May 16, 2010

May update from me...

 Still here...
trying to sew when I have the time...
last week held little time behind the sewing machine 
when Mum was here..
Now she is back at home..  and brother is in charge...
trying to keep her out of work!!

She is doing fine... despite everything...
she will never be able to lift her arm again.. and life feels hard...
Still hope the surgery will do some good!

what have happened here then...
have had lovely mail from friends...

A couple of weeks ago Mary at Quilt Hollow 
sent me some lovely pink leftovers from her work...
some pretty little pinks...
Ahhh.. this will be some fun to work with...
( havent played with them yet..:o)
Thanks Mary!!!

And I had a date with Mrs Fortuna and won a giveaway  at Ullas Fiber Blog last week...
won fabrics that were like a vitamin injection..;o)
Thanks Ulla... :o)

And this week a surprise came in the mailbox..
it was my swap blocks ...
in my swap with Louise and Marica...
Four baskets were sent from me
and Louise and Marica made four each for me...
And Ohh.. Girls.. they are just lovely...
just like I imagined them...;o)
Will be fun to put these togehter...
( Marica... yours will come soon...;o)

In between work and family I am still sewing for the exhibition...
having  some finishes.. and sewing on some new things...

It goes really slow now... 
need a little bit more energy and time...
Hope to find it this week..:o)

Have a good time out there...
and be nice..:o)


  1. Oooo so many goodies, the pinks are so sweet and the other fabric bundle looks like a citrus fruit basket ready to quench your quilting thirst. And then the baskets, my you are going to be busy.
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. Such sweet gifts sent to you and you deserve them!

    I sure hope your mom's surgery goes well and that she WILL be able to lift her arm after all.

    Take good care of yourself and find the time you need for your sewing!


  3. Härligt att se hur det går för dig :) Många fina vinster och så har du fått dina korgblock.. Louise block är på gång..har en slut dokumenation som måste vara inne senast onsdag men sedan har jag också tid..Vet ju hur det är att göra saker till en uställning :) Min är just avslutad och det gick kanon som sagt ser framemot mina block när de dyker upp här framöver *s*


  4. Great to hear from you, Stina.

    You always seem to receive the lovliest packages in the mail. I just love those basket blocks.

    Stay in touch. I miss you!

  5. What lovely pictures, I hope you get some time soon and all will get a bit better.
    Love how you present your pictures.

    quilting hugs

  6. I love the pink pretties and bright fabrics. And your basket blocks are amazingly cute!

  7. Sweet basket blocks! Sorry that your mom is going through such trying times. I just know that you will find something interesting to make from the pinks that Mary sent. Happy sewing, Stina! :-D

  8. Lots of lovely photos to be inspired by Stina!

  9. I was so sorry to hear about your Mum. I think you got some really lovely mail, enjoy! I love the baskets for the swap, they're lovely.

  10. You have been busy! Your fabrics are beautiful. I love you basket blocks.

  11. Lots of fun mail! Looove those baskets! Want me some...! :-)

  12. Such wonderful eye-candy, Stina!
    Those pink scraps are bee-yoooo-tiful!!!
    I hope your Mom's arm improves...must be hard on her and you, too.
    I'm off to Malmö tomorrow...quilt guild spring trip! Lots to see!
    Take care of yourself! Hugs!

  13. I so enjoy seeing what you are creating, it's always lovely!

  14. You are one busy person! And so is your mailman. You always get the best treats.

  15. Can't wait to see those basket blocks all put together!

  16. Dear Stina, Glad you were able to visit with your Mum. Sorry that her shoulder is not doing much better.

    Would you mind telling me which pattern you used in your basket block swap? They are just beautiful.


  17. Hi Stina.Lovely Post..Yummy Fabrics & Cute Baskets..have Fun putting them together...

  18. I can't wait to see your exhibit patchworks.( It's a patchwork/quilt,isn't it??)
    Even sneak peak pictures looks wonderful though. :-)

    I'm sending prayer for your Mum....((HUGS))

  19. The medicals can do so much, turn a man into a woman, and so. But they can't fix your mum's arm? And because they themselves were too late to take a good look?
    No wonder you are angry, I would be too. I still hope that your mum can do something with her arm.

  20. I left you a comment some day ago, didn't you get it?
    hi, stina :)
    I love the bright fabrics, the baskets, and all the work you have done in white, can't wait to see more.. everything is so pretty
    hope you find the time to sew, soon we have the football world cup, while boys watch tv, you might find some extra time for yourself!!

  21. I am so glad you received some wonderful goodies in the mail. I am praying for your dear Mom...wish they could have gotten the surgery done earlier for her.

  22. LOVE those basket blocks. How is Louise. Tell her I said hi!!!!

  23. Beautiful fabrics and I love, love, love the baskets. Hope things are going better and that you have more energy. Take care, Em

  24. I love your photos! And I miss not seeing you out and about in blogville! xxoo



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