Wednesday, December 16, 2009


..that is just the first name...
I have been fooled by a much more sneaky person than myself.. and I who thought I was sneaky with my

Oh ..this started quite a while ago...
with me mailing and admiring a pattern  she had sewn...
and oh yes she said.. that she happily would send me the pattern when she was finished with it...

So I waited... :o)
and then one day ...she had some items for sale on her blog...
and I loved especially one fabric range she had for sale...
"Anticipation" by Sandy Gervais...
but ohh... it would cost a a large sum of money just to send...
So I had to let it go...
And then she said...
I have a better idea.. and you wont be disappointed...

Ok I said... :o)
And ..


this came....
from who...
oh yes the one and only

She had some charms to send me...

Oh Happy Days...:o)
Oh.. they might be used for a Schnibble some month..:o)

And so this grand surprise...

She gave away her quilt...
with the hens I had  admired...
(no pattern.. the QUILT!!!! )
HUH !!!
Oh my goodness.. this is so wonderful....and
I really dont know what to say...
Im so touched...
 with all my heart..I want say
 thank you Darlene 
for your wonderful gift!!!
You sure surprised me!!! :o)
But hey ...there was something more...

What a day and what a boost I got...
I actually sewed with a smile...and finished up some gifts ...
and yesterday they went  in the mail... :o)

And today I got a package too in the mail...
and Im still patting this one...
I havent decided if I shall open or save for Christmas...

Any way... I have promised not to show anyway...
so You just have to wait and see after Christmas...
but I can
Hope that is ok..Pat...;o)


  1. hej stina hvad du hade tur,jag vil bara önska dig glad jul och ett gott nytt ar,susi

  2. A beautiful quilt from Darlene. I am so glad that you received your package before Christmas. You may open it any time you like. Have a very Merry Christmas. Big Hugs!!!

  3. You are always so kind to everyone else, so you really deserves this wonderful package.

  4. Oohhhh I LOVE your chicken quilty! You are a very lucky girl :o)

  5. What a special gift that Darlene sent you! Bet you were speechless! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Nancy E

  6. WOWeeeeeeee you weren't kidding! I came over after I replied to your email. Hee!!
    Darlene treated you very, very well girlfriend! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!! Keep toasty!!!!

  7. How wonderful is that? I am so happy for you. Aren't friends just the greatest blessing?
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  8. Daeling gifts from a VERY special person. There aren't too many people on this earth with a heart as BIG as Darlene's.

    Enjoy your gifts, Stina as I'm sure you will.

    Now are you really going to make us wait til after Christmas to see what Pat sent you? I hope not!

  9. Enjoy your lovely gifts :-)

    You can look forward to Pat's gift :-)
    I do not know what your gift is, but I have received a very very nice gift from her before ! She is very skilled!

  10. Wow what could I say ;-) You got some wonderful gifts and I understand that you are a very happy girl...Looking forward to see what you got from Pat later..

    Take care!

  11. What a fabulous surprise. That Darlene just loves to surprise people and she does a great job. I can see that big smile on your face all the way over here in the US.

  12. What a wonderful suprise. So happy for you. You deserve it!

  13. What a beautiful and generous gift from Darlene! Random acts of kindness make the best surprises of all!

  14. Wow, what a wonderful surprise! That is just extremely kind and generous and gorgeous!!

  15. It was my pleasure - from my heart to your hands! I'm glad you were surprised. :-)

  16. Happy Holidays Stina! How fun for you to get gifts to open even before Christmas! I can't wait to see what you make out of your new charms!

  17. What a wonderful suprise at such a special time of the year. I'm glad it cheered you up when you were so low with a cold.

  18. I think you're so deserving and how very kind of Darlene. Enjoy your gifts.

  19. This is indeed a lovely and HUGE surprise! I am happy to see your receive these gifts, Stina. You have gifted many quilters and made them happy, too.

  20. What a lovely surprise for you. The quilt is adorable with all it's stitched chickens. I look forward to seeing what you make with the charm squares ... no doubt it will be gorgeous.



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