Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Sunday in Advent ...

...and I love the start of Christmas...
decorations.. the first candle to lit...and just
take Christmas joy in your soul....

We don´t celebrate it in a special way... just with a little
saffron bread... and an extra cozy day...
So I got up early and baked...

Baking with saffron...
...first smell of Christmas...
I long for my afternoon tea and a slice of this bread...
Viktor already have tasted... :o)
(by the way he is better... no fever... and just coughing)

Advent bread
150 gr of Butter
5 dl of milk
0,5 gr saffron
50 gr yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 dl sugar
ca 12-14 dl wheat flour
(when translating it said  Marzipan... 
well I dont know if its the same thing)

Melt butter, poor milk in the melted butter..and let it be 37 C...
add saffron in the milk
disperse the yeast in a bowl...and add buttermilk and dissolve..
add salt, sugar and wheat flour.. 
and work the dough to a shiny but not to firm dough..
Let it rest at least 30 min...
Prepare filling...
Grate the Marzipan..and stir in butter to a soft consistence..

Now the dough should have risen to double size... 
work on the table some more ...
split in two parts...
Roll out to a rectangle..
and spread on the filling...and sprinkle raisins over..
Roll it together...
and divide in to bits and place in a buttered form...
Set aside to rest for another 30 minutes...
Bake out the other one... :o)

Brush with egg and add pearl sugar

Bake in oven...
225 C for 12-15 min
If you make small ones.. bake for 8 minutes..

Good luck...

Last year May Britt introduced me to a new fantastic tradition..
Advents gifts...
So this year I sent to... May Britt , Hanne, Marica and Louise...

And I have received from Hanne... gosh how fun this is...
and I love to open gifts...
Thanks Hanne!!! 
for the lovely and cute little stitchery!!!

And these ones I got from Marica...
And opened my first one...

oh my..
Isnt this the cutest scissor pouch you have seen...
and she made me a lovely scissorfob too...
now I have another one for my other scissor.. :o)
Thanks Marica!!!

Hope you all will have a wonderful First Day of Advent...
and I want to thank everyone that made comments and cheered me on...
Feeling love from others ... mends a lost soul..
at least I did feel a lot better afterwards...
So thanks for being there for me...

It seems that I did pass my 2 years of blogging yesterday..
Thanks Marica for seeing that!!
Time do fly fast sometimes.. and these 2 years have been wonderful!!
Thanks to you all.. :o)
It might be a surprise someday...
not just sure yet of what... well sort
but it will come..
you just wait and see!!



  1. Wonderful gifts and I´m happy that you liked what I gave you ;-)

    Take care and eat some "saffransbullar" from me to :))

  2. Love the look of your saffron bread. Hmm creativity has left my house too. Don't have much desire to do anything. Hope it returns soon.

  3. I like the container your candle is sitting in shown in your header photo.
    I have never heard of saffron bread. Save me a piece. I'll be right over. LOL!

  4. Think I have to bake this saffran bread some day. Looks so delicious. Hope my adventspackages for you will arrive soon, so you can open the first one :)
    Thanks for the lovely thread and ribbons that was in my firt package.

  5. Thank you for sharing the bread recipe! I love the season of Christmas too and Advent! So nice to see how people celebrate!
    Blessings to you this season!

  6. I love your new header! That little container with the candle is wonderful!!
    A slice of your bread with some tea sounds devine....

  7. Thank you for the safron bread recipe. The last time I made some was for a Medieval feast I prepared for all our single friends. It was a meal designed to "enflame the passions" according the book. It is a little different from your recipe but I think your recipe could be that old too.

    What a lovely idea to send advent gifts. It's such a special time of year and a real joy to share the feeling with friends.

  8. Hello Stina, thank you for the Advent Bread Recipe...some lovely gifties..Hugs Lyn

  9. A lovely Post, Stina - so pleased you perked up a little!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. The bread sounds lovely, what does dl stand for? Is it a cup measure? I love making bread thank you. Your gifts so far are wonderful.

  11. Your saffron bread looks delicious. What time is tea? I'll be right over.

    You advent gifts looks wonderful. What a great idea to share between friends.

  12. I so wish I could join you for a cup of tea and a slice of that joyful looking saffron bread. What a treat it would be to chat over such a delicious homemade delight! I make a cardamom bread that looks very similar. This is also a holiday treat. I like the pretty candle photo in your blog header. Such warmth a candle offers. Glad to know that Viktor is gaining his health. Hugs to you, Stina. Thanks!

  13. Hopefully getting in the Christmas spirit will help keep you from feeling so "blah"
    Yum, the bread looks so good and so do all your little gifts.

  14. Happy two year anniversary Stina! That bread looks wonderful -- I don't remember really having anything with saffron. I'm sure I must have, but??? Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  15. Stina --

    Your warm bread looks so cozy and inviting! You always write such cheerful blogs. Love your photo at the top of the page, too!

  16. Happy Bloggiversary . . . . the bread recipe sound delicious!

  17. What lovely gifts and I can almost smell that bread cooking it looks scrumptious.



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