Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello my friends....

Miss me...:o)

I miss you... :o)

Time flies and life is busy around here...  sewing in between and try to get some things finished for exhibition... 
But this weekend I have company in my sewing room..

Marica is here and we sew and do have so much fun..
SOOOO good to have company....

On Friday we exchanged our Birthday gifts
 with each other.. a couple of months late.. but we haven't managed to get together before... 

And all I can say my waiting was for the good.. this is what she made for me...

Ahhh.. I love it... :o)
The colours and the fabric ... soo sweet....
And now I have my own... 
And her daughter made the lovely bracelet...
Isn´t it lovely??
Love it Jennifer!!!

And Marica... thanks from the bottom of my heart!! 

And this is what I made for Marica...

A recycled jam jar turned into a pincushion....
with a little mini quilt inside...

Had so much fun making this one... have to make one for myself later...

Saturday morning we started to plan our projects....
I started up with some new fabrics for me...
Nicey Jane...
And was almost finished late last night.. Pictures will come later today..:o) 

And Marica started with a smaller project...
And made first one... and hmmm.. 
wasn't to satisfied with the colours on the velcro.. so she had to make a new one... in lighter fabrics.... 
And... Promise to share more pictures of this later...

See you... have to get up and sew!!!

Hugs to you all..


  1. The pincushion with quilt inside is so very beautiful, sounds like you two had a lovely time together.


  2. Thanks to you too for everything :) Good to bee here too ;-) It´s time to start up now or *S*

  3. Så fint ni har det!

    Många hälsningar

  4. You both made lovely gifts to and from each other and what a great idea for the pincushion and quilt in a jar - very original and fun :)

  5. We have missed you the swap gifts...

  6. Beautiful gifts for beautiful friends. Sweet!

  7. Lovely presents! I love that tiny quilt!

  8. What lovely gifts...especially love the pincushion jar with mini quilt sweet!

  9. Hi 'stranger'. I've missed you!!!

    Wonderful gifts shared between friends. Is there anything better?

    Good to hear from you my friend.

  10. Lovely blog, thank you for sharing your works, naw I´m gonna make a cup of coffee, and watch all over again your pritty works
    Regards from the canary Islands

  11. I really love this idea, it makes the quote you have a 'piece' of me really mean something.

  12. Hey Stina! Oh yes ... we have missed you! :0) Sounds like you and Marica have had a lovely weekend together stitching - I'm envious! And your gifts to each other are fabulous too - late happy birthday presents are sometimes the best, don't you think! :0) Enjoy your week - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  13. I've missed you, Stina. But your absence has been worth it seeing that darling pin cushion. So cute!

  14. I love both of your gifts to each other. You have been busy.

  15. We have missed you also!

    All of your gifts are just lovely. I know that you will cherish them and the time that you spent with your friends.


  16. I love the pincushion with the quilt inside! I've put buttons and spools inside jars but I never would have thought to put a quilt inside! :0)

  17. Hey there Stina!
    OK...that little jam jar pincushion is just too darned CA-UTE!!! Maybe you can fill one up with the scraps I sewing involved except the top! Hee!! Your gift exchanges were so sweet..and I bet friendship even better.

  18. Very lovely gifty and love the jar you made :o) Glad you are doing well. Take care!

  19. Sewing with a good friend is such a fun thing to do. Your birthday exchange gifts are very good. I like the idea that you both did handmade items. Your little quilt in the jar with a pincushion lid is very unique.

  20. I missed you! Love the exchange gifts.

  21. A wonderful post with lots of lovely gifts! I love what you made for Marica, a great idea!



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