April 20, 2011

More gifts....some things made and Happy Easter...

Time flies ...
and  whooops a week just passed by...
Filled with  some CUTE gifts....
Flu for both me and Viktor....
and Progress in the sewing department.. 
yepp you read right...:o)))
And an almost spotless sewing room!!! 

But first...
Several weeks ago I got these wonderful flax yarns from Gudrun...
maybe I will make some more bobbin laces.. or something else..
not sure yet
and she sent smaller album rings too.. so NOW I have to make my albums!!
Thanks a lot 

Have worked on Butterfly Garden 2 during lunch hours...

and it is slowly getting forward....
is on the eight block now...  :o)

Getting closer!!!

At work last week I up cycled an old sofa....
and this is how it became...
and Oh I wish it was mine..
Love it!!!

And the last days I have been doing some crochet..
and now I have  a new bathroom rug....
turned out really great..
Love this one too... :o)

And when showing PINK things....
these oh so wonderful ...absolutely gorgeous 
Vintage Buttons 
was sent to me as a surprise from 

LOVE these!!!! 
Thankyou Cath... 
they sure are the most lovely ones I have seen !!

Today at work we were surprised by 
some Easter Witches ...
one more kind than the other... ;o)
The Black witch she didnt want to share at all...
Poor thing she had to share all her candy with all of us!!!
But I got my bag of candy...:O))

So Happy Easter to you all...
Signing off with some pictures from todays coffee break at work!!

Oh.. the sewing room...
I´ll show you after Easter...
too many pics already!!

Love from me


  1. You have been working on some lovely things. I am trying to teach myself to crochet:) Never learned. My mother tried to teach me but she's a lefty and I'm a righty so it was awkward for her to teach me well. I don't think it is too hard:)

    Happy Easter!

  2. I just love your butterfly garden! It's so beautiful, I have started to work on mine again and I had forgotten what a fun quilt it was!

  3. Your butterfly garden looks wonderful! I still want to make one of those someday! :0)

  4. Stina your blog is so beautiful and your handwork is gorgeous,love the yarn too!!!

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  6. Gorgeous work and the couch and I Love that big pink crocheted rug! Happy Easter to you and your family Stina!!

  7. Lovely to hear from you Stina...what a Gorgeous Post full of lots of Yummy Goodness..
    Happy Easter...hope you ae feeling better now.

  8. Fantastisk soffa!

    Jag har läst din blogg ett tag men inte kommenterat tidigare, tror jag - hittade hit via Lisa i Kalix (från din kurs). Jag är väldigt imponerad av dina vackra arbeten. Är ofta in på Reprisen och gillar verkligen Remake-hörnan! Mycket kreativt och fint!

  9. I found your Blog and I'm sooo excited!!
    Your Ideas are soo great!
    Wish you a beautiful eastern-Time!
    Hugs Rita from switzerland

  10. Happy Eastrer dear Stina

    You have done it again.The sofa is just georgius and the small crochet carpets and......Wish you a nice Easter and I hope you send away the flue with the Easter lady to "Blåkulla".

  11. There, now that was worth the wait. Glad to see you have been productive even with a bout of flu. Keep up the good work my friend.
    Love Shirley.x

  12. I'm squealing over the pink buttons! Love the crocheted pink bathroom rug. My goodness I wouldn't want anyone to put their feet on it!

  13. Glad Påsk till dig och din familj!
    Lika fin blir denna butterfly garden ;-)Du för ett mycket bra jobb men det är säkert värt det sedan :) Härliga garner du fått av Gudrun. Det påminner min om att jag min tok har slängt en hel sådan kasse med garner vid en rensning och som jag naturligtvis ångrar nu :( Men men inget att göra åt..

    Är ni hemma hela påsken eller åker ni upp en sväng?

    Hur som helst ha det så härligt i helgen!

    Kram från mig och min övriga familj till er alla där hemma

  14. Happy Easter !!
    I love your "Butterfly Garden" !!!
    I usually sew a few stitches during lunch time too ! :)
    Happy stitching !

  15. oh, i love how your bfg2 comes to life...just beautiful!
    happy easter to you, sweetie!

  16. wow, the sofa is awesome. such a neat way to redecorate it.
    Love your embroidery and crochet.
    I am drooling over those buttons you received.
    Hope you are getting lots of sunshine and you stay well.

  17. Enjoying catching up on your blog today. Your crotchet rug looks awesome ... of course, it's pink. I am inspired by your Butterfly Garden ... will start one day. Are Easter witches a Swedish tradition ... I've not heard of them before. Sounds fun.



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