Monday, May 23, 2011


Time really do fly away...
Lots have happened here while I havent been around in Blogland...

Lots of M´s...

My guys came home from a wonderful Mallorca trip...
They had a wonderful time...
lots of training.. but as you see lots of other fun things...

while they were away I was sick..
hah.. no surprise to me...
but what do a girl do then.. 
More fabrics to me...
Mmmmm shopping... :o)

This is my new love... 
 "Vintage" bed linen... 
love these fresh and flowery fabrics..
Bought on Etsy from the wonderful  Jennie at 

And these have been on a Snail journey... it just took around 
7 weeks to get here from Canada
from the lovely Nancy at Pink Fawn Designs...
Just long till I get some time to sew something with these... 
just need some more pinks to my new collection...:o)

But the big time M happening is this....

While My guys were enjoying themselves at Mallorca...
My Mother and I took a little trip...
The M Mission... 

 So how this all happened.. 
Im not really sure of.. but suddenly we are with a new baby and last week she came...
A puppy for Viktor... an early birthdaygift... 
Oh how Viktor have longed.. he have daydreamed... and borrowed books and read everything..and LONGED... 
and suddenly she came...
but ... as you know...
Puppies aint all that sweet all the time...
So she got a nick name
Monster Molly pretty

She really have given us some good laughs...
Our Miss Molly... :o)
She´s a Mix between 
Golden retriever and Labrador Retriever
2 months tomorrow...:o)

Hopefully she will grow up to be a lovely and sweet company for Viktor.. 
wise and calm...
(right now we really do wonder..;o)

So ..
You know this with sewing.. 
its pretty much on hold.. 
but I have sewn... and finally my Lovely PIF ladies..
will have something to be waiting for soon.. 
and I have started to sew something for Me

just Me..

Dont know what it will be ..if it will be something...
 but I just had to try these blocks out...

Well that was a report from 
MY little piece on Earth
Over and out with some cuteness...


See you soon..
have a little one that need to go out..:o)

See you soon
Love Stina...

I do know I have missed to reply to some during these days.. so sorry for that...but I´ll start fresh from today with replying..
and please do check your settings.. so many of you are set as NO REPLY ...
and to you I cant reply..


  1. I've missed you in blogland! Looks like you've been busy. Oh what lovely fabrics you have bought for your next wonderfully lovely project:)
    Your little dog is so cute! A lot of work in the beginning, but they are worth it. I one day soon want to get another dog. I miss ours terribly:(
    Enjoyed hearing from you!

  2. O, what delicious fabrics !!!

  3. Miss Molly is lovely!! Viktor life has changed for the better...nothing like becoming a pet owner! We have a Miss Molly too...such a ray of sunshine!! Just remember the first year is the hardest...then your Miss Molly will mellow out and calm down! Enjoy every moment!!

  4. Han er jo bare sååååååååå skjønn :) Det lille monsteret blir nok en god venn. Men det blir jo som å ha småunger/tenåringer i huset igjen. Lykke til.

  5. Grattis till Viktor & Molly! Hoppas att det ska gå bra att vara hundägare :) Sedan har som vanligt köpt underbara tyger ;-) Dem gillar jag mycket...

    Hoppas att ni annars är fria från förkylningar och allt vad det innebä nu börjar väl pollensäsongen och dess känningar...

    Ha det så gott!

  6. My goodness that puppy is complete cuteness!!!! I love your vintage sheets of course!! I have a giveaway on my blog today, you should try and win some more :)

  7. I haven't been blogging much lately either, and I know a lot of us are in the same boat with lots of not-quilty stuff to do.
    Congratulations to Victor. He will have sooo many great years with his new pet and friend :o)
    Gorgeous fabrics you've got there, enjoy ;o)

  8. Miss Molly certainly is much love in that little one! Wonderful vintage sheets too...I have been getting vintage pillow them.
    Have a great day!

  9. Love your new fabrics Stina. I can't wait to see what you will whip up from them. Molly is soooo cute. I am sure that Viktor will be a great dad!

  10. The vintage sheets are wonderful but Miss Molly takes the cake , she is precious and I know you will have a wonderful life with her and Viktor will have a loyal companion

  11. Oh my gosh! We had a Monster Molly lab pup at one time, too. One word. Portable crate to keep her out of trouble. Makes a huge difference in training and keeping all furnishings from being chewed. Molly is just adorable. I am so pleased for Viktor to have this buddy and not too long from now she will be a lazy old dog that loves to lay by your chair when the boy is off to school. Enjoy! :-D

  12. Oh what a lovely surprise for Viktor! I'd love to have seen his face when he first laid eyes on his little fur baby! Lots of fun times ahead!!
    Happy Stitching for yourself Stina!

  13. Oh....too cute.....little Miss Molly will be all grown up before you know it....and what great company for Viktor.....! Enjoy the stitching you are doing just for you!! Love the sleeping puppy know what they say...."let sleeping dogs lie....."

  14. Men heeelt underbara bilder på en underbar familjemedlem! Tänk vad mycket roliga stunder hon kommer att bidra med. Viktor måste vara den lyckligaste just nu! Dina nya vintage tyger är helt fantastiska och det ska bli spännande att se vad du kommer att göra av dem. Och visst känns det skönt att sommaren närmar sig med stormsteg!

  15. Miss Molly is cute!

    I love the picture of her sleeping...adorable!

  16. God Golly Miss Molly - is she cute or is she cute? From experience I can say that some dogs behaves better over time and some don't....Fiona was a born bitch and scared the living daylight out of the kids (2 and 5 at the time), but now she is is the Grand Dame and the worse she does is grin and gnarl LOL. But if you ask me, it's the best thing you can do is to get you kid a pet. My 15yr son is verrrrrry in touch with his feelings around our girls:-D

    Love your new fabrics, but getting beddings from Canada??? Must have cost plenty. As all before me, I do look forward to see whatever you are going to create from them.

  17. Oh how fun! What a wonderful post! Congratulations on all of your M's -- especially Miss Molly. If nothing else, you'll have tons of stuff to blog about with a new puppy LOL!

  18. Wow - Molly looks adorable - we are getting a black labrador puppy in a couple of weeks - a little boy called Jasper - we'll have to swap stories!! I'm getting my home puppy proofed!!

  19. Lykke til med ny sjarmerende familiemedlem;)

  20. Ohhhhhh, Miss Molly is just super sweet! Puppies are my soft spot - especially labs. I am excited to see what projects you make with the sheets! Hugs to you & puppy!

  21. Hello Stina. I love the pictures of the beautiful Miss Molly ... look forward to lots more. Lucky Viktor to have such a lovely pet.
    Your vintage fabrics look wonderful ... I will enjoy seeing what you do with them.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  22. Grattis till vovven och alla underbara tyger.Tids nog blir det tid för att sy.Vi har kurshelg i Textil konst och nu försöker vi göra klara några UFOn som har blivit under kursens gång.Trevlig helg m a o.
    Önskar dig och de dina en trevlig söndag

  23. Stina, Miss Molly reminds me of our lab Gypsy. She is getting pretty old now, but has been a wonderful dog. I hope Miss Molly is that and more for Viktor.
    Love the vintage sheets. I bought some off of ebay and haven't cut into them. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with yours.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  24. Welcome back Stina, so lovely to hear from you and so much gorgeousness to be found at your place!
    Love the fabrics and Oh Miss Molly... is so gorgeous!!! Adorable.
    Puppies are always cutest when they are sleeping and they grow up way too fast. Enjoy xx

  25. (This coment is upside down M's) ; Wow, I was just thinking about you and Wondering Where you have been! I love all those vintage sheets... I have collected some also, so Whatever you make With them-- I want to know, because I will probably Want to make the same! Molly is adorable!



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