April 15, 2010

RAK and Quilting....

Have been home all week with a troubling stomach ...
lousy sleeping and no energy...
Soo happy for having Spring around the corner so this will end soon.. 
I blame everything in winter..;o)

On a very HAPPY note...
I found one wonderful RAK  gift in my mail  this week... 
and when I say wonderful... I mean wonderful... :o)
All the way from Australia....
and she  also thought of Viktor 
and added chocolate
(the ones he love with Aussie animals on... :o) 
He smiled and said... -Oh... mum... it is a year since I tasted them... 
So he will have a happy candy day on Saturday...
ANd  a key ring with a Kangaroo and light... 
(very exciting... ;o)
And for me there was a magnet from New Zealand....
dont know the flower.. so please help... :o)
And one of her LOVELY pouches...
It is so Pretty... 
and the most wonderful pillowcases... 
with crocheted edge... 
ahhh... they are sooo PRETTY... 
I borrowed the picture from Janets blog...
(hope it was ok with you  Janet..:o)
They will be just wonderful in my bedroom.......
(maybe this will be the start for a quilt I have had in mind for some years now...)

Thankyou so much Janet 
for your fantastic gifts for me 
(and Viktor) 
Now I can say Spring is on its way... 
First flowers... :o))

On the Sewing front... not as much as I wanted have happened ...
Have been struggling with my Turnabout quilt...

Thread breakages... lots of them.. 
guess my mood didn't become better with a stomach that
 wouldn't cooperate at all... 
But one thing I found out... 
My Machine don't like to quilt too fast...  :o)
then the thread breaks...

So when I moved on to a smaller quilt it went better.. 
BUT SLOW.. sigh... 
Have lots to learn .. and I practice on my quilts...  
So this is what I have been up to... 


  1. What gorgeous pressies from Janet, Stina. And your favorite color too. Lucky you!

  2. Lovely gifts! Your blog is looking lovely & fresh..."spring" cleaned! Your quilting looks good- hope you feel better soon.

  3. Sounds like you have missed a lot of work lately. I hope you get rid of all the bad stuff that has been getting you down.
    You got some very nice gifts from Janet! You must have been a very good girl.

  4. Your quilting sure looks great from here! And how lucky are you to get a package from Janet??? I love her adorable little pouches and her (er, YOUR) pillowcases are beautiful!

  5. Hope you little gifts made you feel a bit better. I think you quilting looks great. I'm off this weekend for a day of lessons in machine quilting, hope I get the hang of it as I have plenty of projects to keep me busy.

  6. HI Stina, you have had a bad run over the last couple of months with bugs. Bring on the sunshine to kill all the germs!

    What lovely gifts you recieved. I bet Viktor will enjoy the "Furry Friends" chocolate, it was always a favourite with my kids when they were younger.

    Your machine quilting looks wonderful!

  7. Sorry to hear you've been ill. Lovely gifts from Janet. Your quilting looks great. Hugs, Jeanette

  8. Beautiful gifts Stina, how lovely of Janet. They NZ keyring shows a Kowhai tree which are beautiful when in full bloom. Kowhai is the Maori word for yellow.
    hugs Deb

  9. Sorry to hear that you have not been well lately, Stina. Hope the sunny spring weather will be coming soon.
    Beautiful gifts in the mail, lucky you. The pillowcases are so pretty! Your machine quilting is very nice.

  10. Hello Stina...Sorry to hear you have been unwell...hope you feel better soon..Love your New Blog look & the Quilt in your Header is Gorgeous...Lovely Gifts from Janet.Great Job with your Quilting..

  11. Those presents from Janet are so you!
    Stina...your quilting looks fantastic and I think your being your own worse critic!! I'm glad you asked me about it.

  12. Hope you feel all better soon! Take care of yourself, yes, Spring will soon be coming....:-)

  13. Winter has gone on a bit long, but probably is not responsible for your stomach upset. Have you seen your doctor? I think your quilting is looking very nice and once you accept your machines limitations you will do fine. I usually break needles by trying to move the quilt faster than the machine. Seems that the beautiful and thoughtful gift package showed up at just the right moment. Hang in there, Stina!

  14. Lovely presents from Down Under!!! And your quilting looks great - I love the quilt you have on the top of your blog (and the quilting on it now). Sometimes it helps to have a glass of wine and put on some calming music when you are quilting - helps with the rhythms!
    (Not too much wine, and not heavy metal music...).

  15. It was a pleasure Stina, a little cheer up for having such a long winter. The Kowhai flowers are pronounced ko-fai as in pie. I think your quilting looks terrific, maybe it needs a bigger needle if it keeps breaking, I don't know, just a guess.

  16. Wonderful, wonderful goodies. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  17. Underbara presenter :) Sedan gillar jag din kviltning Snyggt jobbat :))

    Krya pÄ dig!

  18. Beautiful gifts. Those pillow cases are sure to help you sleep better. Your quilting is lovely. I hope you feel better soon.

  19. Beautiful gifts sent your way and your machine quilting doesn't look like you need to practice anymore. Gorgeous quilting Stina.
    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  20. Love your quilting well done and what wonderful gifts you have received to brighten up your days from Janet


  21. Sorry to hear that you have been sick, I hope by now you are feeling better and working at full speed again! The gifts you got are so lovely, so feminine! Keep on practising machine quilting, it is looking good!

  22. Hi Stina, love your gifts especially the pretty pillow cases. Your blog looks great and I.love.your quilting it looks wonderful, do you trace the design on first? Answer me when you have a chance I know you are very busy.

  23. Ohhhh beautiful gift!
    I lovely your blog... Fabrics, quilts, pictures, so great! ♥ Ana



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