February 3, 2011


One more month of winter have passed...
Thank Goodness for that!

Thankyou everyone that have left such wonderful comments
 for Kristinas family and me..

Kris sent me these words... 

There would be no rainbows without rain.
And joy would mean nothing if we´d never known pain


Last weekend I had joined Virginia Cole for another Cyber retreat..
had a hard time getting myself to the machine.. but I did..and I managed to sew 
Five little Stars...
One for us all in our quilting group
(Kristina is still with us)

Dont know yet what I will do with them..
Have to think some more...

Had Chiropractic treatment this Monday...
so I have been puttering around the home doing this and that..
NOT SEWING...definitly not allowed!!!
But caught up on my schoolwork..
HOORAY to me..
Now I can start with a fresh month...
knitting this month..:o)

Last month we had Free Embroidery... 
and I did a Hardanger Bookmark
Pretty Pretty don't you think..:o)

Lots of Love from me


  1. Very cute blocks! And I love the bookmark. What a lovely thought from Kris.

  2. Very cute blocks! Your friend will always have a place amongst you and in your heart. Maybe you can make more stars to cover yourself with a whole quilt ?
    I like your Hardanger :-) I have just given away my last 2 Hardanger books to a good friend.

  3. That bookmark is beautiful Stina! I've never done hardanger, but it looks like it's fun. And your little stars are gorgeous! It will be fun to see what you do with them!

  4. I love your bookmark! I was just looking at my Hardanger last night thinking it would be good for baseball nights this year. (assuming spring does ever come?)

  5. So many pretties! Take extra special care, karen

  6. Underbara block du sytt och så härliga färger.
    Ditt hardangerarbete är ett mästerverk.
    Visst är det skönt att det är februari nu,solen värmer mer och mer för varje dag.
    Kram Gudrun

  7. I love your Hardanger Embroidery! It is so pretty. Someday I will learn how to stitch Hardanger. I do have a book I purchased so I'm one step closer.

  8. Your hardanger bookmark is very sweet - I used to do lots of hardanger and truly enjoyed it.

    The star blocks are wonderful, Stina. Kris will always be a part of your group - she's there in spirit.

  9. Pink and cream... wonderful marriage!

  10. Så trist at dere har mistet en god venninne. De ekstra stjernene dere lager kan dere jo sette sammen til et lite teppe som familien hennes kan få. Et lite minne fra dere gode venninnene. Stor klem

  11. Yes, the words about joy and rain and all are very true and I could apply that saying to describe my quilting these days, lol. Five little stars look so sweet and hopeful. :-D

  12. I was lucky enough to take a class with Virginia a couple years ago. She makes some tiny blocks. I love your pink stars, very sweet.

  13. Hello Stina, gorgeous blocks...love the little bookmark...take care Stina..hugs lyn

  14. I have missed you so much! Glad to see a post from you. Vernal Equinox is only 45 days away! I love your little star blocks... can't wait to see what you do whith them. xxoo

  15. Stina, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I must have missed that post. Please accept my condolences.

    It's always a joy to visit your blog and I hope that you are able to stitch again.

    I really do love your star blocks. They are as sweet as you are.

    Be blessed my friend,

  16. For noen søte blokker! Og hardangersømmen...nydelig, PRETTY PRETTY :o))

  17. Sweet little stars & gorgeous bookmark!

  18. Glad you've been doing some sewing Stina and your bookmark is beautiful.
    Still thinking of you and I love the saying Kris sent you. xox

  19. Olá Stina! Fui convidada a visitar seu Blog, amei seus trabalhos, são lindos. Parabéns! Convido a me visitar http://alcastrosantos.blogspot.com - vai ser um prazer recebê-la. Sou do Brasil, Abraços

  20. Love your little blocks and glad you are doing well with your studies :o) Stay Warm!

  21. Gorgeous little star blocks....love the hardanger bookmark...pretty pretty indeed...have fun with the knitting, looking forward to seeing your project...

  22. Skjønne stjerner du har sydd og flotte farger. Og det hardangersømsbokmerket var helt nydelig.

  23. Jag gillade verkligen ditt bokmärke!
    Nu ska jag också testa att sy hardanger. Att klippa bort allt tyg runt om inspirerade mig, tänk vilka fina "spetssaker" man kan göra.
    Har alltid tyckt att "tanternas" dukar har varit lite trista. Älskar nytänkande!

  24. Hey Stina! Love your little stars ... did I read that right ... they're only one and three quarters of an inch finished?!?! EEK! How do you hold on to them! :0) They are so "You" in the colours - Gorgeous as always. Hmmm ... what about adding a sixth little block with a stitched "K" ... For "Kviltstina" and for "Kristina" and make it into a key fob ... them Kristina is always with you. Hope your weekend includes some rainbows! :0) Bear Hugs!


  25. Such beautiful blocks and oh wow the bookmark too. Love them!

  26. A beautiful thought, I've noted it down.
    Your stars look lovely, I know you'll find just the right pattern to use them! And your bookmark is so pretty, well done!

  27. Both projects are gorgeous! The blocks look awesome, can't wait to see the finish. The bookmark is indeed pretty, but I like the collage even more :)
    Create & be happy. Helen

  28. Hey! Hope you feel better soon. Great photos as always... Love your header. Hey--I was hoping you would pull out the pencil and paper while you can't quilt and design us another Valentine stitchery this year---- just hoping:)

  29. Your Hardanger is lovely Stina and so are the very cute star blocks. I was sorry to hear of your friend and your not being able to sew for awhile. Take care.

  30. Ohhhhh lovely patchwork blocks.
    Hardanger is beautiful too! ♥
    Add your blog, ok?
    =) Ana

  31. Sometimes I see the sun peeking through when the snow is falling . . . and it makes me wonder, can there be a snow-bow?

  32. Yes, pretty, pretty!!! I love your tiny pink stars, twinkling stars!!

  33. I'm sorry about Kristina.

    The star blocks are adorable, and your hardanger embroidery is exquisite.

  34. The stars are beautiful...and I love your hardanger bookmark! I used to do lots of hardanger before I started quilting...I would love to find the pattern for that bookmark...what wonderful gifts they would make!

  35. Cute cute and so professional you are.

  36. Your bookmark is beautiful. I really like your star blocks too. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

  37. Always such lovely pink things on your blog. You always put such lovely fabrics together.

  38. Hello Stina, gorgeous blocks and love the colour combination....take care Stina...Hugs Lyn

  39. hey stina i like how your dear friend is still with you...i know how you feel puttering around, same for me...enjoy the weekend doig just that...

  40. hi sweetie!
    just wanted to check in to ask whether you're okay...!!! i miss you & hope you're finally doing better...and maybe are just too busy embroidering these gorgeous dardanger bookmarks....
    {{hugs, julia}}



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