March 9, 2011

Sick of being sick...

You read right...
Sick again..fever and some kind of stomach flu...

So today I have slept and slept ... 
had my TEAS....
and tried to stitch on my Butterfly Garden 2
(didn´t go too well) 
And played around with blogger..
tried to Spring clean the blog...:o)

On the afternoon  it was the highlight of the day...

So so PRETTY...
what a wonderful issue this was!!!
You will probably be guilty of some new quilts..:O)

Got a lovely little gift from Gudrun...
Have wanted to try and make some books from 
Anne Pia Godske Rasmussens book...
and needed those album rings...and now I don't have any excuse not to make any...
since Gudrun happily shared some with me...:o)

Thanks a lot Gudrun
(please take a look at her blog..she makes wonderful things)

Ok ladies...maybe some guys out there too..
what would I know...
Its confession time.... :o)

Remember my Exhibition this summer...
Some might... :o)
Sold some quilts and other things I made...
and I promised myself that the money from it would go back to myself!!!
So be it!!
Let the shopping begin!!!! 

I actually started this Autumn to shop
(and still have some money to spend...)
and I havent showed you ...
not the itty bitty tiniest piece of fabrics!!!!
So I´ll better do that!!

First out is this lovely range of fabrics..
Love it very much... 
maybe I have to order some more of some prints!!!
Have no specific plans...
But have started to wake up from my 
winter sleep... and...hopefully...get some itchy fingers soon!!!

Have more to show..but thought ..
maybe I could get back to blogging if I have something to blog about...
So I share another day...
sorry :o)))

Miss this guy...
He is on vacation at his Grandparents in Arjeplog...
will be back on Friday...

Well.... better take a nap or some more tea...
maybe I should try to eat something too...
See you..



  1. Hope you will feel better very soon. I think we all need some sun and spring now. Big hugs from me.

  2. Hi Stina! Oh my, we are in the same boat at the moment! Sick wise... It is the third round and I am really sick of being sick too!! So I send some get well soon wishes to you! Love your spring cleaning and your lovely fabric. And your lovely stitcheries!
    Be blessed

  3. I hope you will be better soon !! I love your "spring" presentation !! and your fabrics too ! Best thoughts from France!

  4. I think you should pack your bags and head to my house where it is warm. Maybe you would get over being sick.

  5. Stina, I am so sorry to hear about you begin sick again. THis always worry me. You must do what you can to get your immune system up and running and if it's rest you need, then rest.

    That fabric line is lovely! I may have to check into that. So sweet and spring and summery.

    Your Butterfly Garden is so lovely! Always enjoy your beautiful pretties. You really have the knack for such things.

    Praying for you and hugs,

    I love your

  6. Some lovely warm sunshine is what you need. Hope that it is on its way. Get well soon. Love the new inspiration.
    Love Shirley.

  7. What beautiful photos Stina, they make me smile. Love your new blog header and your stitching is so pretty! I hope you feel better soon sweetie!

  8. Hallo Stina, gute Besserung damit du wieder schnell zum Nähen kommen kannst.
    Ganz wundervolle Stoffe hast du da, klasse.
    Ich habe auch mehrere Bücher von Anne Pia Godske Rasmussen. Einfach nur schön. Ich habe auch schon viele Sachen genäht.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  9. Stina! Usch,mår du sämre igen,stackars dig.Krya på dig så du orkar sy något av de underbara tygerna du köpt.Riktig vårfest hos dig:-))
    Skriver mer sen:-)))))))))

    Stor kram från Gudrun

  10. God bedring til deg, Stina!
    Nydelige stoffer du har kjøpt! Kos deg med dem og kos deg med Vignette! Gleder meg til å få det i posten selv!

  11. Awck! Sick again! Hope this is the last of the season. Feel better soon. Thanks for the pretty springtime post! :-D

  12. Uff da, du får hvile og bli snart frisk igjen. Jeg var syk forrige uke, men da var det heldigvis VM på TV.
    Bladet til Leanne ser veldig spennende ut, tror jeg må gå til innkjøp av disse.
    God bedring! Solveig

  13. Sorry to hear your not well Stina :-( Good to see you have lots of lovely goodies arriving to cheer you up. One little ladie should be landing on your doostep very soon too! Love that mug, it's so pretty!

  14. Hope you'll get well soon!
    Magazine looks amazing :)

    Best wishes,

  15. Hi Stina! I haven't visited for a while, so I am sorry to hear you are not feeling too well:))

  16. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I hope this clears up real fast so you can get back at the things you love to do .The fabrics are adorable and I am sure you will make something fabulous with them . hugs Sheila

  17. Sorry you're not feeling well, but such pretties to brighten up your day.

  18. Feel better, hope the pretty new fabrics have brighten your day.

  19. Skickar "kryapådighälsningar".

    Njut avsekunden.

  20. So Sorry to hear you are unwell poor thing you must be sooo over it...
    Lovely fabrics to cheer you up & maybe get you motivated to sew when you are feeling better...

  21. Vilka underbara tyger du har köpt :) Dessa gillar jag verkligen..Så snäll Gudrun har varit och gett dig en present :) Behöver du fler så har jag här hemma också eller så köper jag mer i staan ;-)

    Som jag sagt tidigare krya på dig ((Kram))

  22. Hang in there, get well, and until then just take care!

  23. first, let me wish you a belated Happy birthday. It looks like you had a lovely day and you most certainly got some lovely gifts.
    I have missed so much on your blog lately.I have been so busy myself, just not enough hours in a day.
    I love your new header.
    Oh that pastel wool is glorious. Yum!
    Love to see all your photographs. So full of inspiration. You have such talents.



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