Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sewing...

Still snowing..
still sniffling...
and still sewing..:o)
but not as much as yesterday...
Oh what a fun day...:o)
Highly recommended
Tired today...
slept in...
and started a new project...
instead of working with the old
Just had to try this one out...
A Cherry Pincushion
a little bit fiddly..
but I managed...
It became pretty cute... :o)

Have some snippets 
(from the Feb. Schnibble)
that I need to take care of too.. 
dont know what will become of them..
... cant throw them away...

Still sore throat and coughing I will be home tomorrow too...
See you around!!


  1. The pin cushion is certainly cute! And I see you are still sewing away. Me, too. I was stitching on the tulip quilt this morning for a bit.

  2. The pink cushion is lovely and february schnnble is gorgeous.

    Take care
    Warm wishes!!

  3. Hello Stina,
    That pincushion looks good enough to eat, hope you will soon feel better.

  4. I hope you are feeling better and that sewing with the Spring Sewing Party gang helped!

  5. WOw! I love your pincushion♥♥♥ and so glad you were able to come to the party! Isn't it amazing how much you get done when you have the support of other quilters.
    Happy Sewing!

  6. Wow vilken söt liten nålprydnad du har gjort :) Härliga arbeten har du hunnit med i helgen...


  7. Love your prim chicken,she turned out so cute! And the cherry pincushion ~ Looks good enough to eat and fat free too!!! Glad you are feeling a little better Stina.

  8. Oh ya love your Schnibble too**

  9. Sorry you're not feeling great...but you sure have been doing a lot of sewing! I love your February Schnibble. Are the flowers you added to Sundays Best made from wool?

    I also wanted to thank you for encouraging me to try some stitchery. Of coarse I started with your hearts and the results are in. Check out my blog but if you want I can e-mail you some pictures. It was a lot of fun! I will sure to do some more!

  10. Love, love the pincushion!
    Sure hope you get to feeling better.
    I am starting my share of the sniffles.
    So anxious to get back to my sewing room, but have decided it too needs new paint. Getting new furniture for it in a couple of weeks. That should be fun

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Looking forward to your projects for the week:D


  11. Your cherry pincushion is really cute! Sorry to hear yu are still feeling unwell. Hope is passes soon.

  12. How cute is that!!! An ice cream sundae pincushion with a cherry on top. Be still me heart!

  13. That my dear is the CUTEST pin cushion I have EVER seen!

  14. Darling pincushion! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I have a thing for pincushions and will definately be making this up soon!

  15. What an adorable pin cushion!!! It is so sweet.

    Hope you are better soon. This is lasting way too long!

  16. Sure hope you're feeling better soon! And thanks for the link it's such a cute pincushion, I've been thinking I must make a new one...

  17. That pincushion is adorable Stina! Thanks for the link!

  18. Just love the sweet pincushion. Will check out the tutorial, thank you for sharing.

  19. That is just so sweet, Stina!!
    A lot of work, I'm sure!!!
    Would be great for some antique glasses I have lying around!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  20. Adorable!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  21. Oh, get well, girl!
    That is the cutest pincushion.

  22. Oh, Stina - that is SO CUTE! I LOVE IT!!! Very fun!



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