October 12, 2010

Finished my UGLY!!

so pleased with how I could turn that ugly piece of wool into this...
Lots of work..but Oh I had FUN.. all the way!! :o)

It became a Tea Cosy... :o))

when I had that piece of wool in my hand.. 
both smelly and very thick.. I thought and thought what it could be done into...
it could hold heat for a long time... yes it could...
to sit on.. very warm.... but the easy way out..lol.. hmmm...
 but...one thing I have wanted and a very much needed thing in our household
 was a teacosy... so I decided on that!

All materials are recycled...
shirts, pants, old fabrics, pearls....
except for the batting on the backside piece...
even the pearls are recycled from old clothes... :o)

Even the thread used is old.. 
found a very old silk thread on spool at work
.. and tried it out..
and it worked..
even in my new machine..:o))
And that was the trickiest part to do..
the freehand quilting... on the thick wool with a cotton layer on the inside..
PHEEWW.. but we did it ...
Zonnie and me!! :o)

Still at home with this autumns biggest flu!!
...BUT ...
I am test sewing ...have a lot to learn on my new machine.. 


  1. So finally it really turned into something good.
    It's useful and who would call it ugly anymore? :o)

    Get well soon you should train your new machine! :o)

  2. For being ugly it looks pretty nice!
    I knew you could make it pretty!:)

  3. I love it , that is a really nice tea cozy and the wool doesn't look the least bit ugly , the applique you added along with all your embellishments has turned it into a work of art .Congratulations on the new machine !

  4. Heisan Stina...Lykke till med nytt "sewing machine" What brand is it? Your tea cozy turned out lovely. You did a great job with the "ugly" wool :) :) :) I don't have a tea cozy...but I do have a scone cozy :) :) :) It's very thing and more decorative than for keeping the scones warm!!! Have a lovely Tuesday. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. from the ugly duckling to the swan. very nice.

  6. Men du vilken fin sak av detta gråa elände.Verkligen läckert.

  7. Your tea cozy is beautiful! Well done! :0)

  8. Now then you clever girl. How fab is that tea cosy and for a minute I thought you were making a bag you tease. It is beautiful. Well done.

  9. Not the ugly duckling anymore...you've turned it into a piece of art and oh so pretty!!

  10. It's not ugly at all. I am not a tea drinker but I still think you made something very pretty and useful.

  11. So pretty! Sorry you are sick/glad you have time to play with, experiment and practice with your new machine!

  12. Stina I just love it, how you have put all these bits and pieces together is awesome...

  13. Well it is Certainly Not Ugly..I Love it..& Congrats on your New Machine...

  14. Så flott, Stina. Den er lekker!
    Jeg liker å tove ull for hånd, men har ikke gjort det på lenge. :)
    God bedring!

  15. You are a genius! Of course it seems so obvious that putting something pretty with it would work wonderfully. Great tea cosy!
    Your new machine looks wonderful.

  16. Ha! I knew you could make something beautiful out of this....working with pretty fabrics is easy enough to make something cute...but the real artist knows how to turn an "ugly" piece of wool felt into something stunning! Yay!
    Hugs, Julia

    P.S.: it seems yo've discovered your fondness of the darker shades of pink :)

  17. It turned out wonderfully, Stina and you made it your own with your trademark touches of pink.

    I love it! Get well soon.

  18. Oh, I love it. You did such a great job on it.
    Oh you poor thing. I am so sorry to hear you have the flu.
    Even though you do not like the snow, the picture you took sure is pretty.



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