Friday, March 26, 2010


Hi there...
Still here... 
 More  colds have been going around here.. 
Viktor mostly this time... 
Hope for some change soon....
Getting pretty tired of  being sick...
So I am desperately looking for signs of spring everywhere.. and this is what 
was happening on my little street today!!
So much snow on the streets that they are too narrow
so snow has to go... before it starts to melt....
And this is what they have come up with..
never seen it before..
Spring is coming..... :o)

And still some are working on my hearts...
Julie at JulieKQuilts
did this cute wallhanging... 
Thanks for showing Julie... :o)
Sewing have been done... 
in between everything...
Not the things I had hoped for ... but I started My Schnibble 
for this month


I decided to work with a charmpack and one Jelly roll..
So I started with enlarging the pattern so I could use the strips 
in the Jelly Roll...

Fabric line = Porcelaine

But when progress came along I knew I had to make the quilt a little bit different...
Larger YES...
wanted a lap quilt for me..
Just for me!!!

The fabrics were to busy to be together.. so I added sashings...
and used the solid strips in the Jelly cut in to squares in between....
So this is the result for my Roundabout
that became a

Sometimes a girl has to do what ever pleases her... :o)
So I am a little bit sorry for not sticking to the pattern... 
but happy that I didn´t ...:o)

This weekend was to be spent with my quiltingfriends
but it seems like I won´t be able to go..
Lars is working extra... 
and Viktor is sick... 
Well.. maybe it will all solve.. haven´t quite given up just yet...
Otherwise  I will be here by my sewing machine this weekend!!
See you!!

almost forgot...

Over and out from a still very wintry 


  1. A few weeks ago we had a bunch of snow hauled out too... now it is all gone, so hopefully your will be too.

    I love your schnibble and the fabrics you used, it is such a calming pallette.

  2. Love your spring cleaning pictures! I had to show my son! We had more snow last night but the sun is out today and I'm hoping it all melts! Love your Schnibbles too! It's beautiful! :0)

  3. Love your lap quilt, such soft peaceful fabrics and colours. Hoping your Spring is just around the corner for you.

  4. Hi there, love your lap quilt its so calm,peaceful and has a vintage look about it,l love it !!!!

  5. I like your adaptation of the Schnibbles. Very pretty.

  6. So much snow still for you!!! Come on spring!!!

    Your Roundabout looks fabulous as a big quilt. You will get a lot of use out of it.

  7. Oh Stina I love your "Roundabout-Turnabout". It has a delightful soft vintage look. What line of fabrics is that?

  8. Hi Stina, sorry about all the bugs going around your house... humm. you are right: not a good sign of Spring if the Snow-plows are in full force on your street! But I think your turnabout quilt is LOVELY. Soft and cuddle and just right!
    greetings from Cyprus,

  9. Wonderful work :) I really hope that you can come this weekend and sew with us :))

    Take care and lots of hugs to Viktor and you...

  10. In my french village too, we had snow again this morning !!!
    I really love your version of this month Schnibbles, beautiful.

  11. Now that is some snow removal.
    Hope Viktor gets well soon and everything works out to allow you sewing time with friends. Your Schnibble is lovely. I'm not very good at sticking to a pattern so I'm glad you were rebelious too. It worked out great!

  12. OMGosh! You've still got BIG snow! We have no snow and spring weather...I'm sending it your way right this minute so you can open those windows and clear the cold bugs out of the house. Good that you maintain your sense of humor and creativity. Love what you did with Roundabout. Isn't Julies quilt wonderful?! So many talented quilters in this world. :-D

  13. Stina, I don't know that I could live with all that snow, but it all comes down to where you were raised. Love you lap quilt, it turned out great and useful.
    Your just going to have to come to all our blogs and set them up for us.

  14. LOVE that turnabout quilt Stina! It's very cool! And Holy Cow! You KNOW you have a lot of snow when they have to remove it like that! I saw something very similar a million years ago when we were visiting Moscow in a February -- but I've never seen it again since. Until now!

  15. Din quilt "Turnabout" ble flott!
    Håper du kommer deg avgårde til treff; slike sammenkomster er jo kjempetrivelige.
    Ønsker deg og dine ei riktig god påske! Her har det snødd tett store deler av dagen, og man kan bare drømme om vår :-)

  16. Love, love, love your turnabout quilt! The colors are beautiful. I think it is great to do what pleases you and let your creative juices flow! Hope you will see SPRING soon!

  17. Love your turnabout quilt and the fabrics that you have used...just lovely!

    Love the font you've used on your pictures..any chance you can remember the name of it?

  18. your turnabout looks great..........lovely colours........

  19. Hi Stina!
    Your blog is looking absolutely take the time to make a wonderful presentation and it is a joy to visit!
    Roundabout gone Turnabout...APPLAUSE to you for that one!

  20. Hi Stina. I hope you get some sunshine soon to kill all those bugs.

    Your schnibbles quilt is beautiful. I love the fabric and the look it gives by adding the sashings.

  21. I love your "turnabout"!! So pretty in the pastels :)

  22. Boy, that sure is a lot of snow. I really hope you get to feeling better soon too. It's tough being sick.

    Your Schnibbles is awesome:)

  23. I loooove your turnabout quilt it is my sort of quilt just wonderful.
    Hope spring is not to far away for you, we are waiting for cooler weather here.
    Take care

  24. Your quilt is "summer" I think.Next week it´s easter and I´m sure the spring is here very soon.
    Louise D

  25. Love your Turnabout! It is perfect for you. What an odd way to get rid of snow! I'm sure it works though.

  26. Oh my, so much wonder you are so looking forward to Spring...hopefully some Spring sunshine will chase those nasty buggies away. Love your Schnibble - very pretty.

  27. Oh WOW Stina ... I LOVE what you did with your Schnibble. I have trouble following instructions exactly too ... but nice to individualise our projects a bit I think.
    Hope you all get over your colds soon ... I'm going for my swine flu vaccination on Monday. Don't want another dose of that this year!!

    PS Those snow machines look awesome. You must be so ready for Spring!

  28. The snow is finally starting to melt down here. I am so tired of the winter, I want spring and summer.
    Love your Scnibbles quilt and understand why it became a turnabout, think those blocks are addictive :)
    Keep your feet warm and hope you feel better soon. Got a nasty cold myself now and will stay inside sewing whole easter.

  29. You need sunshine, I'll wish for some for you. I love the lap quilt, it's just beautiful and so are the fabrics you used.

  30. Love, love, love your turnabout quilt!!!! It is a beauty. Hope all are feeling better soon.

  31. i forgot to ask. how many charm packs did you use for the lap size?

  32. testing the follow up thingy..........

  33. I love your lap quilt very much,vintage look is so nice!
    Hope Viktor will get better soon.
    Take care.

  34. Oh, boy that is a lot of snow when you have to call the big guys in to haul it out.
    Your turnabout quilt is just fabulous. I just really, really like the fabrics you chose.

  35. Love your Schnibbles! It looks great sashed.

  36. Your Roundabout-Turnabout looks beautiful!



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