Saturday, March 13, 2010

It´s my Birthday...

and what a wonderful day I have had..
Thanks to my family and Friends!!

Everything started with me waking up early...
knowing I couldn´t get up before son had served me some breakfast in bed... 
And I love it..:o)
So I read some.. and read some.. 
Got some text messages...
had a phone call from my brother...
Almost nine a clock
And finally some singing and ahhh.. 
A beautiful drawing from Viktor....
Lovely tulips....
Breakfast in bed..
Husband reading some news about the Song Contest Finals 
that is held tonight...
Ahh.. perfect start of the day... :o)

 Presents... :o)
Linda found some really really exciting and special chocolate...
And it was YUMMY!!!! 


Got a lovely PINK package from my best friend Louise...
Ahhhh.. Look at this... 
Aint this the sweetest...
I love it!!
Louise..thank you so very much!!!!

And on the steps at the front door ..this package was found...
From my wonderful and creative friend Åsa..

Just look at the bag!!! 
Almost didn't want to unpack it!!

Sooo Spring.. 
Cutest Bird ... new wonderful mug ... Candy.. and 
pretty cup cake forms..holders..what is the name for those..:o)

Thankyou Åsa!!!!

And all the wonderful phone calls, emails and wishes 
both at Facebook and through mail..
Thankyou all my friends and family!!

You made my day!!

And to top the day.. Tv tonight..
...Song Contest Final...
choice of song for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 
that is held in Oslo this year!!

So see you later... 
the show has started!!


  1. Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you..happy birthday dear Stina...happy birthday to you!

    Wow! Sounds like you've had wonderful day so far.

    Blessings to you!

  2. happy birthday to you!!! and nice wishes and all the best for you from angela /germany
    i love your blog so much!!!
    i wish you a great day- today!!!
    my kindest regards...

  3. Hi Stina!
    Happy happy birthday to you!!!!!!
    Greetings from Brazil.
    I like your blog very much. Stay quilting and making these beautiful things.
    Look my blog when you have tume.
    Be in touch.
    Maria Lucia

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like you've had a lovely day! :0)

  5. Life's simple pleasures Stina. Happy birthday to you. It is my mum's birthday today too. We have had a lovely day out.
    Best Wishes.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend. I'm glad you've had a wonderful day.

  7. It sounds like you had a great day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Birthday Girl!

  8. I am singing "Happy Birthday" to you. Can you hear it?

    Sounds like you have had a very special day and very pink!

  9. Happy Birthday friend from across the big ocean. It is only 2:00pm here so you can still celebrate for another 10 hours. Many, many more and it looks like you had a wonderful day.

  10. Gratulerer så mye med dagen! Ser ut til at du har hatt en flott dag.

  11. Happy birthday and what a lovely spring post you have given us today. enJOY!

  12. A very Happy Birthday to you! Waht a lovely day you are a very lucky gal!

  13. Tillykke med dagen, Stina!!!
    Sounds like your day has been just perfect!!! Knus!

  14. Blogger is not wanting to let me comment grrrrr...I will try one more time. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful day you are having full of special gifts and traditions, and you deserve them all :)

  15. Happy Birthday! May you enjoy many more to come!
    Hope your day is everything you hoped for. Nola

  16. Happy Birthday Stina! I hope you have many more! I love your new blog background.

  17. Hope the rest of your birthday was just as wonderful...
    Happy Birthday to you Stina!


  18. Hi Stina, Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Hugs, Jeanette

  19. Happy Birthday! Beautiful pink stitcheries and I love your blue and green tea mug.

  20. Hayppy Birthday and it looks like you received wonderful gifts. I really love your "Pink Loveliness".

  21. Sounds a wonderful day so far!!!
    Happpy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Stina
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  22. Happy Birthday!! I hope you eat a ton of cake and get a ton of presents (and don't gain a pound).

  23. Happy Day, Stina!!
    Birthdays are blessings to us and to our families!
    (hug) from,
    vonnie (a cancer survivor..:-)

  24. Hey Stina! A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from one March born gal to another ... you just get to celebrate yours a week before me! :0) So lovely to hear that you had a day of being spoilt - especially with breakfast in bed and all those lovely gifties! Of course ... you deserve them! :0) May the coming your be full of wonderful adventures, good friends, lots of laughter, lots of love and of course ... LOTS of fabric! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  25. Happy Birthday Stina!!!!!

    Sounds like you have had a wonderful day and what beautiful pressies! Enjoy relaxing in front of the TV tonight.

  26. Happy Birthday Stina!
    What a wonderful start of the day you have! and enjoy the song cotest.

  27. Happy Birthday! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day. I wish you many, many more.

  28. Happy Birthday dear Stina.

  29. Happy Birthday. We have a lot of March Birthdays including mine on the 17th. Have a great day.

  30. Congratulations on your Birthday, you have received beautiful presents. Enjoy your day

  31. Happy happy happy birthday to you!!! What a wonderful day - breakfast in bed, all your lovely gifts, sounds like a perfect celebration to me!

  32. Happy Birthday! How I wish that I could give how a big birthday hug...Enjoy your day!

  33. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday Stina! Love the pic of the tulips, my favourite flower :^)

  34. Happy Birthday Stina , may all your wishes come true !

  35. Happy Birthday Stina! Looks like you got some wonderful goodies!

  36. Happy Birthday Stina. Best wishes for a year filled with good things and happy memories.

  37. Men så fina presenter du fått ! förstår att din dag kändes bra, men det är ju så att du är värd allt!
    Ha en fin söndag!
    Visst är det ljuvligt att solen lyser!
    Kram Åsa

  38. CONGRATULATIONS...... in my country is...... MUCHAS FELICIDADES

  39. Happy Birthday Stina. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I love the gift from Louise ... such yummy pink stitching.
    I like your new look blog but will miss your old background .. (I really LOVED the pink and brown triangle quilt.)but I'm sure I'll get over it!! LOL. The new look is very fresh and 'springy' ... I guess you're ready for winter to end and some warmer days. Any way, take care.

  40. Hjärtliga gratulationer på din födelsedag.
    Vilka läckra presenter du fått.
    Ha en härlig fortsatt dag
    Många kramar

  41. Happy birthday to you Stina.
    It looks as though you had a lovely day!
    Lovely gift from your friend :)


  42. What a perfect day, happy birthday. you recieved some wonderful gifts.

  43. que los cumplas feliz!!!!!!!!

    send you a hug and a special kiss in your day; you have started it the best way ;)

  44. Happy birthday dear Stina! Happy happy birthday to you. :-D Absolutely lovely art and breakfast in bed which is a luxury, huh? The gifts from friends, well, this takes my breath away, they are gorgeous and fun.

  45. It sounds like the perfect day. Belated birthday greetings to you!!!

  46. My belated birthday wishes to you my friend. I've been away for a couple of days and just got back late last night so please forgive me for being late.

    I am in awe of all the wonderful gifts that you received from friends and family. May all your wishes come true.

  47. Happy Birthday on the 13. I had mine on the 12. Love birthdays, small or big :-).I still are much behind from the lovely quiltcourse up in Trondheim,but my plans are clear,one ufo every second month,
    may be.....
    Happy Quilting to you.

  48. Sorry I'm a day late. I've been gone. But I wanted to wish you the biggest and happiest birthday ever. Looks like you were treated well on you special day. :)Em

  49. Happy birthday Stina! May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live! Hugs to you!

  50. Happy Birthday greetings fron Aus...hope you had a great day & it continues for the rest of the week

  51. Happy Belated Birthday! The 13th is my oldest son's birthday too. I am so glad you had a lovely day and look at all the sweetness you got.

    Love your new look!

  52. Happy Birthday dear Stina. So sorry I am late but hope you are still celebrating. Such lovely things and the beautiful redwork stitchery.

  53. Happy Belated Birthday greetings! Love the new look of your blog.

  54. Happy Birthday for the 13th. Hope you had a lovely day and received lots of stitching gifts.
    Hugs Dawn x x

  55. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a fun day.

  56. Happy Birthday Stina, you received sew many pretty gifts. Love the new look for your blog!!!! Great pictures!!

  57. Grattis!! Vilka fina presenter du har fått!!

  58. Hello Stina, wishing you a very Happy Birthday...hugs lyn

  59. I hope you had a lovely birthday Stina. What a splendid stitchery. I love the floral border. I hope Spring hurries up.

  60. Belated birthday wishes. Looks like you a delightful day.

  61. Happy Belated birthday Stina. Looks like you received a lot of lovely gifts.

  62. Happy belated birthday Stina! What a wonderful day you must have had. Wonderful gifts and great friends & family to share with. That's the best it can be!
    Hope your snow melts soon. Ours is almost gone which leaves mud behind. I guess I might as well love mud, eh?



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