Monday, September 20, 2010

Wool weekend in Kalix

Our first get together was held in a rainy and Autumn like Kalix in the North of Sweden..  Had in mind to take lots of photos.. but you know how it is.. 
excitement goes first... 

Lots of talking and getting to know each other...
some of us had had a long way to travel... 
6 girls... from the north of Sweden .. different ages.. 
but with the same interest... CRAFT!!

First assignment to be done... was yarn dye and Nuno felting....

We started to dye yarn... 
this was fun .. but it took quite a bit of time to get all the yarn dyed...
But we are more than happy over the result...
Very nice colours... 

 A little lottery was made ...
and the two that came home with me was the light blue and light purple... :o))
These will be used in later projects ...  
The second project for the day was nuno felting...

And I am not sure If I shall love it or hate it.. 
It was fun ..but the result aint pretty..:O))

Ok .. 
First to lay out all the wool in different directions... and then add a sort of fabric.. and this fabric was a bit thick and a bit rough...
and then wet it ... roll it up..  wet it some more... put in plastic bags...
and a potatoe sack on the outside .. and then bang it in the table for 5 minutes... 
Great for releasing aggressions..;O))

... then check if it had started to felt.. and continue to work it..if for at least 15 minutes...
And the result... 
A PRETTY piece of
Well NOT!!!

Our teacher calls it decorative pleats... :o))

So wish me luck to be able to make something pretty out of this..:O)

Today in the mail I got THE two most wonderful gifts
... but more of that tomorrow..:O))


  1. Always fun to try something new :)
    This look so fun.

  2. How cool! What a fun thing to do :o)

  3. I know how fun it was to do what you had done this weekend and I know you can do something from that too ;)

    Good luck!

  4. Oh how I loved reading about your adventures in Northern Sweden. You all sounded like you had a super time. I also loved the purple and blue dyed yarn. All the colors were great. The nuno felt also looked good. I have dyed wools with natural blueberries and they came out wonderful. Hugs Judy

  5. The yarn colors are very pretty. It will be interesting to see what you do with it. You are very creative.

  6. If I know you Stina, you will take the knowledge you got from the process and make something amazing!

  7. You had a very interesting and educational week end - very exciting.

  8. sounds like you had an interesting weekend. Love all the dyed yarn and not sure about belting that felt with potatoes for 20 mins. I think I would be in a bit of pain after that!

  9. I'd love to learn how to dye wool. Maybe one day.

    And it goes without saying that of course you will make something pretty out of what you brought home. I have complete faith in you, Stina!

  10. Fun! I'm sure you will manage to make something pretty. And the felt is nice and warm, remember winter is around the corner. Sorry, I know how you feel about that :)

  11. I think that greyish felt would be perfect base for colorful flowers to embroider on it maybe using those wonderful yarns. :o)

  12. What beautiful shades of yarn!

  13. Gick kursen för några år sedan. Kan bara gratulera till den helt underbara resa, som detta kommer att bli. Allt du kommer att prova på (man behöver inte bli såld på allt) är så stimulerande för den kreativa ådran. P.S. Första året var bäst! D.S.

  14. This is interessting! The color of the yarn is beautiful. I wonder what pretty things you are going to make of it?

  15. I would have loved the wool dying, the colours are beautiful. Think I might have felt the same about the felting as you but you'll do something nice with it.

  16. Hi Stina
    That was a very interesting post for me. I have never worked with wool and the felting process looks very
    But I loved the hand dyed yarn - the colours looked gorgeous!!

  17. Such pretty yarns and I think you received two of the nicest colours.
    I'm with you on the felt. It looks a lot of work for something not so pretty.

  18. Hi Stina,
    it seems that your weekend was full of new things...I hope you'll find a way to make that nuno felt thingy into something you'll love...I'm looking forward to your ideas.
    Hugs, Julia
    p.s. I hope you're feeling better...



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