Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lousy day...

And I mean it... 

Firstly I have had big trouble with my neck... 
fire and thunder pain and headaches.. and have slept lousy during these weeks...and the cold that I still have...
So I have avoided to start to quilt my Winter White Schnibble.. but being alone yesterday morning.. I just had to have a go...

So I happily started... And it worked just fine... and then suddenly nothing at all worked.. thread breakages... hop stitches...  and you name it... 
It worked like magic the last time..  with the swirls... remember... :o)

Bad day for me and the Machine.. or what?? 
Well I dont know... 
Too little sleep.. and pain.. I unplugged the machine..and almost kicked on it..;o))
And went to bed crying!!!!

But did I feel any better... no no at all..
I tried and I tried all kind of tips and tricks..
And I have to say a BIG THANKYOU to 
She had the best advice...
She told me 
"Set it aside.....done with that project....have machine looked at.

GO to fabric stash...start cutting for another project! Yes... I said that....put your mind 
on something else!!!"

And so I did.. 
I went outside and stitched on my GJ (Gardeners Journal) blocks....
and watched Viktor hitting the tennis ball on his ball plank...:o)
(Maybe I should have played some tennis )

Thanks for the advice Mary!!!

Because later that day I remembered.. I had an old machine in my cupboard.. 
My old Bernina.. not sewn on for the last 7 years... :o)

And guess what...
It quilts like a charm!!! :o))
Who could know I had a treasure just in front of my eyes...
well a little hidden.. but there..:o)
Never ever have I tried to quilt freehand on this machine... 
Ok.. it have its issues.. needle up and a really really slow start... and bang it starts.. so you have to be ready when the needle goes down..:o))

But best of all.. 
I am quilting again.. and the Pfaff.. have to go and see a doctor.. 
or maybe it was just bad thread or whatever it could be...
Will plug her in later today..and test...
after I have finished the quilting 
on my Winter White Schnibble... :o)
It goes slow.. because I only sit ten minutes and quilt..
and up and do something else..!!

Ohh.. that was a long post with no pictures... 
So here you go... :o)
See you later!!!


  1. So glad Mary at Quilt Hollow settled you down. Quilting and tears do not go together. I've had the same thing happen. Your projects looks beautiful. Glad you didn't give up....
    Hugs yours way from the U.S.....

  2. Sorry to hear of all your troubles. Mary to the rescue. Your quilting looks great. Great job!

  3. You poor thing. There's nothing more frustrating than when your machine acts up in the middle of a project. Maybe she just needs a tuneup. She's been working really hard lately. :-) Sorry you're not feeling well.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Stina.

    All's well that ends well. :-) The quilting is beautiful.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. The pictures are great. Have a good week!

  6. Isn't Mary a delightful friend? So often we need to walk away from a project and take a new perspective on it. I am just glad you had a trusty Bernina waiting to be called upon for the job.

  7. I hope that you & your Pfaff are feeling better soon! We are all routing for you!


  8. Mary gave you great advice! And how wonderful you had another machine tucked away like that! Glad things turned around for you! :0)

  9. I am so sorry you have had such bad headaches. I've been suffering too with them for the past couple of weeks. So not like me. I never get them.

    Sure hope you day is better today and your projects look just wonderful as always. Good thing you had a spare sewing machine. Things will work themselves out with your other one in time, I am sure:)

    Hugs to you and get some rest!

  10. Utrolig flott quiltet. Gøy å se at Berninan måtte frem igjen. Jeg bruker min nye Pfaff veldig lite, og min gamle Bernina veldig mye....
    Dette er ett av mine Schnibble pattern favoritter :o)))

  11. Your Pfaff was not treating you very well. Makes you feel even worse than you already do. I have two good machines. A Pfaff and a Bernina. That way, I always have a spare when needed.

  12. My, that was a very bad day! You sounded so frustrated but I am glad you did not kick your machine. I love the old Berninas. I wish they still made those simple workhorse models.

  13. Stina....I'm delighted you took the advice and just walked away for a bit...sometimes we just have to do that you know..focus in other areas to take mind off what is bothering us a present. Nothing can be more frustrating to have something we are so passionate about go completely wrong and to put us in tears...oh my! I'm glad I helped you out yesterday and today is a better day! Hugs and Kisses girl!! As for machines...Magnolia Bay has a post going asking for opinions so check out her comments. The Pfaff you own is a good one and perhaps just wants a Dr. visit. :-)

  14. Stina, I'm so very sorry your day was went so badly. I'm glad Mary gave you some good advice. She is such a wonderful lady. I know that when I was very young and my mother was teaching me to crochet, she also told me that when I got frustrated and upset, I should put things away for a while, go do something else and when I went back to my project, things would be better. I have followed her advice all my life in everything I do and just as like she said, it works like a charm every time. I love the 'Shame on you...' picture of your poor Pfaff. It made me smile and that is always a very nice thing. Big hugs! I'm glad things are better now. Thankyou for the smile!

  15. It can be so frustrating when the sewing machine does not want to be nice and play and I hope you get it sorted out very soon. Your quilting is fabulous Stina :)

  16. Yup sometimes you just have to walk away. Thank goodness for hidden treasures and good advice.

  17. Poor you Stina. But you're not the only one having such days. And the advice you got works very well. Just put everything aside and start something new. I hope you sewingmaching will recover soon.
    I have two (no three) Janome sewingmachines, and love all of them.

  18. Oh Stina - your quilting looks awesome ~ you really did a great job on your little bernina!
    I'm so sorry your Pfaff let you down...

  19. I hope today is much better for you.

  20. Naughty Pfaff! Some days no matter what we do a project just isn't meant to be...and the frustration when it is what we really want to do!!!! I feel your pain (both with your neck and your naughty Pfaff)!!



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