Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Less than a month now...

Time is really getting closer now....

Exhibition time...
(Promise to be back with more info on when, where and how... )

A month ago I travelled to Skellefteå and checked the place out and measured the walls and felt the atmosphere... 

It is a lovely place and I think it will be just perfect...

For the moment I am sewing like crazy... 
having hard time to sleep.. guess I can do that in July instead...lol..

Sewing at home... getting up very early and sew before getting to work...  sewing at work... having my design education...
working on this at work...

Head on home and sew some more when coming home... 

Stitching like a maniac... need to have some finishes this week
 so I can move forward to other things...

Hope to be finished with my big project by the weekend!!!!
Have lots to stitch... but so far everything is fun.. so I am OK...

Wish me luck these last weeks!!!
Back to some sewing...
Thanks to all that are stopping by to cheer me on...
need the support..:o)

LOVE LOVE from me...


  1. Soon you will be enjoying your exhibition and many will love the fruits of your labor. Go Stina Go!

  2. Oh I just love everything that you do! I am stoked for you for your showing of quilts! I am wishing you the BEST of luck and cheering you on from Michigan!!!
    When you sew at work, are you hand sewing? I've just discovered how much I enjoy that...even as much as by machine :D

    Many blessings to you...try and get some sleep though. That is very important.


  3. I wish you lots & lots of luck! Wish I could come to the exhibition. Just a bit far for me. LOL! You are working on some beautiful things.

  4. All the best as you round the corner to the finish line. Love the quilt in your header.

  5. Luck to you my dear. As long as it is fun for you. I'm looking forward to the results of all your hard work. Take care of yourself tho. :) Hugs

  6. Oh, all the best of luck to you Stina! The building where you will have your exhibition is so very charming. Just love it! Your quilts and handmades are going to show very nicely there. It's going to be such a fun fun day! :)

  7. We are all out here thinking of you Stina and wishing you good luck. Your work is very inspiring and so will be thoroughly enjoyed. I shall look forward to the show and tell afterwards.
    Best Wishes

  8. Oh Stina! It's going to be beautiful -- I can't wait to see it. Good Luck meeting the deadline!

  9. Looking forward to seeing more...I miss reading your blog daily and seeing all the things you created. Best of luck in your upcoming exhibition!

  10. Cheer, Cheer, Cheer! That is just a little cheering for you...wonderful work, and your exhibition will be fantastic for sure!

  11. Good luck on your exhibit, how exciting and exhausting it must be all at the same time. Looking forward to the pictures of your lovely work.

  12. Stina, I am so excited for you... this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Can't wait until you can relax again a bit, but looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you have been working on displayed. We will all be here for you when you have time to breathe again :o)

  13. I am sure you will do great at the exhibition. And can't wait to see all your new quilts. I wish you the very best for the next weeks and exhibition.

  14. Good luck Stina! The place looks lovely - can't wait to see your exhibition photos!!!

  15. Best wishes on a great exhibition. Very exciting, I can't wait to see the finish.

  16. keep stitching away madly.........not long til the exhibition now........

  17. Good luck with the finishing Stina and dont stress over the exhibition. All your quilts are beautiful and it will be a huge success.

  18. I haven't ever seen anything that you have done that isn't fantastic Stina! You are awesome and I have complete faith that you have this all under control... or um, it has you under control!LOL

  19. Very exciting time for you Stina....keep stitching!! I have this vision of you sitting up all night stitching frantically! Don't forget to sleep sometime....!

  20. I wish you all the best for your soon exhibition, everyone will enjoy it.

    Take care

  21. I wish I could come and see the exhibition - it is going to be great!
    Wishing you luck so everything goes smoothly!

  22. Hjarteleg lukke til i innspurten, dette blir spanande!

  23. I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful place for an exhibition! How I wish I could visit you! I understand you are under a lot of pressure, but try to rest a little so you won't be totally worn out when the exhibition starts. I'll be looking foward to seeing the pictures!

  24. Hey Stina...here's some more luck coming your way...You Go Girl♥x

  25. I am so proud of this building that you is have your exhibition in because it stay in the city I live in.. So it will be so exciting to see your exhibition :)

  26. Hallo Stina!
    Lucky you! Your quilts are charming, the exibition will be a success I´m sure!

  27. of course you have all my support!!
    go girl!!!
    hope you have fun, and take many pictures to share, will you?



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