Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday night...

how on earth did that come so quickly...
Nothing much have been done around here... 
too tiered...too cold... too anything...
But I wanted to pop in here and say 

Last Monday morning Lars found a lovely little package
 for me in our mailbox...
A lovely gift from my friend 

Isn´t this sweet.. 
Love this heart box..have had my eyes on it for a long time..
but havent allowed myself this treat...
and I got it..:o)
Thankyou so much for the gift Åsa.... 

Did sew the January Schnibble finished...
binding on and up on the wall.. 

Really like how it turned out...

This weekend I have started to cut for
February´s Schnibble...
but it is going SLOW!!!!

Have had stitching going on instead.. working on 
My Bunny Tales quilt..and actually digged out Butterfly Garden
 and stitched a little on that one too... :o)

Have to have something going on in the Olympic Studio 
that have been set up in the living room...
(they are going to kill me for

Made one Olympic beanie for Viktor... 
pretty cute...
....GO SWEDEN..GO!!!....

Work week again..
and the wind is blowing hard.. it storms.. 
and it snows and temps are freezing....
Sure hope it will be much better in the morning...
Otherwise I might be tempted to pull
 the quilt up over my eyes..;o)


  1. Love your January Schnibble quilt - very cute and very YOU! :-)

    Stay warm.

  2. Love the pretty!
    The Olympics are fun aren't they!

  3. Love your pressies and your January Schnibble is awesome, Stina!

    Super job!

  4. You have done a wonderful work on your schnibble and a lovely gift from Åsa :)

    Have a great week!


  5. SPRING is coming one of these days!!! In the mean time I just love the Jan Schnibbles you made---sooo pretty!!!
    Hugs, Di

  6. Your schnibble looks wonderful and I love the Olympic studio, it cracked me up. I hope the weather turns for you they are saying it's going to be a snowy week here too but I'm sure it's nothing like you get. Spring is on its way I can feel it.

  7. Oh Stina....I love your January Schnibbles! The pink reminds me of Spring.

    I am also watching the Olympics, which is probably why I am so tired in the morning.

    I am sending you a BIG, WARM weather HUG!

  8. My good Finn is cheering for Finland, but the good Swede that I am, well you know who I must cheer for. Go Sweden! Hee!

  9. Imagine you making your Schnibble quilt in pink. LOL! One of your favorite colors.

  10. Åh, har lillen en OS - mössa! Jag har sparat mönstret så det kanske ska bli någon snart...
    Mysig OS-studio. =)

    och vacker quilt!

    Du skrev att du ska komma till museet den 24:e. Ska bara påminna om att jag berättar den 28:e (om det var den dagen du tänkte på....)

  11. Hey Stina! Oh! Your heart tin surprise is so cute and your Schnibbles quilt looks fantastic hanging in your home - well done! I haven't done any more on my Butterfly Garden for a couple of weeks, now - would love to see photos of your blocks. I think there are a few of us in blogland making this pretty quilt, but it also seems to be one of those loooooooong-term projects for us all! :0) Have a fabulous week - stay warm! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  12. The heart box is lovely.
    And your quilts is so pretty. You just have a way with pink fabrics.

  13. hi stina!!!
    your january quilt is sooooooooo cute, I just love it
    I'm planning to make a bed quilt for olivia and the colour is pink, of course!
    and the olympic we are all mad with the olympics this year, and soon it will be the football world cup, so the studio will stay longer in your living room, I'm afraid
    love and hugs

  14. What a delightful package and your schnibble is beautiful.

  15. Oh Stina! That pink schnibbles quilt is sooooo cute! Sounds like you have lots of projects to work on -- hope you're staying warm!

  16. Love the Olympic Studio!!! Your schnibbles quilt is so pretty hanging up and I love that heart tin!

  17. Your Olympic studio looks very comfortable! a great place to watch all the action.

  18. Hey Stina that Olympic Studio looks like fun!!! I would pull a quilt up over my eyes too if it was that cold!!!

  19. Love the Schnibble. The fabric is so pretty. Great gifts too. That heart is very pretty.
    I'm loving the Olylmpics too. So much fun. Then it's all over. Very sad.

  20. Por aqui também estamos com um Estudio Olimpicos na sala...Em pleno e forte verão a neve refresca.Triste não termos tradição em Olímpiadas de Inverno.
    Mas... acho seu blog muito bonito e a alegria que vejo no seu sorriso é contagiante.
    Sigo aqui,também a fazer colchas.
    vou bordar seus corações!!!
    UM abraço

  21. Love Schnibbles. Your blog is so nice, and I really enjoy it. My blog address is: My e-mail address is:
    Happy Quilting!



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