Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Sunday before Christmas...

and I do miss my package openings already... :o)
I opened up the last ones today...
What a great way to spend Sunday morning with...

I want to thank you all dear friends for my wonderful Sundays...
I have received so many lovely gifts...
and this Sunday no exception...


This weekend I have been home alone...almost...
oldest daughter came home to spend the holidays...
so we have had some time to catch up while the Guys have been at tennis camp!!!

Peace and quiet......
and some lovely sewing!!!
5 gifts have been made...
Two will go in the mail tomorrow...
Three will have to wait for some wrapping tomorrow...
and then it will be delivered to another friend..:o)

Ahhh.. Im getting closer!!!!! :o)
Sorry no photos...
maybe some sneaky pictures...but dont know yet...
We will see..
See you soon...
Work week...and busy with packing for trip to my parents...
Take care..
And dont stress will be Christmas anyway!!!
(This is what I have been saying to myself for several weeks
do you think it has helped...;o)


  1. I've been a bit ill this week so I've been stressing because I don't have all my gifts made and mailed. This morning I told myself to stop it - Christmas is coming - ready or not! LOL!
    Enjoy your evening!

  2. Hi Stina, I think all of us Moms get a little stressed at Christmas time, we want everything to be just right. I couldn't believe it myself when I looked at the calendar and it said 12/20 eeekkkk. I'm glad you had a nice weekend sewing and spending time with your daughter. Merry Christmas!

  3. More lovely gifts. And you're right,'s going to happen no matter if we are ready or not.

    Enjoy your week and don't work too hard.

  4. I love all of your Sunday gifts!

    I hope to see your creations soon!

    Enjoy your Christmas!

  5. Nice to have some quiet time sewing. Love the gifties too! Enjoy your holidays, Stina!

  6. Hei. Fine adventsgaver! Ha en fin tur og en koselig jul.

  7. Hia Stina, I hope you get some quiet time while your boys are away.

    Nearly Christmas! I am so excited! I refuse to look at my January birthdays at the moment. I want to wallow in the Christmassy feeling- I woke up to snow agaain!

    I'd better stop taking pics of outside and finish these last few presents.

  8. hi stina
    trying to get ready for christmas here too
    we are having dinner with family and long time friends, at my aunt martha's
    will make a christmas good wish for you

  9. just curious..
    nothing to do with alexander skarsgard?
    had to ask!

  10. Hope you have a merry, merry Christmas *s*

  11. Lovely little gifts. Don't stress it will all come together.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  12. WOw what a lovely lot of goodies!.

    I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas time and a safe and health 2010.

  13. Sweet gifts. I love the way you do your photography.
    Still waiting on my surprise gift.
    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    blessings, Carrie P.

  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family.. I hope you will have a great time at your parents :)

    xmas hugs from Marica and family

  15. Gosh, I can't believe how cold it is there!
    Carole in New Zealand

  16. Beautiful gifts ... your photos are gorgeous.



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