December 18, 2010

December update...

..Time Flies..

Remember me???? :o)

 Hope you are more prepared for Christmas than I am... :o)
But I guess  it will be Christmas... with our without gifts...
will try to feel happy about that!!

I finally finished my task for school.. to make something with the dyed fabrics we made earlier this Autumn.. and to make something with the stack n slash technique...

I started out to make some Churn dash blocks..
just because I like that block.. 
just added white or off white fabrics... to calm down the minty green batik...

Hmmm.. what to do with these now then.. they sure needed something...
so I started to crochet some snowflakes...
and it lay there for two more weeks.. not knowing what to do...

so I spilled out a jar of white buttons on it.. 
and yepp.. there it was.. :o)

So I sewed.. quilted small snowflakes....
added the crocheted snowflakes... the buttons... 
but still there was something more to add..


I cut out templates with just paper and added paint with a sponge..
And there it was 
My tribute.. or NOT...
to the cold winterdays we have had!!
All I can say is...


And it suits me right now..
Snowstorm is going on right here...
Having fever and cough again...
and more cold days to come!!

But I actually had some kind of fun putting that minty little wallhanging together..
despite the colours and the theme...:o)

Second of Advent have passed.. and I received the most treasured little gifts from
my Norweigan Elfs!!!!

  May Britt and Hanne!!!
Just LOVE everything....

And a while back a little note was in my mail that I had a little package to pick up at out mail service...
What what in the world could that be!! Had to wait a whole day to get it!! 

To my Surprise it was the most lovingly little gift 
from Carrie 
Just take  a look... 
A cute homemade little box filled to the brim with delightful things!! 
A pattern... pink ribbon.... the cutest little reindeer ornament....
flower ribbon and ric rac... pink flower fabric..and the box  with the lovely yo yo  flower in the bottom...

what a wonderful gift to cheer me up ...
Thankyou ever so much Carrie!! 

Last weekend Viktor and I made a Ginger Bread House....
That was FUN!!! :o)
And still the Non Stops are all there... lol...
But Viktor said..
 -Ahhh... this is just too tempting!!!! :o)

 The third of Advent came too .. with more lovely gifts from 
from Hanne and May Britt ..
my Norweigan Elfs....
It is all the best... to have this wonderful moment of joy every Sunday!!!
I so love this and will miss it!!!
Thanks my friends!

And tomorrow the last of Advent is here...
(how did that happen ?)

A long post and a little update from me
and while looking through pictures I found this  gift
 I made for my friend Åsa for her Birthday in October

Another little Pincushion Jar... 

So fun to make... 

Well over and out from me this time.. 
just two weeks since the last post... not a month like the one before... lol
its getting better...:o)

Tomorrow I can look forward to:
Last Advent gifts...
Oldest Daughter coming home for Christmas
No Fever( maybe)

 See you!!


  1. I love your quilt!!! so pretty. I love the snow flakes and the buttons..very nice touch!!!

    I also like your metal heart. That is different. I love hearts.

  2. Your minty quilt is just lovely. I really like the buttons and stencil addition.

    Your advent gifts are just delightful as well as all of the special goodies that you have received from Carrie.

    I hope you feel better soon so that you can thoroughly enjoy Christmas.

  3. Hey Stina! WOW! Look at that once-unloved green quilt ... it is GORGEOUS! I love how you've added all the extra elements to make it so special and very "Stina"! :0) And very appropriate that you've unveiled it during a snow storm. I guess that just goes to prove that with a bit of imagination even the most unloved fabric can be made into something spectacular! :0) Love all your goodies that you've received and Viktor's gingerbread house looks like it's come straight out of a fairytale. Hope you are feeling better soon and that the warmth of the Christmas season chases your nasty cough away. Bear Hugs! KRIS
    PS. word verification is "snesess" sounds a bit like "sneezes" ... computer must have caught your cold! Tee! Hee! Hee! BH! KRIS

  4. bRRRR... hEJ STINA, It's COLD -and a LOT of snow- here in southern Finland too;) Your minty is gorgeous!!! Hope you'll feel better, soon! Jag önskar dig VARM och INNERLIG JULEN!

  5. You are one clever and imaginative lady!! Love that Minty Quilt! Hope you are feeling better.

  6. hej stina,love your minty quilt and hope you are feeling better soon,har det bra ,glad jul och ett gott nytt aar,susi

  7. Everything is beautiful, Stina! I agree...Christmas will come whether all the gifts are finished or not!

  8. You aren so talented when you did the pale green fabrics so beautiful with the technic,the snowflakes and buttons.
    Ulla wishes you a lovely Sunday.

  9. Hope you get rid of this nasty cold soon. Not fun to have for such a long time. Soon Christmas and I wish you and your family the very best for this holiday. Merry Christmas!!!

  10. Love your Wallhanging it is just Gorgeous Stina..Love the added crochet & Lettering...
    Hope You are feeling better soon it seems to have been dragging on for you your Flue...
    Victor has done a Fab job on the Gingerbread House it is Great & Have a Happy Xmas with DD & Your Family...

  11. I know now.. you do magic, don't tell me you don't
    I can't believe how beautiful this snowed mint block is...and you thought you wouldn't find inspiraton, it is sooo you.. amazing!! congratulations

    and, as I have a little free time..I would like to make some snowflakes, would you mind sharing the pattern? or tell me where I can find them?
    thanks!!!!! a lot
    I love reading your name in my inbox mail ;)

  12. Hi Stina, love your photos of everything. Your little green and white quilt looks fantastic and your gingerbread house is gorgeous. Wishing you a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. Stina, I was thinking about you earlier today and wondering what you have been up to.

    Your little winter quilt is very creative. It does remind me of cold weather but done in your color range.

    So many gifts from friends. You must have been a very good girl!

  14. Hi Stina,
    Your quilt is just gorgeous as always. I really do love those buttons and the crocheted snowflakes. That is just so pretty:)

    I really hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  15. Your quilt is gorgeous.I love what you did.

  16. Sorry to read you are not feeling the best Stina....what a wonderful post...I do love your minty wallhaing...

  17. Hej Stina! Har saknat dina inlägg så väldigt, när du inte skriver, för du är en sådan inspiration för mig. Låter inte roligt med förkylningen som inte ger sig men som du skriver så kommer julen hur det än är och när det är såna där år när man tycker att man inte alls har hunnit med det man har förväntat sig så brukar det bli väldigt bra i slutänden ändå. Man upptäcker saker som man inte hade gjort om man hade hunnit med att göra allt som man tänkt, och det brukar vara en upplevelse i sig själv. Din mintgröna är helt underbar med sina snöflingor och texten!! Önskar dig innerligt, en riktigt underbar julhelg med nära och kära och att du får krafterna och orken tillbaka. Kramisar

  18. Hello Stina from a very cold and snowed in Great Britain. You have showed some wonderful photo's and your gifts look great. I just love your minty green quilt and Viktor's great gingerbread house. Have fun with your family, stay warm and I hope your cold and fever will soon be gone. Thinking of you.
    Love Shirley.x

  19. Hej Stina!
    Som alltid....lysande! Jag är så imponerad av alla som hinner sy så här före jul! OOOOh... vilka fina presenter du fått.Nu ser jag fram emot julen och myset med familjen! Jag önskar dig och familjen en riktigt GOD JUL! Kram Margreth

  20. Denne lille quilten din ble aldeles sjarmerende :o) Soft og vakker.
    Pepperkakehuset likte jeg også....kunne tenkt meg en smak av det :o)) Men, det er kanskje kun til pynt ??
    En stor takk for en fantastisk fin og innpirerende blogg og med dette Ønsker deg en riktig fin jul !
    Klem Lena

  21. Merry Christmas to you and yours from our home. Ilove your pin cushion jar. Did you have special directions for that? I think that would be something for me for next year for swap gifts.Your green fabric turned into a precious wall hanging,, love the buttons and printing on it. Many hugs to you, Mariesplabili

  22. Hallo Stina,
    das sind wieder mal soooo schöne Dinge. Ich schaue sehr gerne bei dir vorbei. Ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit und grüße dich ganz lieb

  23. Så fin din lilla kvilt blev :) Jag hoppas att Du har fått mönstret som jag skickade för någon vecka sedan ;-) Om inte så hör av dig igen..

    Krya på dig!

  24. First of all, your quilt is wonderful! I just really enjoyed your whole it! Merry Christmas!!

  25. Hey Stina...

    Hvordan går det? Her i Oregon er alt bra!!!

    Oh, goodnes...your quilts are ALWAYS lovely!!! The lovely goody boxes from your sweet. Isn't it nice when people think of you like that? Those gifts are lovely and so carefully pick out just for you :) :)

    I really LOVE that pin-cushion jar. I have a pattern for one with a lid that you have to twist on..but I've never seen one with a latch-hook jar. I have a latch-hook jar...that would be perfect for this. Do you have a pattern you can post here or share the link?

    I learned about these Swedish wishing cookies...that you press in the center...and if it breaks into three pieces you can make a wish :) :) Happy Christmas to you and your family. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  26. Oh no! Sick again Stina? Hope you feel better soon! I am not ready for Christmas either, but it will come anyway.

    I love, love, love your minty dyed fabric quilt. It is so pretty and the text is just so perfect.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  27. I am so sorry you are still not well. Saying a prayer.
    You make the gifts I sent look so good in the photos.
    You got some very pretty gifts from your other friends.
    I love the wall hanging you made. It is so pretty.
    Stay warm and have a blessed Christmas!

  28. I love your snowflake quilt, very nice:) I like your header too.
    Have a lovely Christmas!

  29. Till sommaren då du tycker att det är huu så varmt kan du titta på din fina gröna kvilt som har lite svala färger och komma ihåg hur kallt vi har der haft det i vinter och den har ju bara börjat än.
    KRAM från Louise, som önskar GOD JUL.

  30. Stina, your quilt is precious and it looks like the cool mint air of Sweden to me. Love the gingerbread house, looks like Viktor has some of his Mom's talent. Great gifts from special friends.
    Merry Christmas,



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