April 24, 2011


Testing a blogpost from my iPhone ... Need to learn...;0)
So if it looks strange... It's only me ... Trying to figure this out!!!:0)

Making my school work at Mum and Dads place... having some days off around EASTER...

Needle-binding, single needle knitting, knotless knitting is some of the translations I get of this technique... Nålbindning!!

Enjoying my days with family and sunshine!!!

Ok... Let's see how this looks on the blog!!!...:0)

Take care and enjoy your days!!

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  1. I love it! I need to learn to post from my phone too. And that single needle knitting really has my curiosity peaked!

  2. I haven't heard of the technique you are doing but maybe I know it in another form if it has so many names. Well done for getting to grips with the technology. I need a child to help me with it!!! Meant to tell you that the other day I saw in an English Home magazine a lovely cushion that had used crochet doilies and buttons to decorate with. You are right on trend with your upcycled seat you showed recently. Happy Easter.
    Love Coach.x

  3. Looks good! Wishing you a wonderful Easter as you spend it with family!

  4. Det ser ut att fungera bara bra :) Tänk vad man kan göra med dessa telefoner nu för tiden ;-) Men det perfekt att kunna skicka in ett litet inlägg så här också när man är på resande fot..

    Ha en fortsatt skön helg!

  5. Looks great Stina. Now you have no excuse not to blog. We will be expecting daily updates. Have a great Holiday with your family. Hugs!

  6. You are a lady of many talents!

  7. Looking like you're becoming quite tech savvy! Interesting that single needle knitting. Happy Easter.

  8. Hey Stina this looks good on the blog!!1 Have fun...and Happy Easter!!!

  9. Looking fabulous. I have never tried knitting like that before, looks very interesting. xo

  10. It works! Happy Easter or Happy Second Day Easter which unfortunately is the only day left of this weekend.
    I can barely figure out the stuff I can do with my phone so in my eyes you rock!!!! :)

  11. Looks great to me, Stina...your post and the single needle knitting. I would love to learn how to do both! *wink*

  12. Great to hear you are spending some relaxing time with your family.....and you are very clever posting from your I-Phone ;)
    Love your butterfly garden quilt. This is one of my favourites and is on my "to do" list!
    Work has been extremely busy lately so I am catching up on my blog reading today :)

  13. I have always used the term 'needlebinding', I think that's the most common word... 'single needle knitting' I think seems wrong, as the technique in itself has nothing to do with knitting except for the use of yarn... But anyways, nice work!

  14. looks like a great way to relax. enjoy your break.

  15. This is my first visit to your site...I spent a long time reading so many of your posts...wonderful! Count me in as a new follower!

  16. Your Iphoned post looks super to me, too . And super interesting looks this unknown ( for me) technique : needlebinding. Must check it out and try :D. Thanks for the news.



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