Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Sewing Party...

Finshed a little Prim Spring Chicken...
Time is running out on me..
and time is 

and I want to thank for me
signing off for today..
What a fun day....

Have to do this again..
soon!!! :o)
Fell asleep when we took gold in Curling... :o(

Have to take a look tomorrow of what you all have done..
Too tired.. tonight...
see you tomorrow...
HUGS to all of you Party Girls!!! :o)

...Dinner time...

And I have my top Finished!!!!
...My February Schnibble...

And this is 
(at least to me)
Flowers and Pretty colours...
I really loved how this one turned out...

Tomorrow I will ( I hope )
Prepare this one for quilting... and cut out a binding...
think I will use a light one..:o)

Soo.. still a few hours left... of
The Spring Sewing Party
have another project to start...
but first some dinner!!!

See you..
have some blogs to visit too..
have to see what you are sewing on...

..Tea and sewing....
and some candy...:o)

Flowers have been made...
and I need some tea and something for my nose!!!
This is fun... :o)
but a quick glance outside...sigh..still snowing...
so see you after some tea and more snow shoveling...

8.00 am

First report for today...
OH NO!!!!
3-4 inches of snow... 
With my cold and husband away this was not a welcomed thing!!!!
I just had to face it and go out...
Let the fun begin...and Hope that the snowing will end!!!!
See you later..
Have some patches to sew together...

Home alone with a cold and nothing to do..
Could this be something then.. 
Think it is..
and it couldn't have any better name than this!!!!

I love SPRING!!!! :o)

So see you later..
Have to charge my batteries!!!
No fever today ..
but even more tired than yesterday and the day before...
Hope some sewing will get me in the right direction...


  1. Lycka till min vän! Har även tänkt häng med på detta ;-) Vädret ser ju ut att bli så tråkigt och detta hinner jag nog med emellan alla andra partyn som är i helgen *s*

    Kram från mig!

  2. Think Spring, Stina and I'm sure you day will be filled with sunshine.

  3. Spring is my favorite season! Can't wait to see what you'll be working on. See you tomorrow.

  4. I am pleased to hear your fever has abaited ,hope you soon feel better ,I have blogged today please visit Jan xx

  5. Glad you can join us at the party and hope you feel better. Will check in with you tomorrow.

  6. Oh you poor girl! Feel better soon :o)

  7. It always takes so long to recover from something nasty like that. I am sure the spring sewing will be just what you need. I hope whatever you do that it will be exactly what the doctor recommends. ;)

  8. Oh - I hope you are feeling all better tomorrow for the party! I'm so glad you're joining us in the fun!

  9. send you a big kiss, spring sewing will be helpful, for sure

  10. Oh dear Stina,
    Get better really soon!!

    Now I'm off to see what this SSP is all about.

  11. see you at the party is going to be a fun day!

  12. I like your roses that you are doing, they are so cozy and I cant wait to see what it´ll bee...

    Good luck!


  13. Syparty! det skulle man ha ibland. Hörde om några som hade sy-lan, det låter kul också...
    Krya på dig!

  14. You are just moving right along!!
    Your pieces are looking great!

  15. Hi Stina, your sewing party quilt looks really pretty, have fun and I hope you don't have to shovel too much today!!! Glad you are feeling better**

  16. I love the look of your quilt! The materials are so pretty!

  17. Oh Stina - I love it! The fabrics are so pretty, and I love the flower block! Can't wait to see more!

  18. Wow! You are really moving along.
    I love your projects. Can't wait to see them all finished. I am now having tea with you.

  19. Absolutely darling! I love how it turned out! Good job!

  20. Absolutely an adorabel Schnibbles.

    Oh, I do hope you get to feeling better.


  21. I love what you did to your Sunday's Best Schnibbles. What a wonderful finish for this party!

  22. I think you have been very creative and added those flowers to the Schnibble pattern! And you used your favorite colors.

  23. I'm only half way through my Spring Party and you are winding down with some great sewing done today. Stay up all night and come join us girls across the ocean.
    Keep Stitchen'

  24. Oh Stina - I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! That is such a CUTE Schnibbles! The flowers are the perfect touch! Thanks so much for coming to our party - sleepy tight, and we'll touch base tomorrow!

  25. What beautiful projects, Stina! The chicken is adorable and I love the beautiful quilt :o)

  26. Spring is coming!! I hope your feeling better. A head cold is awful. Sometimes worse than having the flu.
    Your chicken is adorable and I love the little quilt your making with the flowers.

  27. Hi Stina--at least the snow is in the month of February--not June or July!!!
    Love what you did with the Sunday best quilt--now I want to make another on in spring colors and add flowers---you are a tease!!!!
    Love all the work you did today!
    Hugs, Di

  28. Stina,
    You finished so many lovely things today! Your little Chick is so cute! Did you design her yourself? I love reading your blog.
    Sew long,

  29. Love what you did with your Schnibbles Sunday Best.

    Hope you had fun at the party!

  30. Thank you for the link to the Spring sewing day.I have had a lovely day but my fabric choice reminds of the winter days we have.And so many more spring projects you have done.So cute things you have done.

  31. I love the flowers on your quilt --they're so pretty!

  32. I hope your cold goes right away soon. Love your spring February schnibble, it is gorgeous. Hugs.

  33. The Spring Schnibble looks great Stina. Love the colours you used.

    Cute chick too.

    I like your Saturday- I spent mine hunting dust bunnies.

  34. Hi Stina!
    The quilt is very beautiful and the chik is very cute!

  35. Great job on your schnibbles. It looks awesome.

  36. Your Sunday Best Schnibble is adorable - I LOVE it.

  37. Glad you were able to come to Kelly and Joan's party! Looks like you got a lot done, the Schnibble looks great!

  38. Your Schnibble turned out wonderful!! You even had time to applique it. I'm jealous! LOL! Congrats!

  39. Yea! I LOVE your Schnibbles! Sunday Best is beautiful. What a fun sewing party :-)

  40. Those flower say 'SPRING!', how pretty. If was a fun day, wasn't it? Hope you are feeling better.

  41. I really love your Schnibble version, colours choice & applique added ! Beautiful.

  42. Finally it feels like spring here too! It's great when the snow is melting, and you can sit outside with a cup of coffee and listen to the birds singing. AH! Finnally!
    Hope you feel better, and that you are able to do a lot of sewing again. That quilt you made is just beautiful!
    Have fun,

  43. Hope you are feeling much better. I've been battling a cold too ... glad it is a long weekend here. I LOVE your Schnibble and your chicken is adorable.
    Take care.

  44. Oh, the applique is such a nice addition to the quilt.



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