December 4, 2010


almost one month since I posted!!!!
How did that happen...

Needed to bury my head for a while... too tired for anything...
all the colds... Mum at emergency another round...
work.. school and THE DARK and THE COLD...
not a good combo for me!!

But emails have been coming in my mail to 
alert me... so 
Here I am...
Thankyou friends for thinking of me.. 
you all know how you are..
Gold stars to you!!

(Wont reply to old emails.. will start fresh from this post, sorry..
hope you dont mind...:o)

Ok.. what have been happening here...
I mean it... 
Thank goodness for some lovely mails that have arrived...
so something happens!! 

First this arrived...
A lucky win from 
 Awesome patterns.... these are just so fresh...
I so love the bags...
Would be nice to have a new bag!!!!

...Thankyou so much Bari...

In the middle of November we had a 
stack n slash weekend at my place....
Schoolwork... Patchwork this month..
and it have been the toughest month of them all...
So far!! 
Dont like my batik fabric... and not the colour...
it doesnt speak to me at all...and I have to use it!!!
So it aint finished.. should have been..
So it need to be done .. tomorrow!!!

But it was fun to have Camilla around and learn her to play with fabrics!!!
All the other girls were sick or just couldn´t come!
Hope she have done something fun with her blocks!

The same week a surprise package was in my mailbox....
A Thankyou present from Judy at 
for helping her out on how to use Picasa...
Isnt that sweet or what...
ANd I love this cute little cupcake 
Love it Judy

And then more started to come in the mail
A brown little package from Lyn 
Saved it for Christmas...
Hurried to pack it away.. so I wouldnt open it up before.. 
so I forgot to take a photo!!!

Thanks Lyn!!! 

More happiness came... for the first of Advent....
from Norway two Elves had put together calenders for me...
even if I told them that I couldnt return
 a calender to them this year...
May Britt and Hanne for your generosity and 
all the positive chatting ...
*smiles to you*

 Had a lovely Sunday opening the packages after have been decorating the house for Christmas all weekend...
( Bless you Son for having the energy and Joy to do it with me!)
Long till tomorrow to open up package number two!!!

Pheew.. that was  a lot from me...
Still here ..
Just tired and will probably not post so much during 
December... but I will be around!!

Signing off with some pictures from my daily walks to work early mornings...
I love to walk through the Old Church town with our Church...
just to feel the atmosphere...
feel the calmness and peace around the place...
Good for the soul!

Hugs to all...
"Life is a Patchwork of Friends"


  1. What a gorgeous post! You have some real goodies there.
    Loved the photos of the town...looks so calm and peaceful. Breathtaking!

    You enjoy your December and we are all always thinking of you.

    Be blessed and well as we prepare to celebrate our Saviour's birth.

  2. Sorry to hear you are still Unwell...a Lovely Post & lots of Goodies you have recieved....
    Hope things pick up soon for you so you can Enjoy the Holidays...
    Take care

  3. It's good to see you back again. ((Hugs))

  4. It is good to see you back online again. Take small steps and take care ((( <3 )))

  5. Wellcome back blogging and I'm happy to hear you have got a little bit new energy too.I wish you a nice second Sunday of Advent.


  6. So good to have you blogging again. Have missed you, but we know you're there and that you are back when you feel for it :) Enjoy the second advent calendar package tomorrow :)

  7. Wow I had missing you and I´m happy to read some word from you :))

    Take care!

  8. Hi Stina
    So pleased tohear youa re on the mend......take it easy and build your strenght for the holidays with your family.....Enjoyed your post today.....lots of lovely surprises for you :)
    take care

  9. I've been catching up on some reading and was sorry to hear that your mum is not well. I hope things improve for her and hope you are starting to feel better after that dreadful cold.

    Love all your Christmas photos!

  10. So glad you are back and feeling a bit better. Please stay warm on those cold looking walks. Love the photo with the moon in the distance, beautiful.


  11. Good to see you back Stina. Sorry to hear about your mom. I LOVE the pictures from your daily walk -- you live in a very beautiful area!

  12. Nice to see you pop up in Google Reader Stina....take things slowly and I do hope you are feeling better each day..loved your post..take care Peg xx

  13. Sometimes you just need a break. Glad to see you back. I love seeing your snaps it looks very cold there and dark so early.

  14. Hei, kjekt å høre fra deg igjen. Håper du snart får kreftene igjen. Klem.

  15. Welcome back, Stina, good to see you! November has been tough here, too, very cold, dark, health not good a.s.o, so I can guess how you are.

  16. It's good to see you posting again- and such a lovely post- I love all the pictures, and your header is just awesome! Hope you feel better soon, take care of yourself and your family!

  17. I hope you are back to feeling good again. You certainly have had more than your share of colds.

    You received so many good packages. Everyone loves you!

  18. Hey Stina! YAY! She's back! And what a lovely catch up post. Considering you said nothing had been happening ... it looks like you've had a lot happening! :0) Hope you and your Mum are on the mend soon ... best wishes and hugs to your Mum!! And I LOVE your green batik and how you're putting it together! It reminds me of snowflakes and very cold, deep water. However you put it all together I know it will look gorgeous, cos you have a real talent for working with colour. Remember that ugly felt you didn't think you could make into something beautiful ... and you DID! :0) Love your photos too ... especially your new header. It looks like a winter postcard. Stay warm, stay well and remember your blogging buddies love you lots and are thinking of you! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  19. I was worried about you and glad to hear from you. I quite like the freshness of that minty green and those blocks. What lovely gifts you have received and I will say it again - Quilters are the most generous and kindliest of people the world over. Hope your mum is better too. Take care of that cold.
    Love Shirley.x

  20. There is such great beauty to be found in the early morning darkness. You do take some fantastic photos, Stina! Thanks for checking in with us, for letting us know how things are for you there. :-D

  21. Good to know you are doing well...happy December! I love the photos of the frosted beautiful...although I know it must be so very cold there by now--stay warm!

  22. Oh and hugs to you too dear Stina!!
    I do agree...a lovely refreshing post... thanks for sharing what you've been up to and where you're at right now.
    Take care and I hope December turns out to be really special for you!!
    Warm Aussie hugs
    Robyn xx

  23. good to hear from you.
    Lovely photos and lovely gifts from your friends.

  24. Those walking photos are just amazing! i felt like I was there - they look cold but yes peaceful...

    Keep well...

  25. Thank you for the little tour, the photos are lovely. I hope you're feeling well soon and best wishes for your Mum. You had some wonderful mail which must cheer you up.

  26. Hi Stina...good to see a post from you...what a beautiful header you have!!! I'm still learning Picase LOL!!! Have a beautiful Christmas...Hugs to you♥x

  27. so good to see you're "back on track" again :o) Focus on the things you want to make or sew, and hide the things that's hard to work on in the UFO/WISP bin for a while. It helps, I know ;o)
    I hope you'll have a nice and cozy week, and I'm sending you a bunch of big and warm hugs :-)

  28. So good to hear from you again. You have some beautiful posties. And you are so good at photographing them. Hope things are looking up for you. Take care.
    :) Em

  29. Hello Stina, I just got back from our Holiday Travels to see my family. So I am catching up. Your posting this day made me smile allot and it warm my heart. Thanks for posting the lovely photos of the Cupcake Pincushion I made for you. I am very happy you like it. I also loved all the other photos of the pressies you have received. I especially love the photos of your stroll through the village where you live. Very nice indeed. Happy Holidays. Hugs Judy

  30. So glad you found a moment to pop in and let us know what's going on in your life on your side of the world. I hear you...cold, dark early...brrrr. Really does put us down. Those little surprises are quick pick me ups and couldn't have gone to a sweeter gal! Hugs dear friend...keep well...try to stay toasty!!

  31. Hello Stina, I hope you have recovered....enjoyed your post...Hugs Lyn

  32. So good to hear from you again, Stina! Friendly people sent you lovely presents to make you feel better, isn't that wonderful? Love your decorations and the pictures too. Sending you warm hugs!

  33. Hope you start to feel better soon...the photos of your town are so beautiful, they make me think of the setting for a magical fairy tale...

  34. hej sweetie,
    you're such a lucky girl...the win from bari j looks great...and you know, i can't resist a muffin :)
    i think your blocks look cute (although i myself am not a fan of batiks)...the wonkyness together with the minty-ness (lol) look nice together, if you ask me...

    {{hugs}} to you & have a wonderful 3rd sunday in advent,

    p.s. just seen that you're featured on rosalie's blog...yay!!!

  35. hi stina
    I just love the pictures you posted.. your morning walking looks peaceful, and cold also
    here, we are getting ready for christmas too; but as I have been in a craft fair last weekend, we couldnt put the tree yet; olivia and I will do it this afternoon, after school
    hope this christmas brings you peace and smiles, and lots of time and energy to do pretty things
    keep posting!!

    xoxo, vivi

  36. Hi Stina. I am catching up on blog reading. I have gotten so far behind with the busy holidays. This is such a lovely post. I love your morning walk photos and all your wonderful gifts. Hope you are feeling much better by now. Have a wonderful Christmas.



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