February 25, 2012


some Granny Squares in January... 
with intensions to have a square to make now and then...
How do you think it have worked...
I have a row ... :O)
And all those I made 
within some days...
Me in a nutshell..:O)
Well I have a ROW!! :O)

Nothing else happens here but taking care of myself..
Have been at a check up at Pain Rehab for 5 days with
Doctor, Physiotherapist, Counselor, Psychologist 
and an Occupational therapist 
and I need to start to listen to my body!!
That is what they told me!! :O)

Have had pain for too many years so now I am reacting with 
even more pain, tiredness, concentration problems, sleeping problems, 
memory loss..;O) even worse than ever...
You name it!!

And add a little hypothyroidism to that.. PHeww!! 
No wonder I am a little tired..;O)

But in the end it will be just fine...
a new me.. I hope..:O)

So if Im a little absent here.. 
you know why..
Do you know what I have for "treatment" every day ...

*Sit in my sewing room for 5 minutes..


So I do my best and do as the Doc´s say..:O)

Take care and I mean it TAKE CARE!!
LOVE xxx

February 13, 2012

February sun and Manx...

hello everyone...

From my little corner of the world... 
the sun is getting warmer and warmer...
even manage to warm up the days a few degrees  at day..
and we sure have needed that .. have had very strong cold days
down to -34 C (-29 F)... brrr!
So lets say neither me or Molly have enjoyed our walks...!!!

But it gets prettier..:O)

Last week i got a most wonderful pink package from the
Isle of Mann
(maybe some of you remember my connection to the Isle of Mann,
 my ancestors were kings on the Island way way long time ago...:O))

So when I read on Janice blog back in december that they made some roses out of Manx tartan.. I knew I just had to have one..:O)

So I wrote Loulee at Manxgirl  and asked where to find the ROSE!!!!

And you can guess what happened.. she found one!!!
And this gift .. ahh.. it means so much to me...

ANd looki looki 
Its Pretty too..:O))

My Manx Tartan Rose... :O)

And to sweeten everything up...
she sent me a girly three legs
( Isle of Manns symbol,
 that travelled back to Norway with the vikings
 and then to Sweden... a little cut off.. 
two of the legs were taken off because off cruelty.. 
so our coat of arms just have one leg..:O))

Well well.. Im happy I live in these days...
and very very happy for 
my three legs!!!!

thankyou so very much for your wonderful gifts...
So so proud to have them!!! :O))

Love it!!!

Take care and thanks for all the wonderful emails and comments coming in...
making my days a little sunnier!!
Love to you!

February 1, 2012


Thankyou ...
For all the wonderful comments on my last blogpost...
they were all very much needed...
so thanks for all the support and understanding
you all have a very special place in my heart!
(some of you I couldnt get into contact with ...
 so if you didnt get an email from me, check your settings)

Life still goes on here...SLOW...
both in mind and body... 
nothing revolutionary yet

but I got mail that made me SMILE lots...

You all know how much I love

This little beauty have changed from 
Sunny California 
to Snowy Sweden!!!

Dont you just love that verse!!!!

Do you think the quilt freezes????

This quilt will be very much loved
 and giving me sunshine forever!!

What a wonderful gift!!

she have instructions on how to make this quilt on her blog and a new one coming up later..:O))
Just a tip!!! :O)

Over and out from sleepy me and this tired dog!!!
See you!!