February 25, 2011

Wakey wakey....

Long time no see..

Still remember me??

What a winter we have had...pheeww....
Lots of snow..
Strong Cold....
Dark days..

Really have tried to find some peace with winter..
but have to face it..
I hate WINTER!!

Goes to bed early...take herb medicine...
out in the light as often I can.. walk to work...
changed my diet..but
pheeewww... it have been tough months...

I long... :o)

Ok so what have happened here since I posted  three weeks ago...
Early February I got the nicest gift
all the way from Tasmania...
Christine from
Just to cheer me up...
Thanks a lot Christine...
Your gift is so thoughtful....
Hope to get my stitching mojo back soon so we can start on this quilt!!!!
(Have a Butterfly Garden to finish first...:o)

What can I say..
are the best !!!

Tennis competitions have been played ...
Singles and Doubles...
for Viktor and his partner Jonathan
A Lucky weekend...:o)

While looking through pictures for this post I found pictures of a 
Wristlet Camera Case
I have sewed...
The pattern is from 
Keyka Lou....
She has wonderful patterns,
 so easy to follow and GREAT!!
And the case is perfect!!

Now I have to warn sensitive viewers...
Cover your eyes...
Messy pictures!!!

Tell me how a not used sewing room can be this messy!!!????
And It have been like this for weeks!!!
Really need a clean up fairy to come and help me out!!!
WANTED!!! :o)
But I guess I have to do it myself..lol

And what to do if you dont sew...
Dream of sewing and having fun...
and shop...:o)

Will show later and some pics of a LATE little 
Christmas gift I sent to Louise..

 See you later...
Off to bed and my beauty sleep...
and rise and shine for a day at the tennis courts...



  1. Stina! I have missed you so much! Winter is very long and cold... especially where you are! But it actually looks like your sewing room is carrying on without you:) I have seen that camera case pattern before and would love to make it. Spring is just around the corner- isn't it?

  2. Hi Stina
    Lovely to see your smiling face!
    Spring is almost here for you so it won't be long and we will be seeing some of your beautiful stitching again. I am looking forward to that! Have fun in your seing room....lol...
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Wakey wakey is too funny. I feel the same. You may live in a long cold and dark area on the globe, but your posts always reflect your lively and colorful personality! Love that camera case. Tennis brings thoughts of summertime. Your messy sewing space 'mess' looks so pretty, too pretty to be considered a bag thing. :-D Here's to an early spring!! Wakey wakey...LOL.

  4. Hi Stina,
    Your sewing room still looks pretty,I know mine never stays "neat" for long. I always want to start a new project before I clean up from the last one. Love all of your photos and the camera case is adorable,I love it. Thinking warm thoughts of you and hope your temperatures warm up soon too!

  5. Oh yes we remember you, and we have missed you on your blog. But sometimes you just have to relax and take care of yourself.
    I am not afraid of your messy sewingroom, it looks just like mine :)
    Longing for spring and summer me too :) But with all this snow...........i guess we have to wait some more months.

  6. Hi Stina! So glad to see your post. I have missed seeing your smiling face and all your goodies here in blogland.
    It's been a tough winter here too, but cheer up! Spring is just around the corner!

    My sewing table looks like yours. I need a clean up fairy too! I don't know what the matter with me is. It's not like me to be so messy! lol

    Take good care of yourself!
    Sue in MIchigan

  7. Oh, how I wish spring for you. Maybe if you changed your header picture to spring flowers?

  8. Yes - I missed you and I understand about the long, long, winter blues. I am looking forward to a bit of blue sky and longer days.

  9. Glad you are back but I am right there with you on the not liking winter...hoping tonight is our last subzero night. Spring HAS to be coming soon!

  10. I also long for Spring, have tried this mantra all winter long, "Våga Vägra Vinter" but obviously it does not work,

  11. Hej Stina!
    Härligt att se dig igen på bloggen och jag tycker ditt syrum ser riktigt inspirerande ut!
    Säkert massa projekt i ditt huvud:-))
    Sköt om dig i vinterkylan,snart vänder det:-))
    Stor kram från Gudrun

  12. Wimbledon is beckoning Viktor and that front row seat will be mine. Glad to see you back Stina, you have been missed greatly. Hope you are feeling a bit better and getting a bit of warmth and sunshine. The sewing mojo will soon return and all those lovely shopping buys will soon give you inspiration.
    Love Shirley.xx

  13. Yes, we remember, and missed you!
    As I watch, spring is coming for your lucky camera leastways! :o)
    Your sewing room is not messy, that just a creative chaos, or work-tidiness... :o)
    Or...don't panic...the stuff-monster's prolificacy.... so you better back to sew, so that you can curbed it! ;o)
    See you soon!

  14. Happy to read your blog again.
    Sorry I can´t read white on grey background.
    Next week it´s March and the day-light is earlier every morning!!! That make us very happy. Hugs from Louise D

  15. I think we are all hoping winter will end . . . . soon! But just think how beautiful we are with all the extra sleep we have been getting *S*

  16. Welcome back Stina!! Those were very beautiful gifts you got from Tasmania...gorgeous pattern and fabrics ...

    As usual the kids are wonderful...love when you share pictures of them... ;-)

    About your sewing room....hummm...wish I could send you that clean up fairy...but i can't :-( so instead I'm sending you lots of strength for you to handle it LOL...

    Have a great weekend and good luck in the court!



  17. Hallo Stina, ich freue mich auch auf den Frühling. Aber er kommt bestimmt.
    Dein Arbeitszimmer ist doch sehr schön, wenn gearbeitet wird gibt es auch Chaos.
    Ich bin mal gespannt, was du wieder Schönes nähst.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  18. Hello ! Don't worry ! Your sewing room looks exactly like mine !!!
    I love your gifts, you're very lucky !
    Happy stitching!!

  19. Just when I think, mmmm, wonder how Stina is going?, you pop up in my Reader...not surprised that winter has left you feeling less than up to par...brrrr, it looks SO SO COLD...but So So Pretty...lovely presents to cheer you up...so now you have the book are you going to play in the Stitch-A-Long?...it will be fun to make the little quilt in 'Tis The Season all together...well done Viktor and Jonathan...Take Care, it will soon be Spring for you...

  20. Stina, I miss your post, even if you aren't sewing. Hope spring comes sooner this year for you and I don't know how sewing rooms get messy even when you are not in them. Mine does...

  21. Hi Stina, Welcome back!! I also HATE Winter. I have said at least a million times this winter, I am Dreaming Of Spring!! vbg Very Lovely gifts from your friend.Hang in there Spring has to be near for us all. Hugs Judy

  22. oy stina...you look good in the picture despite being 'shaken' so much this season.
    i love the buttons...they're cute!
    congrats to viktor & his teammate...yay!
    btw, i can totally relate - my table looks like this all the time and i couldn't find any fairy who was willing to help me, too...

  23. I just loved seeing this post from you!! Spring is evident...look at all that pink! gorgeous!

  24. Winter is a hard time to get motivated! Love your lovely presents. Congrats to your son!@

  25. Hey Stina! Oh I am with you ... I HATE winter!!! I never seem to have any energy, so I'm hoping we get a bit more warm weather before the cold comes. I know what you mean about your sewing room messing itself up ... mine does it too! Have just begun the time-consuming process of de-cluttering and cleaning my sewing room ready for it's makeover ... but there is SOOOOO much clutter that it could take a while! :0( Ah well ... I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Stay well and I'll look forward to seeing more of your stitching!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  26. catching up with what has been going on with you in your little part of the world. Always lovely quilts and photos.
    Congrats to the boys.



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