Thursday, February 25, 2010


...Head cold...
....In doors...
Cold every where

Have been home since yesterday with a "sweet and lovely little bug"
...cough cough....
and all that...

But in between bed and blowing my nose...
I have cut some fabrics... :o)
And they are all up on the WALL...


Do you recognize the fabrics Darlene???
I have used one of the charms and added  from my own stash...
Thankyou for sending me them...
So I hope I will have some fun later today...
Alvedon.. for the fever...
Some rest..
and some sewing... :o)
See you...


  1. oh I hope you feel better soon
    love whats on your design wall so far, the colors /fabrics are just so pretty.

  2. Nydelige farger på design veggen Stina. Har du en løs vegg med ben?
    God bedring:)

  3. Oh you poor thing, drink lots of water to flush it out. The bonus of this remedy is that it makes your skin look great. At least your patchwork is something you can pick up and put down when you want.
    Get well soon, hugs - Miche'le

  4. Hope the cold will soon pass Stina. The fabrics on the wall look very pretty and I am sure they will cheer you up. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. Sending you nice warm wishes from downunder! Hope you're feeling better soon :-)

  6. Vad snygg denna kvilt blir..ska bli kul och se den färdig sedan :)

    Krya på dig!

  7. hej stina,hoppas du är snart kry igen,quilten blir nydelig,kram,susi

  8. Hei hei, God bedring Stina :) Det er så kjedelig med sånne forkjølelser.
    Ser bra ut på veggen din!

  9. God bedring til deg. Stoffer er jo beste medisin du kan ta nå. Og dine schnibbels er så flotte. Har mange charms pakker liggende så kanskje dette er en måte å få brukt dem på. Og hils til OL studioet hjemme hos deg.....får du lov å se noe annet på tvn nå da hehehe.

  10. I hope you feel better soon, take good care. The project on your design wall looks so lovely!

  11. I hope you get over your cold soon. I too will send you warm wishes from Australia.

    Love your little quilt on your design wall and is that a Rosalie Quinlan "Joy of Life" block I spy in the top corner?

  12. Stina I am wishing you a speedy recovery! I always enjoy seeing what you are sewing.

  13. Stina, I hope you feel better soon! I can't believe you actually got some sewing/cutting done. I don't know if I would have had the energy.

  14. I hope you feel better soon...seems like spring is near, temps hear have been rather mild (30s) so hopefully you'll be enjoying the same soon.

  15. I'm sorry you're not feeling well - rest, rest, rest. Oh, you're making something fun for the "Anticipation" of Spring. :-)

  16. I was afraid you would get sick. Take some time to rest and get well.

    Your design wall project looks interesting. Soft pretty colors!

  17. I am praying for speedy recover from your miserable cold! Those are not fun:/

    Your fabrics look great on your wall and I can't wait to see the finished project.

    By the way, you have inspired me to start some of those lovely Schnibbles:)

    Take good care of yourself and drink your Echinacea tea:)

  18. Oh, I hope you get well soon. I've had a cold this week, and it's not any fun at all!

  19. You may have a cold, but there is nothing wrong with your ability to appreciate beautiful color ~ love the latest Schnibbles ~ nice that Darlene sent charms, making this little quilt even more special. Feel better soon! Poor girl...

  20. I hope you feel better soon. The best part about having a cold is that you know that there are better days ahead.

    I posted a picture of a small quilt that I made with your heart patterns. They were such fun to make. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  21. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Your design wall is looking good!!

  22. Our family just finished going through the colds. No fun. Pamper yourself and I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  23. Take care of that cold, Stina.

    Get some rest so you can continue to do what you love best. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  24. Sip some tea, eat some chicken soup,feel better soon.

  25. Get well soon Stina! Hope winter finishes and spring warms you up!!! I can't wait for summer to be over here. Cool breezes are what I long for. Of course, they will never be as cool as your breeze!!!

  26. Hope you will soon be feeling better. Colds are no fun! Anxious to see your finished project displayed on your design wall. Nola



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