Sunday, March 28, 2010


but in a new way....
via webcam... :o)

The colds stopped me from going to Maricas house 
where we was supposed to be..
but got a bright idea.. why not try to connect  and bring my friends
( Marica, Cici, Kristina and Lotta)
to my house via webcam... 
and it worked brilliant!!! :o)
It was hard to get some nice photos of my friends...
but I hope I can get them on picture later today..:o)

but you get the point..
it was sooo nice to be able to take part in 
the chatting and seeing what they made...
and hear them... :o)

We sewed  until about 8 pm... when I started to quit for the day...
and so did they... but before that
 they teased me with some pictures of what they had for dinner
cooked by Maricas husband Roger!!

You know.. I was supposed to go away..and MY GUYS always eat...
"Pannkaka" when I am away....
and that isnt my favourite... and that was what was supposed to be at the table this weekend...
but there was some nice leftover for me...;o)
 Earth hour light savings... at 8 30 pm... and after that ... no sewing ...
just the bed... :o)

Made some blocks during the day for a swap....
with Louise and Marica...
so finally girls... 
they will be on the way!!
And I started something new... 
See you ...
The day have started and I am connected via web to the girls today too...
so another sewingday is to begin..:o))

Outside snow is whirling...
more snow...but it is a fantastic sewing weather!!!

See you..


  1. What a great idea Stina! I must remember that for future reference. You sound much better than you did a few days ago : )

  2. Sew,sew,sew....busy, busy,busy!
    Have a fun sewing day! Say hi to the girls.
    It's snowing here too, not fun!

  3. What a great idea sewing via webcam.
    Then you feel like you are together with them.

  4. Have another lovely sewing day Stina. Thank you for my birthday wishes.

    Your Easter project looks like a lot of fun and pretty.

  5. I am curious about your Easter project ... looks very cute.
    Glad you were able to 'join' your friends ... sounds fun.

  6. You have me curious about your Easter project....looking adorable!!

  7. Hey Stina!
    Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely weekend =) Hope to see you in person next time ;)

  8. That is too cute!!!! What great friends to keep you entertained with all of this modern technology.

  9. Thanks for the weekend sewing through the web camera ;-) I´ll update my blog later with some picture of you in your sewing room *S*

    hugs from me

  10. Can't wait to see your Easter project. Love the colors.

    I know you had fun sewing with your friends via webcam. Great idea.

  11. Oh how fun! And I love your little blocks!

  12. Isn't it wonderful how the computer has made the world so accessible? You can still take part "in the moment", even though you aren't even there.

    I can't wait to see your Easter project. It looks like something that I would love to make.

  13. You found a way! Good girl :o) I hope you feel better soon :o) I love your new project... very pretty!

  14. I'm sorry you didn't get better in time to go...but you did the next best thing!! Looks like a fun day. I love that little bird at the bottom :)

  15. What a fantastic idea using the webcam!

    I am very curious about your last photo??



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