Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friendship blocks...and Valentine 2010

How did all this happen... with Valentine 2010...
with Friends of course..:o)

So we are going to go back in time a little... 
to my trip to Norway with my Friends Louise and Marica...
Under the trip we decided to swap blocks with each other...
4 1/2 inches blocks...

So I sent 4 blocks away to Marica..
and she made 4 for me
 and then sent to Louise and she sent to me...
and I sewed on Maricas and Louises blocks...
and I received the most wonderful blocks from my friends...
and can you believe me..I forgot to take photos..;o)

Once I received my blocks...
I had this idea in my head..and when I sat there 
stitching.. I thought..why not share all this..
and so I did...
That is how 
Valentine 2010 came to be...
(The hearts are still 
just go to the sidebar...)

Photos of finished projects have started to come ...and I am amazed of all the talent and wonderful creations being made...
And I know more are in progress.. so 
Please share when you are finished..
I know I long to see.. and all of you too... :o)

So lets begin with a little show and tell...
I start with mine..

Valentine 2010...
I did change the word Love and put Friends in my last heart...

So I want to thank
Marica and Louise for my wonderful blocks and the 
inspiration into making this little Friendship quilt...
Thank you!!!!

This have been so much fun..
and when the emails and links are coming in now..
 I can hardly sit still.. I am so excited ... :o)
So please enjoy and be inspired by 
what these talented ladies have done with the hearts...

First out is...
Karen at 

and this one comes from France
from Beatrice at

next one is from my swedish friend 
(no blog)
and Suzie 
have used them 
for filled little good smelling pillows....
and the creative Shawn...
used her hearts for this...

Isn´t this fantasic....
I am so amazed...
my little hearts made to all this.. and shared among friends..
This is the best!!!

I love you!! :o)

Please keep on sending me pictures...
and hope I can continue to show progress of what happening
with some hearts...

And Finally I want to thank everyone
for sewing this with me...


  1. So many pretty quilts! And to think that you are responsible for all of them :)!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Stina,
    I love your quilt, it turned out so pretty. All the heart projects are so much fun to see. This was a lot of fun.
    You're the best!
    Shawn ;)

  3. Your quilt is lovely! And so are all the other projects you've shown! I really must get mine sewn up this weekend! Thanks again for the sweet stitcheries! :0)

  4. Your little quilt is beautiful. How exciting to see all the different projects you have inspired.

  5. Your hearts are adorable Stina. I'm crazy about Shawn's banner too -- I saw it yesterday and I think I squealed LOL!

  6. Oh how fun to see your pattern already made into so many wonderful things! Kudos!!

  7. They are all wonderful and you should be so pround and happy, Stina.

    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  8. Stina,
    I love your finished quilt and the others created by some talented ladies. I am definitely going to try my hand at stitching all your lovely hearts. I haven't done stitching in a long time and never included any in my quilts before. A new adventure! Thanks! dawn

  9. SO CUTE! I am loving those sweet heart culits! and the banner! Love them all!

  10. Wow! So pretty! I love Shawn's bunting. What a fantastic idea!

  11. It is amazing to see the different variations of projects made with your little stitchery heart patterns. Some very creative people. I especially like the banner like piece with the triangles hanging from a strip. It is hard to pick a favorite from them, though.

  12. Lovely quilts what a group of talented people.

  13. Hi Stina!

    How wonderful to see your Valentine quilt done in so many ways. The idea is great and all of the creations are beautiful!

    Great job and thanks for sharing.

    XOXO & warm wishes!

  14. Your quilt is adorable - very sweet, indeed. And, look at what everyone has done with your sweet hearts - doesn't that just warm YOUR heart? :-)

  15. All the ideas look so lovely Stina. I think the mark of a good design is when it looks good when adapted or in other colours. I think you have a good design.

  16. These are so cute Stina. I espeically like your quilt. I just love the scrappy feel. And I reallylike the banner.

  17. You inspire me! I have an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  18. So many wonderful quilts you show us and yours is just fabulous. I have been away this week in Umeå and hope to sew my top together this weekend :)

    Take care!

  19. Hello Stina, thank you for the pretty stitchery's ......especially liked the bunting..Hugs Lyn

  20. Her var det mange flotte quilter og mye inspirasjon. Hjertene er lastet ned, og jeg skal tegne dem opp for stiching. Gleder meg :o)
    Tusen takk, Stina !

  21. Stina: I am late getting started on this project to have it done in time for Valentine's Day, but there will be one next year! Thank you for this free project; your designs are simple and just plain cute. Please continue your designing!

  22. Beautiful work! I really love them all but that banner is so creative. I have downloaded your patterns - good project for next year :)

  23. All are very nice, perhaps next year I`ll ask you about the lovely paterns to do it,because this year i arrived too late.Well done!!

    Have a nice weekend.

  24. Really nice valentines. Lovely!! Thank your for sharing your talents and for showing us how some ladies made use of the designs. All are wonderful.

    Have a great day.

  25. Stina your heart designs are beautiful and your little quilt is adorable. Well done Stina the Designer :)

  26. Congratulations for all the works, are wonderfull.
    Perhaps next year i'll do this quilt.

    (i'm sorry for my english, is very bad)

  27. wow, so many different great creations. I know you are proud to see your patterns being used.



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