June 15, 2010


 Hello Friends out there....
near and far...

Realized it is getting there... the exhibition  I mean... 
whether I want it or not... :o)

So If you have the time and really would like to come and see 
you are most welcome.... :o)
But please.. dont book any tickets from overseas...
the show aint that big...:o)

So Welcome!!!!

If there is something you would like to know.. dont hesitate..
just email me at
kviltstina at gmail dot com

These last weeks have been spent hours and hours ( very early hours!!!) in the sewing room... 
to have this quilt finished...

81 small blocks.. made into nine bigger blocks...
Lots and lots of stitchery!!! 

(well not every block was sewn last week... but I thought I had made them all...
so Marica I lied to you!! :o)...
When I started to look for them it almost drove me crazy... and couldnt figure out where they were... deeep sigh.... and another one... deeper this time...  had to bite the dust and remake them... but while sewing them... I remembered not having them made... stupid me... :o)

Wont tell which quilt it is.. you´ll have to wait and see... :o)
some of you might guess it... 
but schhhhhh... 

So it is right now at my sewing table being quilted...
and oh please please cross your fingers for everything to go just fine...
have had some thread breakages...
hop stitches...
and other annoying issues...
And as usual... changed needle to a higher number... changed thread... and slowed my speed... and keeping my tongue right in my mouth!!!

Is there anything else I could do...lol...
Any other tips ...
most welcome!!! :O)

See you!


  1. I know you are quick sometimes when you visit Louise and I know that you had made all the trips to the block *S* I cant wait to see when this wonderful quilt enter the exhibition!

    hugs and good luck!!

  2. Keep up the good work. Everything you make is just oh so lovely! I am excited for you!!


  3. I would love soooooooo much to go
    why are we so far away?
    keep thinking of you, can't promise finger crossed 'cause I use them a lot..
    good luck :)

  4. Hello Stina from your far away friend!

    I am so proud of you & I can't wait to see your creations.


  5. Wow, Stina! Wish I could attend your exhibition!!! I look forward to seeing pics from it!!!
    All the best!

  6. Hej Stina!
    Kan tänka mig att du har brått med att färdigställa allt till din utställning.Det är ju inte endast kviltar som gäller utan också en hel del runt om som skall funka.
    Lycka till önskar jag dig, Louise D

  7. Wish we were so many miles away as I'd love to see all the beautiful things you have made. The glimpses we have seen just whet the appetite to see the finished projects. Hope you'll share when your exhibition is over. Best of luck! Nola

  8. If only there wasn't half a world between us, I would be the first in the door. You will have to take us all on a blog tour of the exhibition. Good luck with the quilting.

  9. I'd love to go. Wish it weren't so far away. Good luck with your sewing and stitching - can't wait to see the results!

  10. I wish I could go Stina, but alas, I live too far away. I'll be there in spirit, good luck and don't to enjoy it!

  11. Oh Stina,
    if I had a car, I'd definitely come to your exhibition...I'm so excited for you!
    I love the backing fabric of your secret quilt...and I think I already know what kind of quilt it is ;o).
    My fingers are crossed that you won't have any quilting desasters.
    Hugs, Julia

  12. I wish a wonderful time! Enjoy it!



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