July 17, 2010

Welcome to the show....

 at Majorsbostället

Nordanå, Skellefteå
5-11 July 2010

Seven days filled with lots of visitors and lovely Swedish Summer weather made my week to something to remember...

I just love this building.. it couldnt have been any better anywhere... 
Old.. from 1700... with handpainted walls....and the surroundings with old buildings...
I think it made my quilts look  even better than they are... 

One thing I was most nervous about was the hanging... since the quilts was not to touch the walls.... pheeww... a lot of thinking here.. but we made it ... husband and I... 
It took us almost 8 hours... and all I can say I was happy to have my pins and needles and rags with me...:o)

 So welcome Friends....
Lets go inside....

This is from the Entrance...where Guy and I shared a little space...

Made a little "Kviltstina" sign to hang outside my rooms....

October Schnibble "Cindy Lou Who" draped on a chair ...made in lovely French General fabrics...
One old quilt "Bearpaw" made as a sample for a class.... Pattern from a book called Little Quilts....

From here you could go just straight forward to my show or to the left to visit Guy...
and I think we will do so.... :o)

Guy Nordström 
have made the most wonderful table cloths and curtains... 
Just beautiful work...
Made in linen and cotton and with mix of the two...

I almost came home with a lovely pair of curtains...
 just sorry they were a bit short... :o( 

Enjoy the pictures....

Wasn´t this just amazing... 
and believe me.. his work is delicate and so PRETTY!!!

And then we can go back and visit me... 
The first room... 
to the right from the entrance...I hung 
"Laila´s Garden"
Pattern made by Gail Pan ... 
 and what a lovely memory to have since I met her personally when I went to Trondheim to take a class with her and Leanne Beasley...

Mostly made in fabrics from my stash.... 
Lecien ...Durham and Buggy Barn.. and who knows what else there is mixed in this one... 

Next to it... 
A little quilt "Little Things"made in a class with Leanne Beasley 

Both sad and happy  ... because I sold this one... as a wedding gift ... to a couple living in the USA...hope they will love it ... :o)

Next quilt is a quilt I think you all will remember... 
I had it as my background picture on my blog before....

My Triangle Quilt 
made in a class with Gill Turley from Great Britain...

Still remember this class with so much joy... and Gill was a fantastic teacher!!!
Finally the quilt got its buttons I intended to add all the time...
It was about time.. don't you think...:o)

This was the first corner from the show...

and I think it will be all for today...:o)

Hope you enjoyed it.. and hope you will be back to see some more....
hopefully tomorrow....

See you later....


  1. Gosh, my heart was palpitating as I went through your post today! How awesome was that place and your room(s) were oh so lovely. You must feel so proud. You worked so hard on all these lovely, lovely things.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us to enjoy.

    I know the US couple will be so happy with their quilt. How could they not?
    I loved it to pieces!

    Get some rest. You deserve it!!


  2. I am so going to enjoy visiting your exhibition. Your work is beautiful and I just love the gentle colour combinations. The building compliments the style so well. Thanks for sharing and also showing a litle of Guy's work.

  3. Oh Stina your show looks Magical..from your sign to all your Beautiful Quilts...Love how you have Displayed them all...Congratulations all your Hard Work has Paid Off....
    Love your New Blog by the way...

  4. Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see the rest! :0)

  5. Hej hej,
    Your quilts are beautiful. What a gorgeous setting.

  6. All your hard work paid off, Stina. What a gorgeous display of your work. The setting is magical and just set the stage so beautifully.

    Great job!

  7. Oh Stina -- it all looks so wonderful! I can't wait to see more. Your quilts are beautiful and I Love Love LOVE your cutes sign with your name on it!!!

  8. All the pieces look wonderful, I love them all.

  9. This corner looks gorgeous! I love how you put colours together, they're all so beautiful! Fantastic job Stina!!

  10. Stina, your displays are beautiful and your quilts are amazing. What a lot of work you put in. I can't wait to see more.

  11. Finally there... in YOUR gorgeous exhibition!!! How relaxing visit this was;) THANK YOU, Stina, for sharing it! PS. Can't hardly wait to see more - either;)

  12. I knew it would be wonderful Stina and you haven't disappointed. You have the prettiest fabrics in your quilts. Lovely. Great work from Guy too.

  13. Hej!!! i so wish i was able to go but thanks for the gorgeous photos and congratulations on a wonderful exhibition!!!

  14. Det ser nydelig ut. Flott ramme rundt utstillingen. Guy sitt arbeid er flott. Takk for titten.

  15. always great to read your posts and oh boy this one is chock full of wonderful quilts.
    very pretty !
    thanks for sharing all these great pictures with us

  16. Loved seeing these pics of your beautiful work . . . you have been very busy :)
    Looking forward to seeing more - thank you :)

  17. Thanks for the tour! Everything is so beautiful and I bet it looks fabulous in person.

  18. Beautiful, I love your choice of fabrics, so warm,fresh and inviting. Guy's work is gorgeous!

  19. Hey Stina! WOW! What gorgeous photos you've shared with us!! I love that first group - what a fabulous red building in your pics. And your quilts are all FABULOUS!! What a clever chook you are!! It's funny that you've shown your triangle quilt cos ever since I started visiting your blog, I've loved that background/quilt and have added it to my 'TO DO ONE DAY' list! :0) Can't wait to see more wonderful photos!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  20. Just gorgeous Stina, everything looks so fresh against the white walls.

  21. Så mycket vackert! Tack för titten!

  22. Just beautiful Stina...love that French General one and Laila's garden♥x

  23. Oh, wow! Your displays are beautiful, Stina. Your work is really pretty.

  24. Hej Stina!
    Vilket himmelrike du har att visa.
    Precis vad man drömmer om att kunna skapa.Mjuka,sköna färger.
    Little Quilts-kvilten är ju du från Östersundstiden eller hur? Numera har du en pastelligare färgskala som är mer som du-söt och gullig.Tack för dessa bilder. Ser fram emot vad du visar i nästa rum.
    Kram Louise D

  25. hi stina!!!!!!
    lovely post and pictures
    I was holding my breath without realising as I went down reading... lol
    your show looks so great that I have to ask you please, consider making one in argentina ;) why woudlnt you? just like...jonas brothers, a show in every country
    I would be so happy :)

    and of course i remember the triangles quilt, it's so pretty! and I think I asked you where did you get the background pic, and you told me "it's my quilt"
    and never left your blog since then!!
    can't wait to see more

  26. Stina, your quilts are so beautiful!! The setting is perfect! Wish I could have seen your work in person. Can't wait to see the rest of your show!!

  27. I love your quilted sign with your name on it. Your work is beautiful. I can't wait to see more. Hope you are gettng plnty of rest. Enjoy your weeks off!!

  28. Stina...beautiful...simple, elegant and just so beautiful!!

  29. Wonderful Stina!
    Your quilts are so harmonic both in design and colors. I love it!

  30. Did you sell a lot of your pieces?

  31. Takk for at du lar oss ta del i utstillingen. Din 'Lailas garden' ble superlekker med forskjellige stoffer i alle blokkene og rammene - hm -kansje jeg lager en slik en dag, jeg stoppa jo etter to blokker så min ble bare en pute.

  32. Stina what a wonderful show!!! Your quilts are just beautiful. I love the colours

  33. Stina,
    I'm heavily impressed by all those gorgeous creations...I'm surely not able to pick a favourite!

  34. I would have enjoyed attending your show - beautiful.

    You worked so hard and it's so obvious.

  35. Oh, Stina, your work is awesome and are your photos. I love the way you set things up. Guy is pretty talented too.

  36. WOW Stina. It is all so gorgeous. Love Cindy Lou in the French General fabrics and your Laila's Garden is beautiful. I have the pattern and will be looking back at this post for inspiration. Haved always loved your triangle quilt. Happy to see it back in your background .. it's just so you. Glad your exhibition was so successful .. on to your next post now.



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