Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News from me...

but first I do want to thankyou for all the wonderful 
wishes for Easter... 
This time I wont personally thankyou for them...
almost breaks my heart.. because I love to answer!!

So Thanks everyone... 
you know who you are..:o)

Why on Earth did I do this then.. 
You see.. BIG NEWS here..
I wont be able to have so much time with computer
 and blogging ...( sigh...) 
I have to SEW!!!!
Why then... sew I do anyway..
but this time...
this summer!!!!!
So it will be some serious SEWING!!!

You can feel my panic can you.... !!!
(Both scared and excited...:o)

So I will take some time out here...
blogging when I can.. commenting...
wont be so much...
visit you all.. not much...

Time will be spent in 
sewing room...
from today!! :o)

So dear dear..PIF receivers...
Swap friends.... and other friends ...
have to move forward my commitments to you to a later date... 
hope I will have your understanding...
But I promise... I will be back....!! :o)

Easter... :o)

Had a wonderful time...
They told us it was going to be bad weather... 
but no way... we had the most wonderful weather one can ask for...
I got my SUNSHINE!!!
And some lovely family time!!

Playing...laughing and wonderful restful time...
not so much sewing though.. even if I tried... :o)
Had my Gardeners Journal blocks with me... 
And I finished one block and started the other.. for this months challenge...
sigh.. how am I going to be able to do this now...
Hmmm... night light perhaps and lots of TEA!!

Before Easter .. I received a wonderful  gift...
at Log Cabin Quilter
I so admired her Spring Wallhanging...
sooo lovely...
And what does she do.. she said..  
when I am finished with it.. I send you the book!!!!
You can see my smile ...can you..:o))
So happy she did send.. I love it ... :o)
And she also added a little bonus.. a bit of pink wool... :o)
Thanks Karen!!!

I also had a date with Miss Fortuna...
and won a pattern from 

Love it.. 
it is so so sweet.. 
and she also added some hexagon templates.... 

Thankyou Tracy!!!

And yesterday a very nice package arrived...
From Julie  at

Who so kind helped me with the Easter Chicken  wallhanging....
She helped me out once again...
trying to find some Cheri Saffiote Patterns that 
are out of print.. :o)

Oh my goodness.. 
I told her when I wrote my 
big Thank you....
I am in Cheri Heaven... :o))
She sent me her double copies of the patterns I looked for.. and 
LOTS more!!!!

Ahhh.. SO SO SWEET!!!! 

I will have lots of fun..
when I have the time to start some new projects... :o)

And now... 
Sewing for the Exhibition
will start!!!!

This week..

See you!! :o)


  1. Congratulations Stina, how exciting! I will be looking forward to when you are able to share your creations with us!
    in the meantime: Go, Stina, GO!!!

  2. Lots of exciting news, Stina! Congratulations and don't forget to enjoy this chapter in your quilting journey. :-)

  3. Congratulations- How wonderful! Have fun sewing up a storm, and show us some bits and pieces when you have time :-)

  4. Congratulations... I look forward to hearing more!

  5. Congratulations! I look forward to hear/see more about the exhibition later.

  6. How exciting! Enjoy and we will all be here when you have time again :o) Miss you!

  7. Hej!
    Grattis Stina. Jag ska komma och titta på din utställning om du bloggar tid och plats!
    Många hälsn. från Anna-G i Boden.

  8. Good luck Stina. Your new venture sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear all about it. You Sew Girl!!

  9. That sounds so exciting, your own exhibition. Have fun with all your preparations! Take care.

  10. Congratulations on the upcoming Quilt Exhibit! This will be fun once it's all arranged and the day comes. Still a lot of snow there, wow. I thought I sent spring your way, but it must be stuck somewhere? I like the idea of passing along patterns and books once we finish up with them. What else will we do with them? Best to share. But you already know all about that. VBG :-D Oh! I like Viktor's cute Easter card project! Bye for now, Stina!

  11. Hi Stina!

    Congrats on your quilting exhibition! I know that you will create some fabulous quilts. I can't wait to see them.

    Remember to take time and enjoy :0)

  12. Good for you, will keep you in my thoughts. I am sure everything will work out just fine. Your work is beautiful, cannot wait to see what you come up with.

  13. Grattis till alla gåvor & vinster :)

    Så det blir av nu din utställning?! Härligt när blir det så jag är hemma och ledig för att besöka dig varje dag *S*

    Kram från mig....

  14. Congratulations Stina -- that's VERY exciting! I know it will be a fun busy time for you -- I can't wait to see what fun things you make!

  15. Congratulations. How exciting. Have fun creating.

  16. I want to know more about the exhibition. I know you will be busy, busy preparing.

  17. Congratulations Stina, on having a quilt exhibition. All your quilts are fantastic and I am sure it will be a huge success.

    Looks like your family had a wonderful time in the snow - I love the snowmen!!

    The quilt on your header looks wonderful.

  18. Sounds like wonderful news and you have to stay focus and work, work, work. It will be a great exhibition.
    I'm working for shows coming up around Christmas.
    Don't worry about writing us back, we might leave you a post, but no need to spend stitching time writing. Look forward to seeing some pictures of all your treasures.
    Love the Easter pictures.

  19. OH!It sounds wonderful.How exciting!Enjoy and god luck.

  20. Wonderful news Stina!! Happy creating!!

  21. That's exciting news for you Stina! I wish you all the best for a successful exhibition, make sure you post lots of piccies please!!

  22. An exhibition! Congratulations! I wish you all the best.

  23. Stina, That is just fabulous news!! So excited for you. I hope you will take lots of pictures to show us.

  24. Congratulations on your upcoming exhibition, Stina, very exciting news. I will look forward to seeing your new quilts. How generous other bloggers are. I love those patterns too, lucky you.

  25. Congratulations on having an exhibition - what fantastic news :)
    And thank you also for helping me with my blog/email replies, I hope I have got it right now :)
    I look forward to seeing what you are making for your exhibition.

  26. Congratulations!! How exciting for you. Hope it is a fun time for you. Congrats on your goodies too.

  27. Very exciting news! I will miss reading your blog and seeing what creative projects you have been doing. Can't wait to see what you will create for your exhibition!

  28. Good luck with your exhibition and happy sewing.

    Ooo so many new projects for you to make when you have the time again.

  29. Such exciting news my friend. Now I think we need a little more info on it though. All the very best for a great exhibition.

  30. wow, great news!! I'm so happy for you..and I understand the scared and exciting feeling; but you will do it perfect
    hope you find the time to show us, your "fan's club" the progress!!!
    love and hugs your way ;)

    ps: is there any chance that kviltstina's exhibition comes to Argentina?? let me know

  31. Hoppas få möjlighet att besöka din utställning, behöver bara få veta när och var. Lycka till

  32. How exciting good luck and congratulations on your exhibit.

  33. Wooohooo, I'm so excited for you Stina!!
    I know what you mean about Panic setting but you'll be wonderful!!
    Congrats to you...
    Sounds like a wonderful Easter too!
    Robyn xx

  34. Hi Stina, What wonderful New! I love your blog it's beautiful I have been trying to visit for a while so I thought since you where so wonderful to pop a picture on your sidebar about my dolls I should make the time to visit!

    I would love to quilt that is one thing I would like to take some leasons in. I love the snow and only seen it once in my life (39) years and that was on my 16th birthday. It look so beautiful Have a wonderful Evening Lisa Olive Grove Primitives

  35. Goodness Stina! That is such exciting and wonderful news! You will be fine! I can't wait to see what all your projects will be for the exhibition! How nice for you... but remember- don't stress:)

  36. Congratulations, Stina! That is so exciting! A lot of happy hours in your sewing room! And please share the pictures with us!



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