May 6, 2011

I´m back with part two....

of my sewing room tour..
Ok where were we... 
First corner showed...
When looking more to the left I have the "sewingpart" of the room.. 
Long room..:O))... but narrow... 
and the angled ceiling takes away lots of space..
 but thats how it is.. I know I have LOTS of SPACE!! 
But I do have a lot of things

Some white paint would do magic to the ceiling... 
but I think I save that to my next ReDo..:O))
The white desk have become Viktors favorite place to do his homework....
Had a cutting table here before.. but took it away because all that happened was that I piled up everything on that table when coming from downstairs...

 Some storage along the wall and a newly made note board
with old doilies...
At the end of this room beside the window...
  is where I sit and ponder and hopefully sews something..:o)
Behind the sewing table I have my books and my patterns...
neatly organized now!!!!

My little cutting table made from old boxes that held bulbs of tulips and other spring bulbs before. Stacked on each other, an old table top on top and some baskets.. :o)
And on wheels..:O))

Designwall made from a styrofoam board..
just glued to a rod.. and covered with flannel..
Works super!!
Now looking back to the beginning of the room..
I have my fabric cabinet...
Filled with LOTS of fabrics... 
the prettier ones high up.. I hardly open the lower doors... 
where the darker fabrics are..:O))

I love this cabinet.. its perfect!!
 Well... Almost back at the beginning... 
Here is where I have a little show and tell corner..:O))
Quilts made by friends, in swaps, and by myself.. and changed after mood!
And erhmmmm..
did you take notice??
The  white "small" pile hidden under my grandmothers laundry bag...
but unwashed!!!! 
Ahh.. when will I ever catch up my washing... 
PREWASH or NOT... thats the question... right ...:o))

So thats it.. my Creative place in my corner of the world!!! :o)

No sewing here yet today...
have been on a mission today looking at a puppy for my Mum...
So sweet so sweet...
Could adopt her right away!!
To cute... :o))
Hope she stayed still for some seconds and got caught on a picture...
have to check my camera later..:O))

See you ..:O)
maybe I should make something tonight..???


  1. Lovely, lovely room. The slanted ceiling adds to the look and I like the paneled ceiling although white may look nice also. I have a closet, not a room.

  2. Vilket jobb du har gjort.Nu hittar du lättare det mesta och de fina kviltarna syns liksom de på gång.Gillar verkligen din omgruppering.
    Ha en fin helg

  3. lovely room to sew in, and now it's nice and tidy, enev if it's only for a little while.

  4. Nydelige bilder av syrommet ditt - her får man mange ideér!

  5. Oh my goodness - your sewing room is gorgeous! Absolutely wonderful. When can I visit?

  6. Sikke et skønt og romantisk syrum du har. Og livet er bestemt for kort til at vaske, tørre, stryge... alt stof inden brug. Det kunne ikke falde mig ind!

  7. That is a sewingroom to die for.... I just love how you had arranged everything in there...It is nice and bright... Enjoy your sewingroom... Hugs :)

  8. Åh, Stina, vilket underbart syrum du har! Det känns som om det passar dig och det du gör alldeles perfekt. Det är sååå vackert!

  9. I love it all. What a beautiful room!

  10. I love your room, I want it!
    Marta from Barcelona

  11. How I envy your space. Now for some serious creating?!!!

  12. Wow! I can just imagine all the creativeness I would do if your lovely room was mine;o) I have a corner of our bedroom(with a corner desk) and half the wardrobe(big wardrobe), hence I tend to tidy up after each project(my husband is very patient and gracious)Have a great weekend!

  13. What a lovely sewing room you have!! I'm still working in my living room and need to put everything into boxes when i'm going to eat or cook or the kids want to play a game. The attic is supposed to be my sewing room later on, but first it needs a bit of cleaning up and taking stuff out (hopefully before this summer) so i can say i have my own space....

    Greetings Debbie

  14. WOW for et syrom. Stina, jeg flyttet rett inn. Kjøpte samme bokser på Søstrene Grene i går. Ha en fin helg og Happy quilting;)

  15. your room is beautiful Stina............

  16. Wow. Such a fabulous sewing space. Hope you are going to feel up to some creating soon.

  17. Gorgeous room! No wonder you create beautiful things :)

  18. WoW! your room is gorgeous, so many lovely things to look at!
    Thankyou for sharing
    PS Love all the pine doors and ceiling, adds to the character of the room!

  19. Hi Stina,
    You have a lovely sewing room full of space.
    It looks like a Patchwork/Quilting shop!

  20. Thanks for showing off your stunning sewing room.... I was showing hubby and he's wanting to know....will you use all that

    Of course you will:D

  21. Hi Stina,
    forgot to add my email

  22. What a pleasant sewing room you have.

  23. What an awesome space you have Stina...

  24. When I can't sleep at night I design and plan my dream sewing room and it looks just like yours!! what a fabulous the lightness and the ceiling and all the quilts on display...but best of all its the guest bed...anyone that stays there will feel like they are sleeping in a dreamy quilt shop!

  25. I love sewing room tour,your room is so pretty. It was really fun,Thank you.Hope you make something cute tonight!

  26. I wish I had a sewing space like that & your stash is to Die for....

  27. I am so impressed with the storage cupboard with all your folders. I would never show my sewing room it is constantly untidy.

  28. Syrommet ditt ser jo bare så innbydende og koselig ut :) Så nå må du jo bare sette deg ned og finne på noe morsomt å sy. Likte veggen din med masse små tepper. Tror jeg må sette i gang å lage noe små nå som jeg kan ha på veggen her også. Og den stigen med tepper på er bare suveren. Kjempeflott ide for å få vist fram tepper.

  29. Tusen takk for en hyggelig og inspirerende rundtur på syrommet ! Her var det mange gode ideer :o) Jeg liker veldig godt bunken med stoff i velkomstbildet ditt, hvilken serie er denne fra ??? De er såååå fine!

  30. Hello Stina, Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous sewing room. Love it. So many treasures about and so nice and tidy. vbg I really do love your Tilda Tins. I must get myself one. Love all those vintage doilies. I really love your ceiling in a natural wood color. It makes it homey. vbg Did I see some Japanese crochet flowers made in your basket?? Happy Mother's Day. Hugs Judy

  31. Look at those pink fabrics!!!! I love your room I can just picture you playing with your quilting stuff. Tons of fun. I think it was very much worth the project.... Have fun....

  32. Stina this is gorgeous! I love your cutting table with all the little bins to stash things in. Your fabric stash is amazing too - love that it's arranged by color & stacked so tidy! xo

  33. Awesome room, Stina!

    Don't you find that you're more creative and get more accomplished when everything is neat and in it's place?

    Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

  34. Å du for et herlig syrom. Så mye plass.......... Må være utrolig deilig med så mye bordplass i funskjonelle utformelser :-) Har selv et lite syrom, men trekker nok ut i spisestua av og til. Ønsker deg en strålende helg.

  35. Love your sewing room Stina...all of it is fabulous :) I could sit in there for days and days :) hugs Vicki

  36. I hope one day I can come visit you in that wonderful creative room!

  37. That is a fantabulous quilting room! Oh how I love all that space and that organization! I need you to come visit and organize my space :D :D

    So wonderful! Now you must sit back and say...Aaahhh!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  38. What a beautiful room! But then seeing all your beautiful quilts and creations, it really doesn't come as a surprise that you would also create such a lovely and inspiring sewing room.

    Thank you for the tour! Now go make something fabulous! :)

  39. What a nice sewing room you have. Your room looks big.
    Lucky me I have a sewing room 10 x 12, and now I find myself wishing I had some more space.

  40. Härligt syrum och vilka gulliga saker du gör!

  41. Oooh my goodness. I just jumped onto your blog when you kindly commented on mine! Oh oh oh I love your sewing room. It's divine. I LOVE it.

  42. What a nice sewing/creating room. I always enjoy cleaning up my sewing area and I'll walk in and out of it for a day or so just admiring the neatness. And then....I just HAVE to get in there in my bins and stacks and books and start a new mess - but it sure makes me happy! Have a great day.

  43. What an amazing creative space to work and play in! Thanks so much for both posts..loved seeing them both!

  44. What a wonderfully creative space you have to play in, Stina, I love how you have made it so lovely.

  45. Very nice sewing room. I'm impressed with your fabric cupboard all folded neat and tidy.

  46. Isn't it wonderful to have a place all your own. Now when I check in on you I'll know and visualize where you are creating. Loved all of it!
    sue in Wisconsin

  47. You´ve got yourself a perfect place to express your creativity.
    Greetings, Gerrie

  48. Love your space! A wonderful, creative spot *s*

  49. hi stina!!
    your sewing room is beautiful, I like how the light comes from the window.. guess this doesn't happen everyday
    having everything close and organized helps a lot; I have the sewing machine inmy bedroom, and the iron in the kitchen :S; another reason why I sew by hand more than with the machine.. I feel more comfy in the couch, than alone in my bedroom :)
    thanks for sharing!!

  50. I loved the room tour and O how pretty everything looks!

  51. OMG!!! Had to go away for a couple of days and think about what to write. Not that I have become in any way wiser, but Stina - your studio is absolutely amazing. I get so envious I could faint and so much long for a place like that for myself. And know what - your studio and your blog kind of goes hand in hand design wise, it's easy to see that that is Stina's place :-D
    Your DH and son must have been enormously impressed by all your hard work and amazing creativity when they got back home.


  52. Hi Stina, just had a catchup on what you have been up to .... wow! your sewing room is amazing, so organised and that new cupboard, I love it, great with the glass doors, no dust.... I'm off now to think about how I could reorganise my sewing room, good idea with the magazine holders and the baskets... thank you for inspiring me.... again....

  53. Hello Stina, I loved seeing your sewing much room...pretty and well organised....hugs lyn

  54. I wish I had a so lovely quilt corner as you !! You must spend so wonderful time in this room !



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