Thursday, October 14, 2010

Late night ideas... very late... :o)

Do you have nights like this too.. 
waking up and having at least for that moment..the GREATEST IDEA??? 

Have had some awake nights this week.. 
coughing and having ideas...:o)
Well.. this idea ... 
started out with me
test sewing with my new machine...
seam after seam ....lots of them.. 
But couldnt waste it once sewed...
looked kind of pretty...

Then I remembered this...

And looked at this when I got up in the morning...
and decided to make a new one..
where no webbing is.. no black spots.. that rubs off on white...

And this is my new ironingplace... :o)

Made from the test piece.. where lots and lots of seams are sewn with my new machine...
still have lots to test...
but for now I am pleased...

But Stina a white one...
a white one.. yepp.. 
one thing is good.. 
no patterns to disturb my eye when working on the ironingboard.. 
you see I do that all the time..
And  oh yes it will be burnt in no time..
but I dont care.. I have a pretty white ironingboard.. for now.... :o)
Hmm.. maybe I have to make a little cover for

Otherwise days are tough like syrup..
Fever is coming and going ...


  1. It looks great. And great ideas always comes by night. If you ever wonder how your decorating seams looks like you can go to the ironing board and just look :)

  2. Oh Stina, it's gorgeous!!
    Use it and enjoy it!!
    I'm sorry you're unwell...get better really soon xx

  3. Vilken supersmart idé du fick!
    Jag som inte testat alla mina sömmar.

    ( Är det snigelpost vi har i detta landet?:-)))

    Vi hörs.

    kram Gudrun

  4. What a lovely idea. I would be afraid of ruining it and would have to put a cover over it and just use the pretty side for when it is not in use and for decoration. I have woken up several times with the image of that lovely quilt you showed from the exhibition you went to - the one with the little green pieces on a white background. I am going to have to do something about it. Hope you will soon be on the mend.
    Love Shirley.x

  5. What a fresh, clean place to work. You are sure to enjoy it much!

    Also the snow looks so clean and fresh. I know you are not ready for it . . . but the first one of the year seems the most magical *s*

  6. ha! you shouldn't have stopped with your ironing board *lol*...mine is still in a horrible condition.
    i love your cover...will the pattern iron through your pieces?
    hugs, julia

  7. Your ironing board cover is beautiful... all dressed up in winter white!!!

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Love the new cover...very pretty!

  9. Oh Stina, feel better soon!! As for the late night ideas? I have them all the time! My biggest dilemma is whether to risk turning on my light and writing them down and thus risk not sleeping another wink or hoping I won't forget and just going back to sleep lol! Unfortunately when I don't write them down I do often forget :( I think a white cover is a great idea...very fresh and clean and like you said, not distracting :)



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