Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pink surprise no 1...

Came all the way from USA... 
from the one and only 

A Friendship fob in pink for me... :o))

Thankyou for this wonderful gesture Darlene...
I will use my fob with Joy and Pride
 and always remember the special friendship shared!

I made a block for this quilt made for Darlene
 when she needed some Friendship Love...
And what a wonderful thankyou she sent... 
In Friendship and hugs!!
Darlene.. thanks!!

This was pink surprise no1 .. will share the pink surprise no 2 tomorrow... :o)


  1. Darlene knows you well. Very pretty. I was glad to be part of that quilt too.

  2. wow, such beautiful gifts to each other, Don't you just meet the nicest people on blogs who do and say the nicest things!!! wonderful, just wonderful!!

  3. Beautiful fob, and gorgeous quilt!!!
    Wish you a great day :o)

  4. Pink is perfect for you!
    I was looking at pastel wools on a website yesterday and thought of you.

  5. From my heart to your hands - enjoy, Stina!

  6. Lovely! and the quilt is gorgeous too.....!

  7. Hi Stina
    I love surprises of the gift kind! Well who doesn't really?? Your little surprise is lovely - lucky you! And the quilt is beautiful too and very special for Darlene :)

  8. Pink is such a joyful uplifting colour and if it can be happy then pink is also happy. Kindness gets kindness back and that is a lovely gift to receive. Hope you are feeling better.

  9. What a lovely quilt and a very cute scissors fob :-)

  10. What a lovely quilt you all put together for Darlene and what a pretty fob she sent you to show her appreciation.
    Crafting friendship is the best :)


  11. What a lovely surprise for you and what a lovely Friendship gift you made for Darlene!
    Have a great weekend.



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