would love to learn!!!
follow the link and take a look at what he makes!!!
I did some shopping there... :o)

And I also shopped here...

at Marias lovely shop
(Take a look at her lovely blog!)
I bought myself a PEP talk picture!!!
A have a
"Happy Day"
I hope from now on.. it will only be light and
happy days..and some sewing for me!!!
And a quick recovery for my Mum that took a nasty fall
this week and hurt her shoulder and arm really bad..
hope it wont be necessary with an operation..
Hang in there Mum!!

See you soon I hope.. hope it wont be this long until next time!!!


  1. We are having a very dark, rainy November here and it does take some doing to keep my spirits up. I am glad you found some lightness to embrace.

  2. Bringing lots of light into your day with huge ((HUGS)).

  3. Cheer up, Stina! Spring always comes! And remember the reason for the season we're in ... God loves you and so do we!

  4. Bright days ahead, Stina. I am happy you made this post as I hadn't heard from you since I've been back. Hugs to you my friend!

  5. Hej Stina, I really know what you meaned, when you mentioned dark and rainy weather. It has depressed me also lately, but today was only sun shine all day;))) And it was really nice to read/see your blogentry. It refreshed me more;))

  6. I hope the sun wil always shine for you! What nice houses and the tree...gorgeous!
    Greetings, Cisca

  7. Välkommen tillbaka har saknat dej hur mycket som helst.Kram Britt-Inger

  8. Nice to see you out and about again, we have missed your rays of sunshine when you visit.......lets hope the dark days are finished...

  9. Dark days can surely put us in a bad slump....wish there was a pick me up that I could share with you! I remember those dark days of Germany and in England...damp and cold....the season starts so darned early there...I hear myself in your post from many moons ago. Take care...and yes I had been wondering about you!!!

  10. Cheer up, dear friend, around the December, the sun "turns", and we're lookin ahead for lighter days again :o) I call it "sol-snu", and I look forward to that too:o)
    Hope you will get to charge your battieries, and get the creativity and urge to sew back again really soon.
    Happy thoughts and warm hugs to you,

  11. So glad you are OK, it's hard to be motivated when the world outside is grey and cold, I wish you more sunshine and light. Get well wishes to your mum.

  12. So glad you are OK, it's hard to be motivated when the world outside is grey and cold, I wish you more sunshine and light. Get well wishes to your mum.

  13. HI STINA,
    Glad you are back again after a too long break. Öjebyn looks like a nice place for walking and you have had some fun at the Christmas Market I understand. That´s something we all need once in a while.
    We´ll have Jamtli Market
    Dec 4-6 and it´s too much you want to buy from all
    seller with homemade things.
    Bad news about your mother.
    Wish her soon is OK.
    What about Victor´s stamp collecting? Does it grow?
    Is he playing tennis here around I would like to meet you too.
    Love, Louise D

  14. Your yo-yo tree is cute as can be. Is the tree made from wood?

  15. I hope we can bring a little bit of sunshine into your life like you bring to ours, Stina. Sometimes the changing of the seasons gets us all down, especially into winter.

    If I can ask a question? Why are the shutters on most of the houses closed? Would they not let more light in if they remained open or is it to keep the cold out? That is the first thing I noticed...except for all the wonderful hand made items.

    Hope your Mom recovers quickly.

  16. Here's wishing lots of sunshine for you Stina!

  17. So sorry you are feeling a little blue. Hang in there my friend! And wishes for a speedy recovery for your Mum!

  18. Dark and rainy weather does have that affect on some... you take care my lovely friend!
    This will pass... I wonder, would working on something cheery help to motivate you?

    I know what you mean..we're having extreme heat and I'm finding it hard to get motivated myself...doing little bits but not lots and I could be :D

    Love Lyn's tree... Wow, it's gorgeous!

    Hugs to you!
    Robyn xx

  19. It does look cold there, we've had the opposite. I love the tree, it's gorgeous.That should have cheered you up. Great to see your other photos from the other side of the world.

  20. Hey, girl! Good to hear from you here in blog land. What a nice surprise gift in the mail, very nice!

    I hear you on the LONG WINTER MONTHS, argh. Winter does offer some beauty, but I have yet to discover it on the gloomy, sunless days. A good time to turn on all the lamps to create a bit of warmth and a cozy glow.

    Hope you get back to feeling like creating soon, meanwhile we can all enjoy the trip to market that you shared with us. Thank you for that. :-)

  21. Skjønner hvordan du har det, jeg er heller ikke glad i kulda. Passer på å ta frem stearinlys, gløgg/te og koser meg under ett lappeteppe når jeg har tid. Vi må jo gjøre det beste ut av dette :o) Og snart snur sola.....21 desember! Koseligt julemarked og juletreet som du du har fått er kjempe fint.

  22. Oooh, Stina, I hope your mum is ok -- a fall doesn't sound good. And sorry about the doldrums -- at least it looks like you've had a very lovely market to visit!

  23. I know what you mean... I hate the dark, short days also! I love the little village where you live! It is so sweet:) I wish I could have been there shopping, those knitted gloves looked so cozy! *think of Hawaiian/or summer time music... that might help!

  24. Hey, Stina
    what for a wonderfull market- are so beautifull pictures!!!
    "nice to read you"
    greetings from angela

  25. Not seeing the sun gets me down too. Hope youare feeling better. The Christmas market looked delightful.

  26. Total contrast to the roasting we have had here...hope your winter is not too long & dark. Lovely blog snapshot of your life...hope your mum is better soon!

  27. So sorry to hear that the weather gets you down. My daughter does not like the gloomy weather either.
    I will admit I do love your snow picture.
    The Christmas market looks like a fun time. Glad it was sunny for you.

  28. Hi Stina,
    It's been kind of dreary and rainy here too. I don't really mind though ~~ more time for knitting and sewing, I just always feel like after I finish all the things I "have" to do I'm too tired to do the things I want to do, oh well.... Your snow picture looks so pretty and the Christmas market looks like fun, really pretty yoyo tree too!! I hope your Mum is feeling better, and take care,

  29. Dear Stina, glad the little tree brightened your day......and chased the winter blues away...I am no keen on grey day's either..cheer up my friend...hugs lyn

  30. nice to see pictures from the craft show, that must have been fun to walk around and see all the goodies
    Sorry the weather is dreary and causing you to feel down but get in the sewing room and play with the fabrics that make you happy turn on the lights!
    and music you like that always changes my mood!
    hope your mum is doing better
    take Care Stina...

  31. Wow Stina lucky you with that lovely walk through those beautiful old houses to work... the Christmas market looks interesting, lots of goodies there... the Christmas tree is gorgeous, nice modern style... hope your Mum gets over her fall quickly and I love your idea of a 'pep talk' picture to remind you to have a happy day... sometimes we need little reminders....

  32. Hia Stina, I hope the weather stays brighter for you. Here we have had rain and rain. What a lovely gift and I would love that market too.

  33. I know how you're feeling, Stina! We just recently saw the sun here in Denmark for the first time in many weeks! Even though we've used bags of tea-lights from Ikea this month, nothing does it quite like a day of glorious sunshine!
    Take care, my friend!

  34. Oh - I see the 'wirework' man . . . . I'm going to be hanging my piece real soon *s* I think this year I might just leave it up all the year long.
    I'm getting used to the dark days, too. Since moving to the east and much farther north, the days here are quite short to what I am used to. I'm learning to open as many curtains and to turn on lights in the house at the first hint of dark *s*

  35. GRATTIS till din bloggårsdag!! och sedan är det så härligt att se ett litet livstecken från dig.. har liksom saknat dig massor :))

    Kram från en sliten tjej ;-)

  36. Hej!
    Jag tycker inte heller om det här slaskiga mörkret. Nu får det komma snö.
    Hoppas att glad-tavlan kan peppa dig!

    PS. jag tror att jag har ändrat det där med e-mail adressen nu. Du kan väl maila om det inte är så att jag fattat rätt.DS

  37. Sending you some Aussie sunshine. I would love to visit the market with you. The stall with hats and lovely knitted slippers looks very interesting to me.



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